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hi you read my name as eSandvich but im actually not over obsessed with sandwiches as people think
cant wait for my colony 2!!!
I can imagine that working out.

MC2 could have localized ore deposits in specific biomes extracted via buildings. Now, nobody wants the poor little rovers to lose their true purpose. When it comes to your everyday resources like wood, the player will use rovers to harvest them.

Just a slight touch, but you would locate the deposits with icons of the resource sprite.
2y ago
pieces for the My Colony board game.
2y ago
I love the resemblance between the two versions! just going back and living those days again would be fantastic. reminds me how I still need to finish chiron tl34 from halo ce.
2y ago
I love the new lobby! Takes me back to 7th gen console days.
2y ago
i think it’d be cool if you could fully design the starships just like Stellaris as research progresses such as weapons and hull material
3y ago
non player controlled civilizations?!
are you saying we’re going to have the perfect city building and strategy sim with ai controlled civilizations??!!
3y ago
i think with 800 vehicles suddenly spawning at the same time your cpu is really struggling trying to render them all at once
but that’s just what i think
3y ago
that's perfect an event section would be very useful
although I'm hoping it won't be as complicated as the custom event maker in Plague Inc: Scenario Creator with all the event expressions and tech triggers but I don't know it's probably just me who doesn't get it
3y ago
i’m thinking of a more advanced scripting tool for modding that can rework a lot of the game
i’m currently creating a mod right now that would have more linear gameplay and I would like a text box to show up every time you find or do something that’s important to the story but i’m not sure if this would be possible in the future without some scripting tools or a sidebar category just for that purpose
hope that made sense
3y ago
I love this idea
Civilization but in the my colony universe AND IN SPACE could be one of the most epic things ever to happen in ape apps and trust me i have played enough stellaris and civilization iv to know
I think it’d be cool if obedience drops to zero there will be more extreme consequences such as a possible civil war and a growing rebellion
3y ago
in later updates to modding could it be possible to completely turn mc2 into a more linear story-based game instead of an endless sim?
3y ago
I love the new killing spree aspect really brings nostalgia for older games
can't wait for the other new things you plan to put in
3y ago
So we have textures and custom maps, but why not mods for buildings and civilizations? It would add a whole new look to My Colony. Now of course this isn’t gonna be online, just offline.
4y ago
My colony had a sudden health average drop, from 55% to 6%. I tried building more clinics but they don’t seem to help much. How do I increase health?
4y ago
What the title says
4y ago


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