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Today Noteastic Notepad, the classic note taking solution from Ape Apps, has moved to a new domain and undergone a complete application rewrite from the bottom up. Let's take a look at what has changed!

The largest user facing change is that Noteastic now supports Markdown syntax for notes. Markdown is a popular document markup syntax that is used on many websites, particularly those oriented towards software developers, allowing users to quickly and easily add basic formatting to their notes. New Noteastic notes are also saved in a markdown file format, and if you previously had Noteastic data stored on the Ape Apps Cloud, your notes will be automatically converted to the new format when you load them in the new version of Noteastic.

The Noteastic application itself has been moved off of Ape Web Apps and is now located at it's own domain:


The new site is installable as a Progressive Web App (PWA) and should run on any device. This initial rewrite is primarily focused on desktop class devices, so I did not spend a ton of time working out the mobile interface, which is why (for now) this version of Noteastic is being released to the Web only, but will be coming to both Android and iPhones the next time I update it.

The next big new change is the addition of offline Workspaces. Before now, Noteastic only stored note data either in the Ape Apps Cloud or in the application's sandboxed storage, meaning there was no real way to access your data outside of the app. With this release, Noteastic gives you the option to choose any folder on your device as your Noteastic Workspace/

The workspace can be any location on your device that you choose, and you can even have multiple separate workspaces to keep things organized. You can even store your workspace on a third party cloud service such as Google Drive or OneDrive. The Workspaces feature is a great way to take total control over your note data, and store/backup your information in any way that works best for you.

Finally, Noteastic adds support for Note Linking, allowing you to add a hyperlink to another note in your Workspace. While you are tying out a note, simply place the name of another note in double brackets [[like this]], which will create a link to the other note. Clicking on the link will quickly bring you to that note, or automatically create the note for you if it does not already exist. Some other note taking applications have a similar feature, and I though it would make a lot of sense to add it to Noteastic as well. I plan to expand on the linking and referencing features quite a bit in the coming releases.

So that is what is new with Noteastic v3.0.0. Check it out at the link above, and if you have the previous version installed as a PWA, consider uninstalling and switching to the new release. If you do have a lot of note data stored in the previous version of Noteastic, you might consider doing the full backup option before switching over to the new Noteastic, just in case! I have tested the process for converting all of the old notes over to the new format, but you never know what is going to happen...

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