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Wonderful! :D

For the GDP, if i remembers right, in region style map, once a city have registered the value, the game will continue to use the value, even if the game data have ben changed.

You have plan to reset the city data in the new current value?

Maybe an integrity check: compare the type and number of buildings, and check if the GDP and recourses produced/consumed correspond with the correct game data.

Doing a similar diagnostic at every game start don't have much sense, maybe only in new update, or better, if the update have change something.
1y ago
For standard map, ok. If well balanced, should give the "money" a reason to exist.

For region map? I mean.. if the cities are already operational, the player could just don't enter it, for new cities, the player could limit himself to playing for the time necessary to stabilize the map, to move on to the next one, or lower the wages before closing the city, avoiding retaliation and strikes, while limiting costs ..
1y ago
If we wanna to be realistic..

A few hundred thousand buildings, used for a few years, will hardly be able to significantly modify the atmosphere of a planet.

I doubt the game will accommodate billions of pollutant-emitting infrastructure, over a long period of time. Plus the game could easy evolve in advance bulding, capable of not polluting, in relative few years.

Local pollution could be a nice add, but not planetary.

If we wanna the realisms.. the solar panel work 24/24 (day and night), the energy density don't make very sense, the resouces need for build don't make very sense, we don't have weather, the ground is statics, ecc..

But.. we really wanna a simile architecture, for MC2?
At the end, if we gonna implement a serious realistic world, we will need a computer with 2 AMD Epyc 128 core/256 thread each..

and a university course to start playing.
1y ago
bastecklein said:What are you thinking exactly? Like having resources generated by buildings instead of gathering with bots, and the buildings must be placed in specific biomes?

Instead to have the resources like mc1, a limited (always limited, i don't like very much infinite resources) resources inside the biomes, and a building extracting the recourses.

like: Biomes type 1: Color red: 100'000 ore, 10'000 copper, ecc, 1'000 uranium

As technology advances, larger facilities can extract resources at a faster rate. With extremely advanced technologies, we could go back to small buildings with low environmental impact.

The biomes could be small or big, not every resources should be extractable, like the real world.
2y ago
I have played MC2 0.19 a little bit in the past day, water planet.

I don't have find big problem, maybe except when i build more building in a row, often the resources used aren't linear (2x building, 3x resources), the problem seems solved if i clic 2 time on the second building, and some time the row isn't linear, in particular with building large 2-3-4 tiles.

In any case, the resources:

Pretty much, i have spent most of the time building bridge and road for expand the city limits, searching for resources, 3 city: 14 km2, 2km2, 14km2. In particular for gold. Making hundreds of vehicles in the process.

For the moment, the resources extraction is very similar to mc1.

It might be nice to see a system similar to the real world. Instead to have resources like MC1, add resources inside the Biomes structure.

Instead to create hundreds of vehicles, the player will build fewer specific building in biomes.

2y ago
the open / closed flag is a nice touch.

Instead to create several section for each problem, a icon for easy display the problem section? Like persistent error connection, or save problem, or graphic, UI, game mechanisms, crash, ecc,

Maybe something related to the gravity, a little graphic glitch isn't like a game crashed every 5min destroying all saved game. But.. perhaps only mod/admin should have this ability. like 0 to 7: 0 is nothing , 1-3 annoying problem, 4-6 big problem, 7 apocalypses level bug.

Also a small counter, where players can just click a button, to see how many players have encountered the same problem.

So.. what you prefer to see, in the page, for easy see and filter the topic?
2y ago
So.. bast use the black color for the trefoil, and yellow background?
2y ago
the limit depends on both players (sender / receiver). The player with the lowest limit sets the limit.
2y ago
The idea is nice, but:

(if i click on "list", the post will be "submit" instead to insert the list code)

- The shop should have some moderator/file acceptance, for avoid broken or cheating (es: making 1'000'000 steel instead to 5).

- Beta tester should be necessaries

- Once the file is approved, it should be checked regularly to avoid conflicts with future versions of the game.
2y ago
If you have delete the game file plus the data (save, option), the region is gone.

Have you try the cloud saving?
3y ago
You don't need to know a chanter code, you can click on a random name and create an online game.

Don't make a multiplayer map, they are in "beta" state, not stable.
3y ago
Also, the light should turn off during the day. :D
3y ago
Specially the street light, it is too bright.

Could be possible to have a "dimmer" option in the editor? or avoid "burning the lights / whites"? (don't matter how many light point the player build, the light generated shouldn't exceed a certain value)
3y ago
bastecklein said:I suppose if you wanted to go all out you could have it open in the launcher, the pwa, the steam client, the windows store client, and on your phone lol.

In theory, yes. But.. when i have both account open (ape apps launcher and standalone version), some time a colony, or both account, they interrupt the connection to the server. After i need to relog. In particular when i change Map, the other account need to be resetted.

bastecklein said:Are you saying that you want the option to transfer a city to a different account?

Yes, could solve most of my problem (and other players problems, pretty sure i'm not the only one with 2+ account active).
3y ago
Only 2.

For change the owner? Since i can open different colony at the same time, moving Inner Space from Ansomback, to Ansom, will solve the problem.
3y ago

Thanks :) Tomorrow I'll check it out, for the moment it seems to be fine (CPU consume).

With the standalone version out the market, with version you suggest for working in tune with the ape apps launcher, for having an other game open with an other account?
3y ago

Seems the problem isn't correlated to the launcher directly (standalone version have the same problem).

Often, when i do some operation, like create a new city row (25 medium city), or a triantanium medium city, or adv shipyards map, the cpu usage remain elevate, and the game after some time become choppy, with low frame rate. As if the game keeps reworking old information.
3y ago
phyrexfirestorm said:How about fixing the gifting capacity? It is now permanently locked to 3000, which makes it nearly impossible for anyone to assist a colony that doesn't play online mode. The GBT allows this to be bypassed for online play, so why is that not possible for offline as well?

Can you post the colony name or code? Because for me the gifts cap work fine.
3y ago
Resources or building? Online game?
3y ago
100% sure? because the you will see first the multiplayer region, and only few screen later, the standard region.
3y ago


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