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RE:Sloped Terrain

2020-11-23 16:23:23
Nice :)

The cliff under water will receive the same treatment?

RE:Sloped Terrain

2020-11-22 21:56:18
Much better :)

Just one little thing.. :D The softer slopes can have a little different coloration, angle-based for simulate shadow?

South lighter, west / east a little darker, north darker.


RE:Playing with Terrain Generation

2020-11-21 20:31:51
Or.. you can use some topographical trick for save the map. Using some algorithm you should be able to save the map, using low data volume.

RE:Converting "single city" to "region" mode

2020-11-17 09:40:32

RE:Did the colony I build before 1.10.0 go away?

2020-11-16 14:34:22
The system should send an email, reminding that the colony will be deleted from the servers within 1-2 weeks.

RE:Not being able to access building options

2020-10-31 18:10:42

seems the building windows is placed outside the phone display. at least From the screenshots.

RE:Second Thoughts on MC2 - Page 3

2020-10-21 16:29:02

But.. the game will be like a MMORPG, a game with a persistent map where players can make continuous changes, changes valid for all players.

Most of this game are build in classic server-client structure.

Maybe, can be perfect for Colony war, few player and maps with limited duration.

RE:Second Thoughts on MC2

2020-10-09 07:58:30
Stecat94 said:
Ansom said: lag/bad connection

if one person has a good connection with no lag, no one will have lag unless their own internet is slow:it take only one good connection to eliminate lag for new people. the more people have a given "file" or in this case "map" the faster everyone else will be.

Isn't the opposite? Since everyone need to be synchronized, everyone will have lag/velocity equal to the worst connection. Everyone need to interchange data at the same speed and quantity...

RE:Second Thoughts on MC2

2020-10-08 13:00:59
Stecat94 said:

The Bast idea should use the classic client / server.. using the Cloud gaming structure, like Google Standia (from what i understood, @bastecklein right?)

In any case, if player have lag/bad connection, is a mess.. because all player should play at the same timeprint. If one player (or worse, the server) have a bad internet connection with insane lag.. will be a mess.

Don't matter if is p2p, or classic server / client. Allow multiple players at the same time on the same map.. is... complicated and requires a lot of resources.

RE:Second Thoughts on MC2 - Page 2

2020-10-04 19:13:20
@Invincible is a common problem for every game/software, with elevate interaction with the system.

In offline game is easy to create a world where player can interact with everything.

But in online game.. is a living hell. Every change need to be communicated to every player active.

Some online game with openworld, they use to have very few interaction outside, and many interaction in dungeon or closed instance.

If Player A place an house in 1:9:10 (coordinate), Players B/C/D need to receive the information.

But... if Player B have a crap connection with severe lag (i can even have 5-10s lag...), i see the 1:9:10 with free space, and i place a road.. so.. the server need to wait my response, and will be lag for everybody in some situation.

For this reason, Bast can't handle a server where player could interact in the same map, at the same map. Will be require a google Data center.... :D

RE:Second Thoughts on MC2

2020-10-04 14:32:16
bastecklein said:The primary reason for decentralizing MC2 is to allow multiple players to build on a single planet. This would require a lot more server capacity VS MC1. The real question, is if that feature is even necessary? Does going decentralized add a lot of unneeded headaches for a feature that may or may not be that great?

Not for me.

Build at the same time, on the same map, could be a nice feature for a close friends group, for sure. but .. at what cost?

I prefer a decent worldwide multiplayer (maybe.. a sane economy :D), to a intimate little multiplayer.

Sobeirannovaocc said:
We talk a lot about the modding aspect that might disappear, of course it's to consider but I think only a small portion of players would have used them. To me the most important issue is game performance. Decentralizing servers had the advantage of taking away much stress out of the server and gave the ability to redistribute some of the computations to the servers, making the client overall more fluid. If we revert to the centralized server, how is performance going to be impacted ?

With the original decentralized server, if you are lucky and find a player with decent computer and connection, the game will be very fluid, even if you play using a bad terminal. But.. if the player/server is offline, you won't able to open anything. And.. if you find someone like me, with a very nice computer but a crap connection, you will start to swear 24/24, 7/7. And off course you will be able to play only if my computer is on.

RE:Second Thoughts on MC2

2020-09-26 16:18:03
GeneralWadaling said:
My further thoughts would be, what if players customizes their colony by selecting boosts or unique buildings at the beginning, instead of having everything provided by factions?

The initial concept was to give players the same tools used to develop the game, with the possibility to create server with personalized rules and game setup (everything, from planet, tech, building, bot..).

And this setup have several big problem, and of course some very nice sides

  • If the server owned by a player is offline, other player should't be able to play
  • If a heavy modded game server isn't updated anymore, player with colony based on this version, won't able to install new update without problem.
  • Server based on player can't hold many "client", so.. we will have a very little but strong multiplayer.
  • With the possibility to heavy change the game, a global trade system don't have much sense.

  • The possibility to have the construction tools is a very nice and unique choice, even if only present in a new creative mode. Player will have the possibility to create a new full functional building, or easy test new building. Or for "fix" a building. Because instead to create a new topic and complain about a building, i will (off course) still complain about it, but i will post a new version, hoping able to fix the problem.

RE:Second Thoughts on MC2

2020-09-24 07:17:53
I agree with most, except the "global stock exchange".

But... If the heavy modding part is inside the creative mode? With the possibility to export or import anything (structure, not, tech... Ecc). Player will be able to create new stuff, hopping for a future integration inside the game, or fix broken structure, or easy beta test.

RE:Second Thoughts on MC2

2020-09-23 21:07:10
MC1 don't have a solid, big player base. A completely decentralized game, with many different versions (theoretically, each player could have a different versions), completely player-server dependent.. I'm not sure if will work.

I love the possibility of (almost) complete customization, and the possibility to have a personal server. Even for easy play in different support. I could use a pc server, and play in my LAN in every smartphone/tablet/ecc, without big problem.

For the multiplayer, with the server/client decentralized we won't have classic multiplayer, just many server. Maybe few player will be play in "multiplayer", but.. for almost all players, they will be alone isolated on their server. Maybe will help few friend to play together.

But.. a central server (like MC1) for resources and trade don't have much sense with complete customization system. The economy in MC1 is already a disaster, a global trade system can't live in a game where player can make a building able to produce trillion and cost 1 ore.

I don't think player need to play the same map at the same time, sure.. will be a nice touch, but is crazy for server requisite and heavy depended to internet.

I prefer solid interaction outside the map (a solid economy system, a complete trade structure, from resources to bot, tech..), to a solid interaction inside the map.

RE:My Colony Website Moving

2020-09-12 12:12:25
The post was made for Sobe (coloniae).. :P For normal player won't change anything.

Player only need to update My colony or / and ape apps launcher like usual.

RE:My Colony Website Moving

2020-09-10 13:12:44
After the change, older versions won't be able to connect?

RE:Underground - Resource Transport - Power / Utility

2020-08-14 15:01:56
Power Grid

For the water, should be nice to have a "close system", with water recycling system:

For the distribution, the system should be similar to the power plant (big, medium, little, high pressure, medium pressure, low pressure)


RE:Underground - Resource Transport - Power / Utility

2020-08-09 15:36:16
For little bases (like small City), the first option is doable, but for medium city..

Having everything separated will help with the micromanagement, after, for the other question:

Like in real life:

Big central > big transformer (for big industrial site) > medium transformer (normal industrial stuff) > little transformer (house, little shop).

This logic can be applied in every "pipes".

Of course medium central and little central can generate only for medium and little transformer.


Underground - Resource Transport - Power / Utility

2020-08-09 13:49:48
In mc1 the building are "ok" if they have at least one tiles "connected" with the colony.

For having more micromanagement (particular cute in little bases, but can be stressful in large system), we could have different "layer":

  • Power: power line in classic underground pipes, pylons, maybe some differentation from
  • Water: water pipes, Roman aqueducts
  • Sewer System
  • Resource Movement system: conveyor belts, underground or "flying"
  • Network
  • ecc


For keep the system simple, every item on the list above, under the road. Player build the road, will have every thing underground done. If the building is connected to the road, good, if not... will be isolated, and the construction won't even start. :D


RE:Limited Base vs unlimited building space

2020-08-06 12:57:05
Yes, but in real life we have different subjects (State, different degrees of government, property owners, renters .. etc etc), and a very complicated "building" situation. In My Colony we have only the player able to decide, we don't have other "entity", and building are pretty much the same and simple. Colonists don't need to buy building, they don't buy any property.

The area designated area for building park, commercial stuff, industrial stuff, too me seems a further layer, which will limit the choices and possibilities of the players.

I hope the game will need park, schools, medical, but.. a structure like MC1, should be fine, specially for little bases.


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