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@bastecklein, I just tried a new version and the sound is back - thanks! And the audio track is saved after changing orientation. The only thing - subtitels are not saved. Is it possible for subtitles to be saved after changing orientation too?
The rest is perfect!
1y ago
In the latest version 2.9.8, when I watch a movie in the built-in player and select other audio tracks, there's no sound. And I am unable to select subtitles. It worked in v2.9.7.
Tested on A10, A11.
And one more thing which is related not only to the latest version, but to previous ones: if I watch a movie with an audio track selected which is not default and subtitles which are also not default and then flip my phone out of landscape to portrait mode or vice versa, the audio track and subtitles are reset to their defaults.

Could you take a look at these?
Thanks in advance.
1y ago


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