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Requested My Colony Plot (self-made)

Hello! I am here to discuss a story I was thinking about. I will present my requested My Colony Plot in the cuurent game. This will be the beginning of the story. Have fun reading this!

This is only the beginning. At 5000 BUE (Before United Earth), Ancient Aliens founded Caranothia. Their ideology is Democratic, their government is Republic and their capital is Ödarķešten, the oldest city in the galaxy, with 1,238,523 people. The city was full of alien technology and knowledge. Their technological level at this era is the "Alien Age". Caranothia reached its size peak at 4392 BUE, with control of the local group. However, it declined at 3827 BUE, with the Sejinars invading, the 4th largest civilization in the universe. Caranothia finally fell to the Sejinar Empire at 1273 BUE. Not long after, at 1208 BUE, The Sejinar Empire reformed into the Kingdom of Sejinaria. At 1176 BUE, Sejinars became a type 3.5 on the Kardashev Scale. In 1046 BUE, A universe-wide revolution was created by an civilization that manipulates multiple universes. At the end of the war at 725 BUE, the rebellion was suppressed. Sejinaria was restored, however, it was short lived. At May 13 724 BUE , the Sejinarian Explosion happened, which entirely destroyed their homebase. The former Sejinarian Kingdom was annexed by a few civilizations. It's remaining territory was converted into the Karnomian Democratic Republic. In 695 BUE, Karnomia deteriorated, including it's economy. At 642 BUE, There was a revolt which started the Proto Draconians, the earlier version of the Alpha Draconians. At 276 BUE, The Alpha Draconians were created from the Proto Draconians. At 134 BUE, There was a sucessful rebellion which created the Zolarg Empire. It was repeatedly attacked by the Alpha Draconians. At 0 BUE/AUE, The United Earth was formed. They invaded both factions. At 47 AUE, the LIS started to revolt on Terra Nova I. During this time, LIS covertly contacted the Zolarg Empire at 74 AUE, because the LIS was losing so much. The Zolargs accepted their demand. At 106 AUE, The Alpha Draconians joined in the war. Thought as a third party, they declared war on all 3 factions. (see At the end of the war between United Earth and LIS at 277 AUE, There was another revolt at the United Earth, this time an different ideology instead of the LIS. They were named the "Wildcat Anarchists", and are enemies of both United Earth and LIS. The United Earth and LIS cooperated with each other, despite the embargo. They sucessfully eliminated the rebellion at 330 AUE.

That is the end! If you like the story, you can like this post! I hope @bastecklein will respond later. See you folks later!
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
That's the end of the story!
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
My Colony

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