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So I finally hit nanites in my zolarg colony a few days ago. I logged back in the next morning and my region was reset to a few hours prior to getting the research completed, lost research, lost resources lost buildings.

What ever, it happens, maybe I didn't hit save at the region level before closing the game or something. I waited for research points to build while restoring the one city that got wiped out.

Just researched it again, and all good. I start building nanotube mines and nanite fabrication labs. While I'm in the game, mid build, I notice I don't have the options to build nanite labs or mines anymore.

I toggled the research button and lo and behold, I have to research it again??

Screen shot so you can SEE I built nanite labs and mines. The option to build more doesn't show on the mech's build menu, and the option to research it again is showing.

What the hell?

I'm playing on an iPad Pro, latest iOS, latest My Colony build. Everything is up to date.

1y ago
Wormjon mentioned in chat the other day that "heat" maps can be accessed to see the effective range of crime/health/amusement/etc buildings.

Can these be accessed some how in the iOS app as well? The button to access them only seems to toggle buildings to transparent or invisible in the iOS app. 😕
1y ago
So my listings quite possibly could expire without ever being seen by anyone?
1y ago
I just posted a bunch of materials for sale. However, I can see none of them listed on the GBT or what ever you want to call it.

I even checked from other cities I have and nada.

For example, I posted 3 mil antanium for $3,000 per 100 so it should be right at the top in this screen shot.

The materials are being deducted from my resource storages. I restarted my iPad. Logged in and out of the game. But still nothing. Even if someone is buying them instantly, I'm not getting the cash for them either.

Playing on an iPad Pro on the browser based game in Safari.
1y ago


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