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RE:Housing stats all stats BUG 1.3.0 chrome

2020-02-24 20:22:57
colbya said:Nice as i see 3 hours running all that is colonists influx and building time all of it .

No, build a city take some minutes, is pretty fast to build 144 adv shipyard with 10-15k turbo drone. Most of the time i don't touch anything.

colbya said:and yep I can do that my self so what is your point ?

you have ask to do a similar test, you don't remember?

colbya said:as for 5 million in one city lord you must have a NASA super computer lol .

No, this is the 1.0.0 big change, colonists/worker don't take much computer power anymore.

colbya said:Now let THAT city fill STOP building and let it just RUN in city 3 hours .

Like i have already said, this is my modus operandi. Build everything, and wait until the GDP stop growing. I don't touch the game meanwhile, i don't build house all the time...

colbya said:FACT stats go up During BUILDING so it is quite easy to get a tempery 95 % rating and it WILL stay stable as LONG as you Build and add more housing .

Nop, only if you use a bad setup.

colbya said:The effects dont cause a problem until you idle the game in city . and fact is you want FULL income from resources Idling IN city or a single city you MUST do .
You sure are not getting 6 billion ore in 3 hours lol .

Again, all aging part, approval rating.. regard colonists, if the city don't have colonists, you won't have any change, don't matter if you idle for 5min or 5 weeks.

colbya said:you dont show how many colonist the city has .

Around 19-20k, now i'm making new adv shipyards map.

colbya said:But lets say there are 300 k you will have 30 k babies a hour lol .
really come on FACT babies FACT 30 k homes that DONT excist Fact now you have 30 k homeless .

Nop, few weeks ago i have create a new inv bank map, total pop around 600k, 5k total birth (and 5k death) in 4h game play. pls use real number and not number from your imagination.

colbya said:PS FACT once stats drop its darn near impossible to get them backup .

You have done it? Or is just a hypotheses?
Because i have done an hard test in my beta map, for test the aging population. After few day all building have stop functioning ( pop was to young or to old, 90% was to old for work, very few baby). Solution? i have deported all, and start again. the map was full operation in few hours. And was before the aging final tuning.

colbya said:Besides FACT for some reason Homes will randomly show zero stats THIS IS A KNOWN BUG i posted .

You have only posted 2 random screenshot. You don't have posted any real info regard the houses stats, you don't even have posted a screenshot about the houses stats. I only see 2 maps with a bad setup.

Can appen if you place 2 or more houses and you don't place the utility at the right distance. An house can use the utility placed for an other houses, and the other houses won't have anymore utility with free slots. Isn't a bug, can be easy solved with a correct city setup.

colbya said:still enjoy the game and think bast is a cool guy and think the game is fairly priced and bast is honest .

For a 4-5$? yes, the price seems honest. And for a one-man-army, is a tremendous guy... :P
You should try a game, when the devs offend players and delete any post/topic with some critics.

colbya said:this is not ment to be a rant its ment to a point of how the effects mess up game play Bast knows all of this already its been posted already before i made this post .

No, is a post from someone still don't understood the 1.0.0 changes, and how the game work now.

The game Is perfect? Of course no. Have some bug? yes, but on pc side nothing to ugly (i don't play on mobile).

colbya said:I am just a old school programmer and wont link my stuff here and Bugs well bug me lol

You know what a bug is? when something should do A, and sometime will do B, or C, or LKHJOLJDLKFJD and crash. If something should do A, and do A, isn't a bug, but i you don't like A, is a bad implementation.

In this day, on the last version (1.3.0), most "problem" aren't bug, but bad/primitive implementation. For example, now for having a map with all building 100% worker, we need to have at least 15-20% more pop, for cover the hole all the time. Is a bug? of course no.

If you wanna try some bug, try to do a draconian lava world...


RE:Housing stats all stats BUG 1.3.0 chrome

2020-02-23 21:56:54
The baby come from colonists, if the city don't have colonists, you won't have any babies....

With the 1.0.0 the game has improved greatly, no more population bug, no more approval bug, no more worker bug.. the files of the city have been reduced greatly in size.. now we can even have a medium city with 5 million colonists.. before was hard to use 700k, with 1 millions population was very easy to collapse the game.. we can setup a city with 200-500-700k worker in relative short time, we don't need to worry about colonists try to living in a house, and work in the other side of the city.

Now schools, clinics, entertainment building have a purpose, not just for aesthetics.

This is my last city... around 3h for reach the GDP

and the approval

once all building are done, approval stable for the rest of the time.

RE:Housing stats all stats BUG 1.3.0 chrome

2020-02-23 00:14:46
Maybe the photo are clear for you.. for me are a mess, no scheme, no symmetry, without knowing if the utility building are full worker or not.. from what i can see (because tall buildings cover everything..). you don't have the minimum % for each utility. You place random building hoping for the best.

You even talk about 200k pop, but i only see 3 house 16k each, for a 48k pop.

You don't know how the new system work, you don't have realize yet how the distance work in my colony. But don't worry, you have the time for learn, nobody was born already knowing.

Now the total pop don't matter, the game is single house based, each house need to have the correct % utility for have full approval (93-95%).

ps. i have build several thousand houses with the new system, all my city converted with the new system have full % utility = full approval (well, except one, is a critical test for population), most of my city are converted with the new system, and i have around 250 city.... not 4.

ps2. all my starport and shipyards maps, after the conversion to the new system, need to stay active for some hours in order stabilize the GDP, nothing bad have ever happened, and i have around 50 shipyards maps, and 50 active starport maps.

RE:Housing stats all stats BUG 1.3.0 chrome

2020-02-21 23:34:37
From the photo i don't get much info, for this reason i asked the other layers, or at least the houses Property Valutation. To me, seems more a showroom display, too many different inefficient buildings, random placed, without any scheme. I can't do nothing with only some screenshot like this.

The 95% ratings is.. very very easy to do if you respect the % and radius:

Medical 5% 50 radius
Schools 20% 35 radius
Entertainment 15% 25 radius
Jobs max 50 radius

So far i have converted about 100-130 city, all city with +- 95% approval, without much effort.

For the AFK time, I have already pointed out the problem, from the 1.0.0 beta. Individual map can be problematic, but for the region is a joke.. just afk in city without pop..

RE:Housing stats all stats BUG 1.3.0 chrome

2020-02-20 22:50:26
Second thing... don't do a soup. And with soup i mean:

for entertainment I place two BIG stadiums 1 pyramids 2 med stadiums huge park the 3 or 4 of the tall gold monolith

This is pure chaos, if you prefer to use many type of building for aesthetic reason is.. well, a your choice, but is far away to be a good layout. No one will stop you to use pyramids (600 slot for a 6x6), large park (650 slot for 9x9..), or the obelisk (only 50 for 2x2), but don't blame the game if you use to much space...

In any case for 200k pop you need 30k entertainment slots (6 large stadium), from the list above you will have only 13450 ent slots (2 large stadium, 2 med stadium, 1 pyramids, large park, 4 obelisk)..

Is better to don't use 20 type, just use the higher utility capacity (or better IQ, if you have building with min IQ) for the space you have. Not every building available.

For the approval rating, the only way to having 100%, is to don't have pop :D If you have colonist, at the moment you will have max 94-95%, without any concerns, but if you don't have the right % for utility, will be lower.

RE:Housing stats all stats BUG 1.3.0 chrome

2020-02-20 21:58:37
the house are 100% filled?

try to post the same area, using:

Entertainment Coverage Heatmap
Medical Coverage heatmap
Education Coverage heatmap
Production capacity heatmap


RE:More detailed explanation on "Workforce Rating" needed

2020-02-20 20:31:45
Because the farthest build aren't in the 50 range. You can't put an house in the medium city center, and pretend to cover all map. For cover the medium map you need to split the map in more section.

+- the house is center placed, you can see how the 50 range work.

RE:More detailed explanation on "Workforce Rating" needed

2020-02-17 14:55:30
I have noticed:
  • Distance isn't a issue, if the building is cover from at least 2 houses. The system will check everything every 30s (+-), we can have empty building because all worker are already used in other building, in particular when an house will fill jobs in other house "area".. in this case we will have house area 1 with empty building, and house area 2 with people without jobs..
  • colonists won't use the better education available.
  • colonists don't use the closest utility first.. like the jobs example, House A with plenty of utility, will use utility build for House B, and House B won't have utility with free slots in range.
  • The workforce Rating to me seems to show only the % worker inside. Won't change the workers used (low rating=no worker), but will change if the number of workers change.


RE:Trade - Gifts system rework

2020-02-16 02:29:14
Won't be catastrophic for player base. The actually system is catastrophic for player base.

A player with nearly infinite from the start, won't be interested to play the game for long, at max will be a grind for research and civics, and once all tech will complete (if the player will remain for so long), won't have many reason to continue to play... because.. well, end game.

A system were player have nearly infinite resources, won't tempt to study the game, the player won't have any endorphin or positive feelings, of victory for completing a project, is just a "creative mode".

no fatigue = no feeling of victory

With nearly infinite resources, most building are just a environmental improvement.. won't matter storage, won't matter most of the buildings..

And once you know the game, you can unlock everything in a week, even in offline mode...

You have see the GDP rank? only 40-50 colony have at least 1T.. and if you count only active player (login at least 3 time in a week), is 20-30...

You have see the global chat lately? lol...

Is very sad. :(

RE:Research Converters will not Stay Staffed

2020-02-14 22:41:28
The system behind isn't 100% clear. From the 1.0.0 update we don't have anymore individual colonists, but a new (far better) houses simulation system. Each house now have some stats based on the building surrounded (edu, ent, healt, each with different working distance).

So.. if a house with 1000 colonists, you will need 200 edu slots. with one Transcendent academy you will have 1000 colonist with +- 300IQ, but... if you have a lower IQ school, you can have some colonists using it, and will be a mess.

So.. the best is to use only the best IQ school available, or at least, don't make school with low IQ, if you need elevate IQ worker.

Trade - Gifts system rework

2020-02-14 19:09:53
Some thoughts about the infinite resources for new players

The early stage of the game are fundamental for every player, nearly infinite resources can broke the game.
With infinite resources player will pretty much ignore most of the game buildings, most of the game mechanics..


Gifts limit now depend only from the sender and ignore the receiving.

The gifts limit should read both limits, and use the lowest.

A have 1B limit, B have 100k limit

A can send a maximum of 100k to B

Storage limit should have also something to say, because even with the decay, 100M-1B resources aren't going away soon... but it would become overly restrictive, in first weave.

Trade system

A new building, even the same building for every race. Allow the player to trade resources.

You will think, "but we already have the League trade authority! (or the other similar)"

This one will work in different way, will use gifts limit, and allow the player to change resources at the same time:


RE:Research Converters will not Stay Staffed

2020-02-14 14:34:32
Convert need min 155 IQ:

The only building with this output are (for human):
  • Transcendent Academy: 2x2, 500 edu slots, 300 IQ
  • University: 5x5, 6500 edu slots, 155 IQ
  • Nanite Infusion Clinic: 1x1, 4000 edu slots, 200 IQ

RE:Resources randomly deactivating - Page 2

2020-02-13 00:57:27
No, before was all building, not just the building using worker.

Repeat, prob was a bug fix.. :P

RE:[SOLVED] New Fatal Steam Game Bug

2020-02-12 20:51:54
Yep, solved :)

RE:New Fatal Steam Game Bug

2020-02-12 20:39:41

same here, nothing when the game close, only the same text when open.

RE:Constant crash on v.1.3.0

2020-02-12 18:33:29
bastecklein said:To add firewall exception add the following location:

C:\Users\YOUR USER ACCOUNT\AppData\Local\my_colony\app-1.3.0\My Colony.exe

No change

But.. the secondary account is "friend" with the primary account, and on my primary chat i see "Ansombackup is online".

ps. but in case of firewall/internet problem, i shouldn't be able to open the online map, or even the game if my firewall block the file badly.

RE:Constant crash on v.1.3.0

2020-02-12 18:18:49
Before the first post, i have check my Comodo firewall (some time is annoying, but usually block the ape apps launcher), no log for My Colony.

I have just check windows firewall, adding two new rule (for in/out), no change.

Witch file i should add to the "trust" category?

C:\Users\(user)\AppData\Local\my_colony\My Colony.exe

only this one?


RE:Resources randomly deactivating

2020-02-12 16:28:46
When i have start playing the game, all buildings require at least one tiles "free", without any building (only road was permitted).

Seems the 1.3.0 have fix the bug which allowed to build without free spaces..

RE:Constant crash on v.1.3.0

2020-02-12 15:00:09

Sunnybow have post the error in discord, and seems we have the same problem:

v1.3.0 1581508558400 events.js: 187 Uncaught Error: connect ECONNREFUSED (LAN IP):2735

RE:Constant crash on v.1.3.0

2020-02-12 12:28:02
Same thing here:

On my second account, Windows 10, native game version (my-colony-win-x64-1.3.0, around 190mb), yesterday was fine, today every region map opened, crashed in few sec. No error.

In the my-colony-v1.3.0-error, i have:
v1.3.0 1581509874949 events.js: 187 Uncaught Error: connect ECONNREFUSED (my LAN IP):2735

ps. primary account, on ape apps launcher v1.33, game version 1.3.0, seems work fine.


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