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Hey, hey. So doing my first spice world play through and everything feels super organic in progression. Really excellently balanced. Definitely my favorite world so far!

The one area that feels contrarian to the nature of the world is having a bunch of synth oil refineries... On top of wastelands.

If the back story is that absolutely nothing grows or has ever grown and therefore, no organic matter, I dig it. I just can't escape the Dune headspace where life absolutely could exist with enough effort. And it feels like where there's life, there would be oil, assuming the life followed the same rules for organic decomposition on Earth.

Anywhen, absolutely unique and fun world to play through, that's just my two cents. Feels like there should be a way to drill, baby, drill. 😂
I'm thinking of building effectively a giant research battery for that purpose.
Oh and the 300 existing AI is because I immediately snagged 300 from trades to see if any new buildings would unlock at gov 3. Gonna go check my gov 4 settlement but I'm pretty sure I remember reading this is end game until star gates, etc pop.
I'm sure this is probably a niche one but I'd love to see an expansion of the challenges to something involving speedrunning. I absolutely love speedrunning MC1 and decided to take a crack at seeing how long it'd take me to pop alien instructions here. Popped it at around 3 days 10 hours of game play, not terrible for second reset.

Is this something other people do with the game? The different resource balances in Mc2 are a really nice new challenge. Totally different experience. Although the ramp up to the final push to get that tower is steeeeepppp haha. Like a final boss should be though!

I think it'd be cool to get leaderboards for buildings, resource levels, etc...


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