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Android vs. Chrome OS version

Thank heavens I found this app on the Play Store. I have been trying for months to access my home network on my Chromebooks and my Android phones. By being able to setup a network connection using just the IP address and the login credentials, I've accomplished most of what I'm trying to do.

A couple of questions though:

- The android version seems unforgiving! I can't find a way to remove connections that I've set up that are incorrect. I also don't see a way to provide a nickname to those connections - just the IP address. Am I missing something?

- I have two Buffalo NAS drives and one ancient Iomega StorCenter drive. The Iomega and one of the Buffalo drives set up perfectly. But the other Buffalo drive only shows me on folder on the drive - and not the one I really want. I can access the other folders on a Windows machine, but not on my Chrome or Android devices.

I set both Buffalo drives the same way, with the IP address and the login credentials. One shows me all the folders and the other only one folder that doesn't have what I need. Any thoughts on why?
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