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Today I am announcing a new game that will be joining Barrel River 2 and My Colony 2 in Ape Apps' Virtual Reality lineup - Popping Bubbles VR!

Popping Bubbles VR is a VR-Only remake of my classic Popping Bubbles game designed for WebXR enabled devices, such as the Meta Quest, on mobile phones using a phone-based VR headset, or using Windows Mixed Reality. The game supports three modes of play, along with achievements and a global high scores leaderboard.

Given the VR only nature of the game, it's hard to get an accurate screenshot of the gameplay, so you just need to try it out for yourself. Unlike my other two VR enabled games, Popping Bubbles VR does not feature a non-VR mode, I figure that is what the original Popping Bubbles game is for.

Moving forward, I plan to remake a handful of my other classic games in virtual reality, an exercise which is helping me to learn and improve my VR development skills, which in turn should help to make more advanced games like My Colony 2 more fully playable and capable VR experiences.

If you have VR hardware, head on over to the Popping Bubbles VR web app, bookmark it, and try it out today!


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1y ago


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