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kevinrs said:Ok, as a new user, it isn't obvious at all.
I've now found that I can click on a resource name, when looking at a building, and on that resource details page, there is a list of buildings that store it, but that's not where I ended up as a new user.
I go to the home page of the reference, there is no search box: there are just 5 tabs, that drop down tables, tables, trees, and links. The logical place to go then from reading the options there is storages table. Which looks useful, you can click on columns to sort by the resources, but then it doesn't list the resources that storage became an issue for only on the latest update.

I'd already got that far before starting the thread, and was answered with a list, and "Its in the reference section. Use it" with no mention of the non-obvious way to get to that list, when there is an obvious storage link that omits it. That's why I brought up the storage table, and gold not being there.

The search box does not show up until actually in a table or tree, so I'd think it would be understandable why I didn't try a search first.

I started out as a new user and enjoyed the exploration and discovery about the game data. Not going to spoil it for you by spoonfeeding the info. Gave u general direction to let u explore. You found it in the end anyway.
6y ago
Stored by
Bank +40000
Gold Burrow +4000
Gold Mint +10000
Gold Refinery +5000
Gold Synthesis Lab +15000
Insectoid Mint +10000
Investment Bank +500000
Money Pit +5000
Quantum Warehouse +150000
Supply Pile +800
Unholy Pit of Stuff +15000

Its in the reference section. Use it
6y ago
Started a new colony. Got a gift of 50k alum. Decayed in 10seconds to 0 cos no storage for that. Kinda sad I m spending more time on forum looking for comments than actually playing.
6y ago
Happened to me too in v0.49 PC. Trade limit 50k and price set and civic deducted but not posted in GBT
6y ago
bastecklein said:
How do you deal with every other resource in the game that has storage requirements? The existing storage options should provide ample space for a reasonable amount of resources. There is no purpose in having billions of any particular resource. You would have the same numbers of everything else if they didn't have storage requirements either, but nobody ever thought that was an issue.

Something changed in your attitude since we last discussed about the hack. I agree something needed to be done and some changes could have been done better.

I have a zolarg colony and just discovered antaura. It is common for a zolarg colony to easily have 1-2m aluminum in my opinion as compared to other races. I maxed out my storage and could only have 800k+ storage for aluminum. Previously can convert excess ant paste and antanium to aluminum. Now it seems you imposed aluminum is reasonable only if it is btw 1-2m. If that is the case rather than cap it with storage limit and decay why not impose an Emperor tax to bring these levels down and remove it from the economy. I think most players would have appreciated if by imposing these restrictions you give them a heads up and chance to realistically improve their storage capacity. Else might as well carte blanche tax the resources to a level you deem proper as there is no way to store. I am ok with the 2b tax hit as it was amassed thru aluminum trading, just feel zolarg should have a bigger aluminum storage as they are the only race atm able to mass produce it.

Also, for new players, there isnt any incentive to watch the propaganda ads anymore since it might give me something which I have no storage for it and just decay until I have the storage for it.

As for regulating GBT trade, increased civics is a hidden cost. It invariably drives up the prices as players would factor that in. Until the prices rises to a point most players feel worthwhile they would not trade. New players are the ones with the greatest need to trade as they need money and resources. With a depleted pool and high cost, it would deter players from entering the market. Requesting to buy/sell 50k essentials like water and food should not cost 5k civics.

I will hold on from going into my other colony until I figure the changes out first and plan my solution to the recent changes.

Thats all for now. Give it time and everything would work itself out as everyone used to say
6y ago
Jclark6544 said:CRaider, you mean like the transmission hub or embassy?

Transmission hub require charter code and embassy requires some investment. What if both the colony is pre independence? Gifting is one way street. What if both has excess reso they want to trade without being taxed?

Also any trades not taxed under GBT run the risk of being intercepted by the Emperor esp large values over a certain figures.
6y ago
Protoceratops said:the thing is, people seem to start with LIS a lot their first time around, and then run out of recources and say it's to hard. If you start with UE on red planet, I think you would find it much easier. My first ever colony was on mars, and managed to get through the bottle neck. I've still got it, and all though its a bit chaotic, its fine.

Rather than the game allowing players to choose which factions first, might be better for the game to force new players to play an easy map first before the hard, brutal options are available.
6y ago
There should be an option for private trades away from the open GBT trades to allow people to transfer/help others not in the same commonwealth without skewing the prices. It could be just restricted to essentials like food, water and basic building materials.
6y ago
Probably limit how many trade post per min to avoid spamming like what we are seeing atm. Just a simple name change and he is back. Refreshing the trades like that is similar to a DDOS attack. Normally people wont post more than 3 trades in a min, limiting it might slow it down
6y ago
DragonCrypt said:Things seem to have gone back to normal in the GBT for now. And by that i mean the ridiculous price offers are back. I just saw one that wanted 10 Bil coins for 10k steel.... ABSURD!!
No more Incredible resource spam for now tho, it seems everyone bought it all

Lol that guy prob fishing for the script to buy it. I dont think this game has reached the level where people pay cash for virtual commodities. Most likely doing it just becos they can
6y ago
I just started playing less than 1 month so didnt know the backstory. I think the problem lies on the fact data is stored on the player side and people can manipulate it and send back to server and the server cant tell if it is legit or not
6y ago
bastecklein said:Server rollback would be possible, but not currently possible to rollback all of the resources and money that have gone out to the individual colonies, which is where most of the damage has been done.

I noticed my GDP gets a big jump when I buy cheap stuff. Maybe filter any colony with GDP growth in excess of100% in the last 12 hours?
6y ago
Is a server rollback possible say 12hr before? I am sure most players agree that is the sensible way to remove excess resources that is floating around
6y ago
This bug should be fixed asap. Hope bast is not too busy to notice.
6y ago
You guys are seasoned players and know how well to start a colony from scratch. I am speaking from a newbie player perspective and picking the game for the first time and starting out their first colony. I get emotionally attached to my first colony and stuffed it up the first try. Didnt build the GTA equivalent before the alum ran out. Exporting when the game is set to online has depressed prices didnt help. Offline food goes for abt 100-150 online it is 20-30. Importing 250 alum cost abt 6m offline 9 online, artifacts 400k offline 1m online i think. Took me 3 days (no idling) to build loads of black market and hope they give alum to get the trade up. Then realised the generators need artifact and they are exp as well and the returns for the cost and time sunk into it just doesnt seem worth it. I tend to agree the limit is for end game rushing but what is the point if it turns off casual gamers. I am wondering how many players gave up the game when they hit the bottleneck. Player retention is very important to any games.
It is true you can idle the game to build up the reso but that is not the point of the game.
At the risk of the game degenerating into "My Colony - The Quest for Aluminum" , there is nothing warning new players on the importance of it. I am sure most players did it right the second time on their colony. Also, those complaining abt lack of alum are players who do not have a sub account that has stashes of alum ready to b transferred. Yes there should be limitations and the galactic propaganda ads should give alum more often to help this.
6y ago
nonobosss said:
builderbot said:it's a shame because these challenges are too difficult to meet and besides it hurts my heart because it spoils the pleasure I had because my colony was my favorite game so I hope that in the future someone will succeed you convince to lower the difficulty if indeed as you say there are people who manage to overcome these difficulties but me seems too hard so I hope that in the future this game will be better

The difficulty? I don't know if you have played many games but I don't really see My Colonny as a "difficult" one. You just have to spend some time to understand it and get past that point.

Maybe start a new game and try. No gifts, help from sub colonies or using other people's charter. No idling either. Rely solely on ads and market for your resources and see.
6y ago
The way I see it is you need to maximise your potential growth space. If you build a 2x2 area (4 crystals), the potential growth area is the perimeter of the 2x2 as internal space is wasted. It only has potential to grow into 12 spaces. If you place these 4 crystals in a chequered pattern, it would have 17 potential growth space thereby maximising the potential. There are patterns to max out the efficiency you need to figure it out. Also if there are 2 blobs of crystals growing, linking them together would increase their growth tremendously.
6y ago
Here is a list of quirks I noticed

1) Build and harvest
Rover moves to and fro instead of next nearest build order. Example 2 rows of trees A-X, rover sits on R road.


Rover will IJK then swing around to build ABC then move back to continue to build LMN etc. Rover should build along the road as it is the nearest I-P and alternate Q-X and only swing to H-A when at the end. This seems like an inefficient way to build things. Seems rover is following the build place order instead of nearest available build when we mass build by placing I-P, A-H then Q-X.

Harvest problem seem to select inaccessable resource as shown in the pic below. As a result vehicle seem to stall and not move. This could be related to most of reported problem vehicle is not responding. This is the only sample that can prove the problem in the algorithm as others dont show the vehicle path.

Also, rovers will not return to its parking spot if it is on harvest duty and there is still one mine available but inaccessible. Example, you build regolith mine and after finishing harvesting, it will stay stuck on the last mine position and show harvesting while there is a mine out there surrounded by trees. There should be detection if it cannot complete the task it goes back to its parking position.

2) Rover build detection problem
Rover sits on or move into a build square and wont move to avoid building being build and getting stuck.

On large or extra large map, rover seems to have a limit to detection. If rover is on west end, it wont respond to build orders on east end. You either have to manually move it or put down some build orders within its detection range for it to start building before moving to the east end. Common problem if you build crystals on extreme edge of map and then set it to another end of the map.

3) Population resources data mismatch with statistics
I noticed resources data is instantaneous and statistics has a lag time to show accurate details. Population resource can show 0 unemployment but if you check after a few mins it can show 50 unemployed. Putting down more building that requires workers sometimes bring this number down sometimes it doesnt maybe due to range of available workers.

4) Unemployed workers
In the housing you can have unemployed workers but the stat shows it is working somewhere else. Is the system capturing these people as tax paying, employed workers? Hopefully this is just a graphical error. This is evident is large housing like subterranean

5) Where is blue large residential complex?

6) Tourism
On certain maps, tourist seem to come easily with a few space port, some you can have lots of space port and tourist numbers dont move. What are the factors that influence this numbers apart from the number of space port you have.

7) Upgrading and program installation
Why does the program need to access system files? This is the only game I have that flags off my antivirus about system files changes. Is this necessary? Noticed the game will launch 2-3 system processes apart from the main game process.

8) Upgrading building not worth it
Currently upgrading any building do not give you back the sell values. For eg upgrading a tall brickhouse to quantum I am supposed to get back 2000 bricks back but it doesnt. As a result, lots of micromanaging to sell and then rebuilt.

9) Deactivated building
They are showing 0 workers but system seem to be locking the original population from filling jobs elsewhere. I usually plan my population to my jobs numbers. I realise I need to sell these deactivated building for the game to normalise my job numbers meaning if the buildings are still there, my jobs will not be completely filled. It might be the discrepancy is cause by retired workers

10) Undocumented changes
Noticed that 0.48 introduced a 250 civic for zolarg mining building. I started on v0.46 and noticed the changes when I started another zolarg colony on 0.48. Also noticed that there are unexplained food crashes when the game is idled when prod is way much more than consumption. Seems like there is some anti idling measures in place? Something capturing clicks per hour? v0.49 allows multiple command posts to be build but it does not increase civics. Is this intentional? Not to sure abt higher command as gained independence late

11) Stalled workers/rovers
If we manually move workers to build something, workers/rovers will move to the build site and clicking else where will cause the workers to move to the clicked location before returning to the build site. Only way to prevent this is to click on any building and use dismiss (esc) to end move command.

12) Selling items in Space Elevator, Mass Elevator etc
If you click on selling food quickly before the menu has time to refresh somehow you end up selecting all vehicles and need to exit multiple menus opened as a result

13) Building multiple consulates
Atm if you have lvl 5 consulate, lvl-1-4 shows up as a buildable building. You can chain build lvl 4 consulates and then upgrade them to 5 to give civics a boost. Same for the other lvls. Dont think this is an intended feature
6y ago
Can I request that in the build menu with All building, all decorations be moved under decoration just like vehicles/workers that do not show up and clog up the build icons? These decorations are 99% of the time not used and if user is in creative mode can just switch to decoration menu just like vehicle/worker build menu.
6y ago
Confirmation is only needed when it involves buildings or vehicles.
6y ago


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