Here is a list of quirks I noticed

1) Build and harvest
Rover moves to and fro instead of next nearest build order. Example 2 rows of trees A-X, rover sits on R road.


Rover will IJK then swing around to build ABC then move back to continue to build LMN etc. Rover should build along the road as it is the nearest I-P and alternate Q-X and only swing to H-A when at the end. This seems like an inefficient way to build things. Seems rover is following the build place order instead of nearest available build when we mass build by placing I-P, A-H then Q-X.

Harvest problem seem to select inaccessable resource as shown in the pic below. As a result vehicle seem to stall and not move. This could be related to most of reported problem vehicle is not responding. This is the only sample that can prove the problem in the algorithm as others dont show the vehicle path.

Also, rovers will not return to its parking spot if it is on harvest duty and there is still one mine available but inaccessible. Example, you build regolith mine and after finishing harvesting, it will stay stuck on the last mine position and show harvesting while there is a mine out there surrounded by trees. There should be detection if it cannot complete the task it goes back to its parking position.

2) Rover build detection problem
Rover sits on or move into a build square and wont move to avoid building being build and getting stuck.

On large or extra large map, rover seems to have a limit to detection. If rover is on west end, it wont respond to build orders on east end. You either have to manually move it or put down some build orders within its detection range for it to start building before moving to the east end. Common problem if you build crystals on extreme edge of map and then set it to another end of the map.

3) Population resources data mismatch with statistics
I noticed resources data is instantaneous and statistics has a lag time to show accurate details. Population resource can show 0 unemployment but if you check after a few mins it can show 50 unemployed. Putting down more building that requires workers sometimes bring this number down sometimes it doesnt maybe due to range of available workers.

4) Unemployed workers
In the housing you can have unemployed workers but the stat shows it is working somewhere else. Is the system capturing these people as tax paying, employed workers? Hopefully this is just a graphical error. This is evident is large housing like subterranean

5) Where is blue large residential complex?

6) Tourism
On certain maps, tourist seem to come easily with a few space port, some you can have lots of space port and tourist numbers dont move. What are the factors that influence this numbers apart from the number of space port you have.

7) Upgrading and program installation
Why does the program need to access system files? This is the only game I have that flags off my antivirus about system files changes. Is this necessary? Noticed the game will launch 2-3 system processes apart from the main game process.

8) Upgrading building not worth it
Currently upgrading any building do not give you back the sell values. For eg upgrading a tall brickhouse to quantum I am supposed to get back 2000 bricks back but it doesnt. As a result, lots of micromanaging to sell and then rebuilt.

9) Deactivated building
They are showing 0 workers but system seem to be locking the original population from filling jobs elsewhere. I usually plan my population to my jobs numbers. I realise I need to sell these deactivated building for the game to normalise my job numbers meaning if the buildings are still there, my jobs will not be completely filled. It might be the discrepancy is cause by retired workers

10) Undocumented changes
Noticed that 0.48 introduced a 250 civic for zolarg mining building. I started on v0.46 and noticed the changes when I started another zolarg colony on 0.48. Also noticed that there are unexplained food crashes when the game is idled when prod is way much more than consumption. Seems like there is some anti idling measures in place? Something capturing clicks per hour? v0.49 allows multiple command posts to be build but it does not increase civics. Is this intentional? Not to sure abt higher command as gained independence late

11) Stalled workers/rovers
If we manually move workers to build something, workers/rovers will move to the build site and clicking else where will cause the workers to move to the clicked location before returning to the build site. Only way to prevent this is to click on any building and use dismiss (esc) to end move command.

12) Selling items in Space Elevator, Mass Elevator etc
If you click on selling food quickly before the menu has time to refresh somehow you end up selecting all vehicles and need to exit multiple menus opened as a result

13) Building multiple consulates
Atm if you have lvl 5 consulate, lvl-1-4 shows up as a buildable building. You can chain build lvl 4 consulates and then upgrade them to 5 to give civics a boost. Same for the other lvls. Dont think this is an intended feature