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Just thought I'd update this since I installed the latest update (2.7.10) today...and got the same result as before.

It sees both computers, I select the Compaq (, it sees its shared directory (compaqAll), and then fails with the same error message. Very frustrating!

When I access my networked drives using Helios, it spawns a separate iteration of Network Browser. (I wish it didn't do that--I prefer a fully integrated file manager.) Then, in Network Browser, all attempts to 'save' a file to my phone result in a curt, non-helpful error message: "Download failed!"

There's no explanation, nothing to troubleshoot with, it just fails. All my other file managers [and other apps, like photo managers/editors] successfully save files from and to the exact same locations.

I've tried multiple file sizes/types/locations from and to, all of which failed.

I'm long-pressing on the file I want, which brings up two choices: delete and save; I'm choosing save.

You're welcome. Please let me know if there are any files or other info I can post that might help narrow this down.
I hope these help with troubleshooting.

Tonight I tried again, and NB saw the Compaq (

Selecting it showed the Compaq's share name, compaqAll. (For some reason, its screenshot isn't uploading when I 'attach' it; too small?)

Alright! I thought! We're making progress. Then I selected it...and got this error message:

I tried again; this time, selecting the Compaq brought up a 'new connection' box; I entered its correct credentials...and got this error message:

If there's any other info that would be helpful, let me know.
bastecklein said:I just published an update, let me know if it helps when you get it.

It didn't; I tried with/without SMB1.

And you're going to love this! Now it's not even seeing the Compaq (and, like before, a manual connection fails), -and- for some directories on the System76, it's showing all files as 0 bytes...
bastecklein said:Have you tried SMB1 mode, if that makes any difference?

That's how it's almost always been set. Changing it has no effect.

NB is definitely seeing the Compaq, hence its displaying the Compaq's IP address when it just refuses to connect. Any other ideas?

Oh, sorry for the snarky tweet, but I was a bit annoyed. :)
I have the latest version, 2.7.7 [paid]; I only use Linux; all my computers are networked (using samba...long story), and on the same Wi-Fi network as all my Android devices.

At various times, spanning multiple Android devices/versions, Network Browser has been unreliable in connecting to my computers. For brevity, I'll only refer to two of them: a System76 laptop and a Compaq desktop; their respective, static IP addresses are and I've shared each one's root directory, /, so everything is accessible from any device connecting to them. My naming convention for shares looks like this: system76All, compaqAll, etc.

At one point I was able to manually add the laptop to NB, naming the connection 'System76' and [somehow] supplying its share name in its NB settings.

When NB scans for networked computers, it finds both, listing them as:


Server (

As you can see, the latter -looks- like my manually-created entry; however, selecting it brings up a list of entries, including networked printers and system76All--I have to select that to actually get to the laptop. I don't want that extra step.

But the bigger problem is the other entry, Selecting it opens a 'new connection' window. I fill it out as completely--and 100% accurately--as I can, considering it doesn't allow me to enter its share name. (I tried and got 'invalid IP address'--this is why I said 'somehow' regarding the manual connection I made, called System76; I don't know now how/where I entered its share name, because I definitely can't do it now!) Selecting this entry after filling out its info always yields a 'connection failure,' saying it couldn't connect using the settings I provided. What's up with that? As I said, I've provided its -correct- info, but it fails...always.

All my other Android apps that can access networked computers, such as file managers and image-related stuff, connect using the exact same credentials except, as noted, there's no way to specify its share name in NB.

Sorry for the extraordinarily long post, but I wanted to be thorough! As it is right now, NB is essentially useless, and considering that I paid for it, I'd like to be able to use it, you know?

If screenshots would help, please let me know.

ETA: Updated today, 11/02/19, to v2.7.8--same results.


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