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Hyperpowers and Tier 4 tech

Hello lads and gents. Today, I am sharing information that impressed me from @GeneralWadaling's post on Tier III tech and superweapons. I will now present the Tier 4 technology and Hyperweapons. Hope you enjoy this!

These are the color indicators for each faction:
United Earth
Zolarg Empire*
Alpha Draconians*

*Note: Only if Bast intends to add insectoids and reptilians.

I will present hyperweapons for each faction:
  • Orbital Laser
    The regular orbital hyperweapon for United Earth. It can punch anything in just 1 hit, whether you like it or not.
  • Nuclear Rocket
    A nuke pieced together with steel and uranium, a tough bad b***h, it can immediately have severe destruction and health effects.
  • Antaura Beam Shrine
    With the Zolarg Civilization pounding this bad boy together with raw materials and antaura, the antaura beam damage can be near-fatal and can eat up enemy buildings one by one. Trust me.
  • Antigrain Rocket
    The Alpha Reptillians however, believe it or not, manages to make antimatter from antiwheat, an synthetic grain plant mixed with regular grain in a quantum compression device. They used this antigrain to load it into the warhead, with only 1 gram of it. The rest is uranium, with antanium and ore forming the shell. Used for fatalities and destruction, this is the best innovation by the reptilian peoples.

Now guys, allow me to present you the required labs, The Tier 4 Labs! The labs are required to unlock this technology level. Tier 3 tech labs are required first for the Tier 4 labs. These labs are:

  • Advanced Command Center
  • Proxy Server Center
  • Unholy Mound of Worship
  • Center of Antimatter Production

There will also be Tier IV units coming up, but that is it for today! Let me know if you like it or not, and I will respond to it, and see you guys later! Bye!

Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

I will now be presenting Tier IV United Earth units! These units are more powerful than Tier 3 units! They also have special abilities:
  • Extra Health/Armor – Unit gets extra hitpoints, making it harder to kill.
  • Extra Damage – Unit gets extra damage, making a powerful blow.
  • Self-Regeneration – Allows for the unit to heal itself.
  • World Ender – A unit that ends the world.
WARNING: If you (or the enemy) gets a world ender, Your world will be destroyed and will have your planet disappear and you will lose everything! Unless you fled to another moon.

Here are the units:
  • Giant
    The specialized beast for damaging LIS defenses and pounding them to the ground.

    Has self-regen and extra health
  • The Ka-Boom
    AKA The Armageddon, This bad tank can place anything in order and silence. You may be asking, is this thing 2.5x powerful than the Tier 3 "Heavy Tank"? Yes it is!

    Has extra armor and extra damage
  • Carrier
    This giant monster can destroy a patrol boat in 1 hit! It is so critical that it can be effective at destroying naval pillboxes and yards! It produces a nuclear explosion once destroyed! It has the power of 4 Ka-Booms.

    Has self-regen and extra damage; Produces a world ender explosion when killed
  • The Crab
    The Crab is a specialized world ender device of the UE that deals insane amounts of damage, by firing 4 rockets that disrupt the planet and cause natural disasters! These rockets have 3x the damage of the Carrier (12 Ka-Booms), and can really mess everything up.

    Has all special abilities, and a world killer, even if destroyed.
  • Shuttlepod (Shared with LIS)
    The expensive ship for going into space.

    Has extra health and self-regen

    That's it covered all for now! Let me know if you have anything in mind and I will respond to it! Next will be LIS Tier 4 units! Bye for now!
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

I haven't replied in 21 days, next time when bast is active I will reply.
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

Hello! I am here to present the LIS units now. It's been an long time since then. Here are the list of units:
  • LIS Giant
    These giants are the same as the UE's, but they shoot missiles from their rocket launchers instead of guns! Boom booms everywhere!
  • Rocket Fortress
    This mobile fortress shoots missiles and can deploy for an extra boost to armor! Be aware because it can run over units, but it's slow!
  • Nuclear Submarine
    The ultimate endgame! Is 2x stronger than the Rocket Fortress and can nuke at a spot, causing extreme damage near the blast radius!

Will be updated. Leave a comment below!
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

@bastecklein Are these good suggestions?
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

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