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This post is a collection of a lot of ideas and features I think need to be added. Some of these have been requested by other people but I am putting it all in a big collection and explaining how it would work together. I will be working on this post for a few days so expect to see edits adding new ideas. I will make the textures, with help from a friend, if this post becomes popular enough. Considering the amount of ideas here, this will take a while. I understand all this could be an unrealistic amount of additions but I am doing my best to make it reuse all of the existing code to the fullest. Thank you for still reading, a lot of people would have left by now!.

Please tell me what you think of all my ideas!

The first part of my ideas is a new planet type: Geyser World. I already made a post on it but I will go more in depth here:
Planet Details:
Buildable Rovers at Start(UE):
-Lunar Rover
Starting Rovers(UE)
-Lunar Rover
Non-Buildable Buildings:
Small Water Pump
Small Solar Panel
Starting Atmosphere: 10 million
Resources Contained(numbers are for medium world):
Ore deposits(around 7)
Regolith deposits(around 5)
Steam Vents(around 10)
Rock Fissures(around 20)

New Resources (items):
-Boiling Water: Looks a lot like water
-Mineral Water: Looks like water but with little spots in it.

New Vehicles:
-Heat Resistant Waterbot: Collects boiling water from boiling water deposits.
Cost: ore: 100 steel: 2 wheel: 6
Tech Required: Geyser World Base, Human Base.

-Treated Waterbot:
-Heat Resistant Waterbot: Collects mineral water from mineral water deposits.
Cost: ore: 1000 steel: 20 wheel: 6
Tech Required:Basic Mineral Resistance.

New Tech:
-Basic Mineral Resistance:
Cost: 20 steel
Prerequisites: Geyser World Base, Human Base
Unlocks: Tiny Mineral Extractor

-Mineral Resistance:
Cost: 25 research
Prerequisites: Basic Mineral Resistance
Unlocks: Small Mineral Extractor

Cost: 500 research
Prerequisites: Geyser World Base, Human Base, Mineral Resistance
Unlocks: Thermoelectric Generator, Advanced Water Condenser

New Resource tiles:
-Steam Vent(1x1): Just a tile that exists. Looks like a crack in the ground, has a puff of steam coming out. Counts as another kind of terrain, kind of like salt water or lava. Damages rovers and buildings nearby, similar to lava. Will not spread. Contains no resources.
-Rock Fissure(1x1): Just a tile that exists. Looks like a crack in the ground with obsidian inside Counts as another kind of terrain, kind of like salt water or lava. Damages rovers and buildings nearby, similar to lava. Will not spread. Contains no resources.

New Buildings:
-Water Condenser(1x1): Built on steam vents.
Power Used:2
Resource Production: Twice as much water as small water pump.
Tech Required: Geyser World Base, Human Base
Build Cost:500 ore, 20 steel, 1 gold
Built By: Builder Bot
Upgrades to: Advanced Water Condenser

-Tiny Thermoelectric Generator(1x1): Built on steam vents.
Power Generated: 2
Tech Required: Geyser World Base, Human Base
Build Cost: 200 ore, 200 regolith
Upgrades to: thermoelectric generator

-Thermoelectric Generator(1x1): Built on steam vents.
Power Generated: 5
Tech Required: Thermodynamics
Build Cost: 2000 ore, 250 steel, 5 gold

-Advanced Water Condenser(1x1): Built on steam vents.
Power Used:5
Resource Production: Six times as much water as small water pump.
Tech Required: Thermodynamics, Advanced Construction
Build Cost:5000 ore, 200 steel, 100 gold, 50 aluminum
Built By: Advanced Builder Bot

-Tiny Water Conditioner(1x1): Built on normal terrain.
Power Used:2
Resource Production: Turns boiling water into water, same amount as the water produced by a small water pump
Tech Required: Geyser World Base, Human Base
Build Cost:500 ore, 20 steel
Built By: Builder Bot

-Small Water Conditioner(1x1): Built on normal terrain.
Power Used:5
Resource Production: Turns boiling water into water, same amount as six small water pumps
Tech Required: Thermodynamics, Advanced Construction
Build Cost:2500 ore, 50 steel, 10 gold, 2 aluminum
Built By: Advanced Builder Bot

-Tiny Mineral Extractor:
Power Used:5
Resource Production:Turns mineral water into a very small amount of gold.

-Small Mineral Extractor:
Power Used:5
Resource Production:Turns mineral water into a very small amount of gold.

The second part of my ideas is another new planet type: Soaring Cliffs. It is a similar idea to the water world but will play differently. It goes great with the avian race idea below.
Planet Details:
Buildable Rovers at Start(UE):
-forest rover
Starting Rovers(UE)
-forest rover
Buildable Workers at Start(Zolarg):all
Non-Buildable Buildings: none
Starting Atmosphere:5 million
Resources Contained(numbers are for medium world):
Ore deposits(around 5)
Fir Trees(a lot, similar to forest world)
Cliff Face(replaces large drops that are adjacent to land)
Large Drop(generated similar to water on the water world)

New Resources (items):
-Krypton Gas: Think Helium-3 but its Krypton

New Tech:
-Rare Animal Zoology:
Cost: 20000 research
Prerequisites: low atmospheric zoology, 5 mil atmosphere

New Buildings:
-Mountain Goat Pen(2x2):
Build Cost:200 wood, 20 ore
Built By: Forest Rover, Greenbot.
Resource Production: Wool 10/Minute
Required Tech: Human Base OR Avian Base, Soaring Cliffs Base OR Rare Animal Zoology, 5 mil atmosphere

-Weaver's House(1x1):
Build Cost:200 wood, 20 ore, 10 wool
Built By: Forest Rover, Greenbot, lumberbot.
Resource Production: Wool 10/Minute
Required Tech: Human Base OR Avian Base 5 mil atmosphere

-Rope Bridge(1x1):Built over water, salt water, ether, gas deposits(see next suggestion) or air.
Build Cost:20 wood, 10 ore, 2 cloth
Built By: Rover, Avian Rover, Forest Rover, Avian Forest Rover, Builder Bot
Required Tech: Human Base OR Avian Base, 5 mil atmosphere

-Rope Bridge NS(1x1):Built over water, salt water, ether, gas deposits(see next suggestion) or air.
Build Cost:20 wood, 10 ore, 2 cloth
Built By: Rover, Avian Rover, Forest Rover, Avian Forest Rover, Builder Bot
Required Tech: Human Base OR Avian Base, 5 mil atmosphere

-Rope Bridge Anchor(1x1):Built on land and cliff faces. Just a decorative road to go along with the rope bridge.
Build Cost:20 wood, 10 ore, 2 cloth
Built By: Rover, Avian Rover, Forest Rover, Avian Forest Rover, Builder Bot
Required Tech: Human Base OR Avian Base, 5 mil atmosphere

The third part of my ideas is yet another new planet type: Gas Giant. The Progression would be based around floating helium balloons due to how easy it is to float in a planet with a very dense atmosphere.
Planet Details:
Buildable Rovers at Start(UE,LIS):
-Balloon Rover
Starting Rovers(UE,LIS):
-Balloon Rover
Custom Lander(UE,LIS):
-Balloon Lander
Non-Buildable Buildings: none
Starting Atmosphere:500 billion
Resources Contained(numbers are for medium world):
Regolith deposits(around 5)
Gas Deposit(contains infinite xenon, covers most of the world. Generates like water in water world but even more frequent.)

New Vehicles:
-Ballon Rover: Works similar to a lunar rover but can fly over buildings.
Cost: ore: 100 helium:20 wheel: 6
Tech Required: Geyser World Base, Human Base.
Can Build:Tiny helium-3 condenser, helium-3 condenser, helium compactor, regolith compactor, storage tank, suspended storage tank, regolith crusher.

-Ballon Builder Bot: Works like a normal builder bot but can fly over buildings
Cost: ore:100 wheel:6 helium:50
Tech Required: Geyser World Base, Human Base

-Small Builder Zeppelin: Works like a normal advanced builder bot but can fly on gas deposits.
Cost: ore:1000 wheel:6
Tech Required: Geyser World Base, Human Base, advanced small scale construction

-Balloon Lander Airborne: Airborne version of balloon lander. Can land on gas deposits or normal land.

New Resources (items):
-Xenon Gas: Think Helium-3 but its Xenon

New Buildings:
-Balloon Lander(1x1): Can be built on Gas Deposits or on normal land.
Power Produced:2
Housing: 2 colonists
Can Build: Balloon Rover.

-Tiny Helium-3 Condenser:(1x1):
Power Used:1
Build cost: Regolith 20
Resource Production: Turns atmosphere to helium-3 at a quarter of the rate of a helium-3 extractor.

-Helium-3 Condenser:(1x1):
Power Used:1
Build cost: ore 20
Resource Production: Turns atmosphere to helium-3 at the rate of a helium-3 extractor.

-Helium Compactor:(1x1):
Power Used:1
Build cost: regolith 20 helium-3 20
Resource Production: Turns helium-3 into a small amount of regolith

-Storage Tank(1x1):
Storage: Ore 1000 Regolith 2000 Helium-3 500 food 100 water 100
Build Cost: Ore 100 Helium-3 25

-Suspended Storage Tank(1x1): Built on Gas Deposits
Storage: Ore 1000 Regolith 2000 Helium-3 750 food 100 water 100
Build Cost: Ore 150 Helium-3 100

-Floating Helium-3 Condenser(1x1): Built on Gas Deposits. Looks like a water condenser but white and with a balloon on top.
Power Used:1
Resource Production: Turns atmosphere to helium-3 at the rate of a helium-3 extractor.

The fourth part of my ideas is a new race: Avians. These part people part birds have close ties with united earth, and use many similar technologies. Some of the items here are from the soaring cliffs idea listed above gas giants.

Avian Tech:
Low atmospheric zoology and rare animal zoology they can unlock the same way as humans.

New Resources (items):
-Feather: Used to make some flying vehicles.
-Bird Steel: A lightweight yet strong metal used in more advanced flying vehicles.

New Vehicles:
-Avian Rover: Works like a normal rover but can fly over buildings and terrain features, similar to the airborne lander.
Cost: ore: 5 wheel: 6 Feather: 6
Tech Required: Avian Base
Can Build: Small solar panel, small vehicle factory, small water pump, greenhouse.

-Avian Forest Rover: Works like a normal forest rover but can fly over buildings and terrain features, similar to the airborne lander.
Cost: wood: 40 wheel: 6 Feather: 6
Tech Required: Avian Base
Can Build: Fir Trees, Charcoal Hut, Wood Hut, Goat Pen, Chicken Coop, Water Well

-Avian Builder Bot: Works like a normal builder bot but can fly over buildings and terrain features, similar to the airborne lander.
Cost: ore: 15 wheel: 6 Feather: 6
Tech Required: Avian Base
Can Build: everything the builder bot can

-Avian Constructor: Builds some unique avian builds/
Cost: ore: 150 wheel: 8 gold:20 Feather: 6
Tech Required: Avian Base
Can Build: everything the builder bot can

Avian Lander Airborne: Airborne version of Avian Lander.

New Buildings:
-Avian Lander(1x1): Similar to the normal UE lander, the lander the Avians start with.
Power Produced:2
Housing: 2 colonists
Can Build: rover, forest rover, Avian rover, avian forest rover.

-Chicken Coop(2x2):
Description: "Avians like Chickens a lot, so they keep them as pets. Many think that avians evolved from chickens, although the more plausible theory is that they actually evolved from a white variant ravens."
Resource Production:Feather 10/minute
Cost: Wood:200 Ore:20
Built By: Forest Rover, Avian Forest rover
Requirements:Avian Base, 5 mil atmosphere

-Enclosed Chicken Coop(2x2): An enclosed version of the chicken coop
Resource Production:Feather 10/minute
Cost: Ore:2000, steel 250, gold 100
Built By: Builder Bot, Avian Builder Bot
Requirements:Avian Base or rare animal zoology, low atmospheric zoology

-Avian Solar Panel(1x1): A version of the normal solar panel that can be placed in the air or on land.
Power Production: 8
Cost: Ore:250, steel 10, feather 10
Built By: Buildr Bot, Avian Builder Bot
Requirements:Avian Base

-Wind Generator(1x1): A passive generator that must be built in the air.
Power Production: 12
Cost: Ore:250, steel 20,gold 10, feather 20
Built By: Avian Builder Bot
Requirements:Avian Base

Some WIP textures are below, along with a few pictures of what this would look like in-game:
Soaring Cliffs as Avian Race:

Gas Giant with United Earth:

I'm making a texture pack with the textures if anyone's interested.
Cliff Terrain:

Cliff Face:


Gas Deposit:

4y ago

Ore-Refinery makes sense. There is ore and there is steel. The Ore-Refinery converts the ore into steel.

But what are gold-refinery and aluminium-refinery doing? There is not gold ore or aliminium ore resources. or golden steel or aliuminium steel. So nothing to convert.

But what are gold-refinery and aluminium-refinery doing? I didnt understand it yet. But playing the game now only for two days or so.
5y ago
I had originally wanted to do away with units/rovers in MC2 for performance reasons (since the world is now infinite in size, and path-finding is expensive), but I think I have settled on a new strategy that will both allow units and keep the server path-finding to a minimum.

In MC2 there will be two types of units, "global" units, and "tethered" units.

A global unit will work pretty much the same way that a unit in MC1 works. The unit is assigned to a player, and a player can move it around the map as he/she pleases. The unit's pathfinding is controlled by the server, and it's state and location is synced between all connected clients. An example of a unit that will be in the global class for MC2 is the Lander, or any other future type of unit that has the ability to "unpack" into a base structure or outpost.

The other class is the tethered unit, which conceptually did not really exist in MC1 (although the transit bus was similar in some ways), but most of the types of units from MC1 will be turning into the tethered type for MC2.

To explain Tethered units, I will give the example of an ore refinery. In MC1, you would build a refinery, and then you would build Ore Miners. Ore Miners would search the map for ore and bring them back to whatever refinery was closest.

This behavior changes for MC2. Now a building will be able to support X number of "child," or "tethered" units, varying based on the individual structure, and these units will operate within a certain radius of the parent structure.

For example, suppose a hypothetical refinery supports 10 tethered units and has a unit radius of 30 tiles. When you build the refinery, it may come with one free unit, and then you can click on the refinery and build more units up to 10. Those 10 units will harvest any Ore deposit they find within the 30 tile radius. Also, the state and location for those 10 units are unique to the client. On the server side, Ore in the area is simply harvested statistically based on how many tethered units a building has, so there is no server-side path-finding required. On the client, it will look like rovers are driving around doing things, but it will be mainly for show, and they can be disabled in engine settings. The client will only need to do path-finding within the 30 tile radius.

This new system should improve unit performance significantly VS MC1, while still keeping Rovers as an integral part of the game.
3y ago
All planets should be choose-able by all nation types. Each type would present, certain bonuses or challenges to a race of course. For example, humans would enjoy the earth like planets and the sugarland planets. Populations there would be more happy and relaxed. While lava worlds would make no one happy, affecting each civilization negatively at its own rate.

Technologies specific to a world type would be auto unlocked within a grouped thing based on the planet a civilization is on. E.G. Humans would be able to adapt to all planets, especially the league. Using geothermal generators on lava worlds while having sugar factories on sugar worlds, using wood on earth like planets.

Exporting planet specific resources to another world that doesn't have those resources should allow certain structures as well. Such as taking wood from an Earth Like, and sending it to an Ice World, would allow wood structures once the atmosphere reaches a specific point.

Earth Like: Beginner
10% improved approval ratings across all species.
100% solar panel efficiency.
Default Ore: Ore

Red Planet: Easy
15% improved approval ratings for Draconians.
80% solar panel efficiency.
Default Ore: Ore

Lunar: Medium
5% improved approval ratings for: Humans
75% solar panel efficiency.
Default Ore: Regolith
Max of low atmosphere. (no ability to go helmetless)

Forest World: Hard
15% improved approval ratings for: Humans
100% solar panel efficiency
Default Ore: Ore

Asteroid: Hard
No improvement on approval ratings.
50% solar panel efficiency.
Default Ore: Regolith
No night time.
No atmosphere.

Abandoned World: Hard
10% improved approval ratings for: Zolarg
5% imprved approval ratings for: Humans, Draconians
75% solar panel efficiency
Default Ore: Ore
Repairs costs doubled.

Ice World: Brutal
5% reduced approval ratings for: Humans.
15% reduced approval ratings for: Zolarg
5% solar panel efficiency
Default Ore: Regolith/Crystal/Ice
Repair costs doubled.
Immigration speed 75% reduced.
Rare Resource: Crystal
Always Night

Sugarland: Medium
15% improved approval ratings for: Zolarg
5% reduced approval ratings for: Humans (too many ants!)
80% solar panel efficiency
Default Ore: Ore

Lava World: Death
20% reduced approval ratings for all species
125% solar panel efficiency (closer to star)
Default Ore: Regolith
Repair costs tripled.
Immigration speed 90% reduced.
Rare Resource: Obsidian
Special Tech: Geothermal Power
Tech Removal: No water obtaining (trade only)

Desert World: Medium
15% improved approval ratings for: Draconian
10% reduced approval ratings for: Humans, Zolarg
105% solar panel efficiency (clearer atmo and closer to star)
Default Ore: Regolith
Tech Hindered: Water obtaining is reduced in efficiency by 80%

Now when I say modify approval ratings, these ratings start out higher or lower by that much, and every action that changes approval ratings is amplified by that amount.

Solar power will be different based on distance to the star, if you're on one planet with bad solar efficiency, obviously it would be better to build something else instead.

On hot planets, its either harder to get water, or impossible. Requiring trade to get it. If lava world, colony would start out with additional water supplies to get them through the research that would get them the ability to trade and import water. Or rather, a colony would only start on this planet, if they have another colony that promised to send them aid.

Planets that default to Regolith, will need to process Regolith into Ore based on that species regolith to ore conversion ratio (mentioned in another topic of mine).

Planets with rare resources are hard, but have a valuable resource that can be exported or used for special features.

Certain choices, are just too small, with gravity making it impossible to sustain an atmosphere. One possible fix, is to add end game research on these planets that allows an expensive dome to be built around the planet through a single structure called a Dome Controller that takes far longer than anything else in the game to build and would allow an atmosphere within these environments.
6y ago
Today I am releasing v0.37.0 of My Colony 2, and from a technical perspective, this is the largest release since the game first came out in late 2020. My Colony 2 has now been moved off of the antiquated Web App Core framework that I first developed back in 2012, and is now being hosted at it's own domain at There are some important implications associated with this change, so let's get into it!

The most obvious change is that the game is now hosted at a new URL. Since the majority of My Colony 2 players access the game through the web client, everyone is going to need to update their bookmarks to the new location. If you have the game installed to your device as a Progressive Web App, you need to know that the PWA will not automatically change to the new URL, so you need to first uninstall the old PWA and then install the new one. I realize that it is a bit of a pain, but the change will be worth it in the long run.

The biggest impact this will have is related to save data. Users who sync their save file to the Cloud or who have exported their save data to the filesystem (which I highly recommend) will not be impacted at all, but if your save game is stored in the internal app cache (the riskiest solution with a browser-based game), data will not carry over to the new domain. I hope that most players took heed of this change when I announced it about a month ago! If it ends up being an issue, I might be able to cook up some sort of migration solution, but I think most players will be fine. I think (hope) that the mobile versions of the game are not impacted by this.

Beyond what was stated above, the migration off of the Web App Core framework resulted in considerable changes to the game engine "under the hood." The Web App Core functions touched almost everything, so in many ways this update constitutes a serious rewrite of major portions of the game. Because of this, I would sort of expect there to be some issues here and there. Surprisingly, I have not run into many of them during testing, so maybe things went more smoothly then I had planned, but please be on the lookout for things I may have missed, and please post about what issues you find here in the forums.

Since so much of the code was being changed in this release, I did take the time to work on a few issues that had been plaguing the engine for a while now. First of all, the issue with faded/muted colors I think is pretty well fixed. There may be a few models left that still have color balancing issues, and if you notice any of them please post a list in the forum here so I can get them re-color balanced for the next update.

There had been an issue where Spice deposits were not spreading properly on the Spice World, and this has now been corrected.

Additionally, there was an issue where players who were connected to a remote dedicated server were unable to access the Galactic Board of Trade or other MC2 Online features. This should now be fixed as well.

Game loading and startup should be a lot faster now than it used to be, especially after the first load. I decided to stop compressing the main game data bundle, and even though this added 4mb to the initial game data download, I figured it was not a big deal, since after the first load, the browser stores the bundle data anyway. This means that the data no longer needs to be decompressed when the game is starting up, which on some devices (especially mobile) this could take quite a long time. The start up time improvement can actually be pretty significant, especially if the app is installed to the system as a PWA. I have noticed start up times on the new release of just a few seconds.

Big improvements have been made to flying units. They were sort of borked before - drones randomly disappearing or flying up into the stratosphere, landers not moving, etc. They should just work now.

Don't you hate it when you join a world, then you scroll around the map trying to find a good landing spot, only to never be able to find your lander again? Fear not, if you have not yet deployed your lander, it will not be automatically placed in the Bookmarks tab, so you can always go and find where your lander is sitting.

A major rebalancing has been done in this release, thanks in large part to a document put together by @SPARKY0303 (which you can find here). There were a ton of changes implemented from this, so here is just a rough readout of everything I did:
  • Increased firing range and reduced money cost of the Brick Wall Turret
  • Increased the gift capacity of the Galactic Board of Trade to 25k
  • Fixed the borked stats on the Museum
  • Increased the ore cost and output of the Medium Software Studio
  • Increased the uranium cost and the artifact storage of the Giorgio Institute
  • Increase the build cost and money/civics output of the Investment Bank
  • Increased the output and worker requirement of the Bank
  • Increased the cost and research output for the Center for Artificial Learning
  • Increased the build and input cost of the Robotics Factory while also increasing the robot output
  • Increased the cost and doubled the production rate of the Plastic Factory
  • Increased the cost and production output of the Advanced Microchip Factory
  • Increased the cost and production rate of the Advanced Plastic Factory
  • Increased the build cost and production output of the Synthetic Wood Lab
  • Increased the worker requirement of the Synthetic Oil Lab while doubling production input and tripling output
  • Increased the rum cost and consumption for the Galactic Stock Exchange while also increasing the money output
  • Increased the food cost and money output of the Canteen
  • Increased the cost and attack power of the Pillbox while decreasing the attack range
  • Added worker requirement and increased salt water consumption for Fish R Us
  • Increased the worker requirement and food output of the Hydroponic Farm
  • Increased cost and production output of the Vertical Warehouse Farm
  • Increased cost and software cosumption of the Research Facility while increasing research output
  • Decreased Rum consumption and increased Money output for The Rum
  • Increased money output for the Trading Depot
  • Decreased build cost and aluminum output of the Advanced Drilling Platform
  • Increased the cost and artifact output of the Ultra Deep Drilling Facility while decreasing the aluminum production
  • Increased the cost, money output and rum consumption of the Galactic Trade Authority Office while decreasing the worker requirement
  • The Spice Den can no longer be built on Spice Worlds
  • Increased the worker requirement and production rates of the Aluminum Generator
There may be more rebalancing work to do in the future, so let me know what your thoughts are on the changes.

Some other things have been changed as well. The Blue Dorms have been renamed to the Painted Dorms, which you can now specify your own color for. The Ancient Alien Ore Refinery has been re-skinned with a new model provided by @SPARKY0303 .

Also fulfilling a big request from MC1 players, there are now Building Counts available on the construction sidebar.

I have also added a new option to the Performance Tweaks section of the Engine Settings menu, allowing users to customize the number of chunks that the game renders around the camera.

We also have two new models in this update from @spamdude , including the new Fish Bin Complex (for storing lots of fish), and the giant new Large Brickworks, for bumping out lots of bricks!

Next up, as hinted to in the previous update's release notes, Diamonds have been added to this update, along with the Diamond Miner and the Diamond Solar Tower.

Diamonds are a Lunar World exclusive, and can only be discovered through digging. Once you uncover a diamond deposit, the Diamond Mining tech is automatically unlocked, allowing you to construct the Diamond Miner. Diamond utility will be expanded in the coming updates. At some point once every world has it's own unique resource, there will be some late game super structure that requires a ton of the unique resources from all of the different worlds.

Ok so last but not least, probably the biggest and most common request I get for the game via the in-game feedback is to bring back the Ore Mine from MC1. I never considered the Ore Mine to be necessary, since the world sizes are infinite and you can always just go and find more Ore, and later on you can just generate Ore on all worlds. That said, people have always wanted it, so today I am introducing MC2's version of the Ore Mine, which is the new Ore Drill.

The Ore Drill works sort of like the Spice Vane that occurs naturally on the Spice World. You build it, and then every once and a while it will plop out a small Ore Deposit. Once you build your settlement up to the point where you can make your own ore, you can simply bulldoze the drill. I think this is a reasonable solution for early game Ore, and I might make a Gold version of it in the next update as well. The Ore Drill is only available on maps that have surface ore.

So that is v0.37.0 in a nutshell. The update is available right now on the Web at it's new location ( and will probably hit the various mobile platforms throughout the weekend or early next week. Please let me know your thoughts on the changes (good or bad), spread the word that the URL for MC2 has changed, and stay tuned for more MC2 goodness to come in the months ahead!

11mo ago
Ooh, this sounds promising @basteklein. How deep into crafting are you hoping to go? Will you be adding ways to automate some things? Will there be a leveling and class system? If this game becomes popular, do you think you would go as far as giving us the ability to travel to other planets/dimensions?

Speaking of infinite lower levels, you could also have infinite higher levels as well . Would be cool if the first floor of a building can be a part of the world map so you can pass right through the first floor of a building without having to go to another map, while upper and lower levels would have to be in separate maps. Instead of adding a map for every single staircase that a map has, just have each staircase or hole lead to the same level. for example, If you are building multiple two story houses on one map and you climb up to the second floor of one house, you should be able to see the second floor of the other houses, since they are all in the same level. This keeps all of the levels going up uniformely, creating a "column" of maps that exist one on top of the other and with the same amount of space.

I also like the fact that you can move into a new room when you get to the edge of a room, that could make different biome generation easy because you just need to designate the biome for each room and generate different things based on each biome. We could also do with a chunk map that shows all of the rooms/chunks that we've been in and the biome types of each. The map should focus the room that the player is in at the center so that you always know what's around you, but sooner or later we will want to be able to zoom out further and pan around the map, especially if we've done a lot of exploring. If you are planning to add at least a minimal amount of automation, I recommend being able to keep a number of rooms loaded(but not visible) in a radius around you so you have room to move while your automations do their thing, or what if only the column that you are in was loaded, so that automations above and below you can operate.

What are the texture specs so we can contribute to decorations? Would be neat to work on floor and wall types, resource images, plants, and other terrain types. I especially want to work on resources, I have many ideas for them.

I have an idea for a resource chain that you might like below. The chain leads you through the main crafting materials of the game, and some of the main buildings and furnature that could be added.

flooring: plank floor
flooring: cobble floor
wall: plank wall
wall: log wall
wall: cobble wall
furniture: wooden chair - should be able to sit in the chair, food grants bonus hunger points when eaten whilst sitting in a chair and health regeneration should slightly increase while sitting. Food should grant even more bonus hunger points if you sit in a chair that's facing a table while eating it.
furniture: wooden table
furniture: torch - crafted from sticks and coal. obviously spreads light in the darkness. that's if you are planning on adding light.

overworld structure - gravel pile - mined to obtain gravel, and sometimes flint
cave block: gravel - mined to obtain gravel, and drops flint more often.
item: gravel - used mainly for pathing
flooring: gravel path
item: - flint - used in many crafting recipes

furniture: furnace - basic cooking and smelting - requires stone and flint

cave block: coal ore - mined to obtain coal
item: coal: 1 coal can smelt 4(?) items. can be obtained by smelting wood in a furnace or mining coal ore in caves

cave block: copper ore - can be mined to obtain copper ore
item: copper ore - smelt in a furnace to obtain copper
item: copper - used in many crafting recipes.

cave block: iron ore - can be mined to obtain iron ore
item: iron ore - smelt in a furnace to obtain iron
item: iron- used in many crafting recipes.

cave block: gold ore - can be mined to obtain gold ore
item: gold ore - smelt in a furnace to obtain gold
item: gold- used in many crafting recipes .
item: gold coin - the main game currency, one gold ingot crafts into multiple coins.

furniture: forge - tier 2 smelting, only accepts coke for fuel - requires 1 furnace, lots of iron
item: coke - 1 coal refines into 1 coak in a furnace, used for forging steel from iron and iron ore, and 1 coke item smelts 1 item in the forge, this is to make steel a bit harder to obtain at first.
item: steel - used in many crafting recipes

furniture: alloy forge: a more efficient smelter with 2 inputs and 2 output slots. made with a forge and lots of steel. 1 coke smelts 2 items. If the right combination of 2 items are inserted and smelted, a new material is created, but if two items that won't mix are inserted, the alloy forge will act like a double furnace, smelting both items at once into their normal products.

item: antanium - a mixture of steel and gold, a very durable material. used in many crafting recipes

That's as far as I've gotten Obviously, each metal should have it's own set of tools and armor built from it, and each tier of tools are faster and more durable that the others. You can mix this up and complicate the process as much as you want, I was just trying to provide a skeleton plan for you to build off of in case you didn't have one yet.

Anyway, hope you like at least some of these ideas, let us know about the texture specs.
4y ago
Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Today, I am presenting to the community the most efficient way to play on the Spice World, which I came up almost a year ago. I will now be presenting this strategy. This will give you important tips and tricks on how to play the spice world! I hope you like the strategy and you find it useful for later plays!
==The Strategy==
  1. Generate 4 Spare Parts from your lander. You have nothing else to construct (for now) but the Spare Parts Bin. Get that built and you may build other buildings! Do not sell your lander, as it is the only way to store your ore provided by Basic Drills.
  2. Build a Spicebot or 2. This will allow you to harvest spice and make use of it.
  3. Build a Wind Trap. Basic Drills require power (of course), so build one after you have already build the Wind Trap. Save your ore for later and do not overspend it, especially on Small Light Posts.
  4. Food is important for an colony to survive, you know that! Once you have got at least 1 Wind Trap and the needed resources, you will need to construct a Greenhouse in order to maintain colonial survival.
  5. Your Spicebots, if not careful, will overharvest Spice, Of course, you want to maintain an larger storage space. Once you have enough resources, you may commence construction on the Spice Silo. That way, you can harvest more spice.
  6. If you have gotten enough ore to construct the Construction Yard, it is imperative that you construct it, it will speed up your spare parts production significantly. If you do not have enough power, construct a Wind Trap.
  7. Build an Supplies Field. This will get you enough resources to start making your colony huge! It will provide you a variety of resources (especially ore)! It is thus very beneficial for later use.
  8. Since there are no ore deposits on this type of world, ore can only be produced artificially. Once you obtain an Builder Bot, construct an Ore Refinery, but save some of your ore. Fortunately, the Ore Refinery does not consume too much ore from 2+ drills.

    That is it for now! If you have any suggestions, questions or feedback, leave a comment, please answer the poll above, and have fun playing MC2!
The time has come for yet another My Colony update, the v0.99.0 patch, aka the Reptilian Content patch! This is a very special release, as it is the very last beta version of My Colony! It's going to be sad to see beta go, but there is a lot in store for you guys with this update. Because of some of the core changes, this update is going to take several days to push out to all platforms, with Web coming today. I actually can't even push it out to the Ape Apps Launcher yet, as the Launcher will require an update itself before this patch should go live, so please stick with me as the v0.99.0 roll-out will be a bit slower than most releases. So what's new in this patch? Let's go over it right now!

This is at it's core a Reptilian update, but there is a ton of other stuff thrown in as well. First off, and the reason for the delayed rollout, is I have taken the game-streaming option out of the core My Colony code, and transferred it to the "Web App Core" wrapper, which is the in-house wrapper I created to be able to port my games to all platforms easily. This changes the behavior by streaming your gameplay straight to your profile on the Ape Apps website, instead of to I will be updating shortly though that will embed the stream in the same place it used to be, so for the most part it should still look the same.

I made this change for long-term planning, so that I can add streaming capabilities to my other games. The stream viewer on is improved from what was available on the My Colony website. It now shows how many people are watching and lets you record the stream. It has other capabilities as well that aren't worth mentioning here, but will be implemented in other games in the future. To access your livestream page, go to your profile here on Ape Apps and click on the little video camera button on the left sidebar.

To go along with this change, the in-game streaming interface has been updated, with a new livestream control bar now appearing when you have streaming turned on.

This bar shows you how many people are watching the stream, and lets you turn either microphone or webcam on or off (previously, webcam wasn't even supported). Streaming is currently supported on Chrome, the new version of Edge, on the Desktop version, the Ape Apps Launcher, and on Android. I can't get it working right yet on iOS or Windows Store.

Moving on. Last update was the big Zolarg release, but I had accidentally forgot to make the dazzling hot-pink Etherbug buildable. This is now fixed, and you can now create the Etherbug on your Zolarg maps. Sorry about that!

A lot of people had complained about the massive gold cost on the Zolarg Unholy Pit and Unholy Tower of Stuff. I have reduced theses costs in this update to make them more reasonable. In addition, these two structures have gained storage capabilities for Charcoal, Oil, and Software.

In addition, the Zolarg Customs Processing building can now import and export Diamonds and Software.

I have made a small change to the in-game encyclopedia. Before, under each category (buildings, vehicles, etc) it said Everything you need to know... Now, it shows the number of items that are in each category (number of buildings, vehicles, etc).

I have loosened the building requirements for the Reptilian Brewmasters Den, as it was too difficult to build at the beginning, and is an essential building. I removed Helium-3 and Crystalline from the build requirements. In addition, the building now uses Ant Paste during production, instead of Helium 3.

The Powered Materials Silo has gained Software Storage, and also now acts as a drop-off point for Diamond harvesting.

I don't know if anybody had noticed, but I had inadvertently allowed Ether importing from the Reptilian Medium Range Star Gate. This has been removed. In exchange, this structure can now export Fish and Salt Water.

Speaking of Fish and Salt Water, they have both been added to the Galactic Board of Trade, and will eventually be used in other non-Water World processes. They are the two map-specific resources for the Water World.

While we are on the subject of resources, a brand new one was added to the game this update, Cobalt. Cobalt is a super-rare, because 1) it's only available on the dreaded Lava World, and 2) it only appears after a volcanic eruption.

Why Cobalt? Well, originally Obsidian was going to be the map-exclusive resource for Lava World, but I forgot and ended up adding it to everything, so that wasn't going to work. So now we have Cobalt. It's all good. Anyway, right now only the Reptilians can harvest it, but other civs will be able to after v1.0. It will be coming to the GBT on the next update as well, and will be used for new super-high-end structures on all civs. Being tied to the Lava World, I suspect it will command a pretty good price on the GBT once trading opens up.

Moving on. Since probably v0.1.0 of My Colony way back in 2016, people have been requesting to be able to move buildings once built. I haven't counted, but it's probably the top request in the game, or a close second to Mass Transit. I understand why it's been wanted. Most My Colony players are on Android, and most mobile builder games allow you to move structures. Of course, most mobile builder games are also IAP filled "diamond" (or gems or special coins) festivals that nickel and dime players by making buildings take 5 days to build unless you pay real money. My Colony isn't like that, and I never thought a move building option was realistic enough for the game, but nonetheless people still request it all the time, so for this update, I have now added an option to move buildings, with caveats.

You can now move any structure in the game, unless it is a harvest drop-off location or has it's own move function, like the Lander, Queen/Mound, or the deployed Construction Mech.

I do want to give people the option to configure and organize their base as they see fit, and I understand that as a colony grows from a small settlement to a major city, you might want to rethink the way you placed buildings at the beginning, so that is why I am allowing the move option. The reason I do not allow it on harvest drop-off spots though, should be obvious. I'm not going to let players just, for example, keep moving their Ore Refinery right next to the Ore every time a deposit is dried up. That would be lame.

Next, I have made an interface change to the mobile version of the game. Now when you are building a structure on mobile, you get the same (well, a minified) "new construction" bar that desktop players have.

This makes it easy to see what you are building will cost, and to flip structures before placing them.

So now let's talk about the meat of the update, the new Reptilian content. There are two new vehicles, the Diamond Extractor and the Cobalt Extractor (I think you can figure out what each does), and 19 new buildings, which I will list below and then talk about some of them in detail afterwards.
  • Galactic Star Gate
  • Radiated Crystal Farm
  • Advanced Materials Silo
  • Subterranean Slum
  • Raw Fish Diner
  • Deep Sea Drilling Platform
  • Coral Radiator
  • Offshore Slum
  • Dracarus Mint
  • Turbo Microreactor
  • Diamond Cobalt Microreactor
  • Basic Crystal Furnace
  • Suppertime Arena
  • Primitive Robotics Lab
  • Advanced Chip Transporter
  • Automated Software Node
  • Antanium Radiator
  • Ultra High Frequency Node
  • Near-Infinite Materials Silo
My core of thinking with this update was to make the Reptilians more playable, or rather enjoyable to play, and reduce the sheer idling time required to play a Reptilian colony. Starting with Reptilians was so slow before, that a new colony would have to idle for hours just to get anywhere, which isn't really feasible on mobile. So a lot of this content is geared towards early to early-mid game, but there are a few later-stage items as well. Structures like the Basic Crystal Furnace, the Coral Radiator, and the Dracarus Mint should help speed along early-game a bit.

Reptilians also get a couple of new housing units, both slums (of course). The Subterranean Slum is a high-density building for all maps, and the Offshore Slum is a way to gain more space on the traditionally space-limited Water World islands.

I added a couple of new Tourism related structures for Reptilians, in the form of the new Raw Fish Diner and the Audrey II inspired Suppertime Arena, where Reptilians and tourists alike can watch an evil plant eat Insectoids.

There are new much-needed upgrades to Reptilian Storage, Power generation, increased import/export capacity, Microchip production, Software production, and Bandwidth generation. Reptilians also gain the ability to build robots with the new Primitive Robotics Lab, and the ability to build Triantanium with the Antanium Radiator.

All in all, this is a fairly large update that adds some nice QOL improvements to the game, and adds much needed content and improvements to the Reptilian race (a bit for Zolarg too).

Now, to talk a bit about the future. If you missed it, I published a new episode of the My Colony Podcast last night about the coming end of beta for My Colony. v0.99.0 is in fact the 99th feature release of My Colony (which was originally published on May 16, 2016), which will make the next update the 100th feature update of My Colony, in which it will finally be bumped up to v1.0.0.

Now to me it's just a number, but since 100 of anything is generally seen as special, I think something special should happen for the next update to the game. To help kick off the v1.0.0 release, I would like to do another classic episode of the My Colony Podcast with a community group voice chat, the way the old episodes were done a couple of years ago. I would like to host the episode on one of the federation Discord channels, possibly the NOZ channel if they will allow it, and have anybody and everybody from the community be able to participate if they want to. We will just be talking about the growth and changes of the game over the last few years and bumping suggestions and ideas off of each other for the coming updates. You can also ask me anything you want about My Colony or otherwise. I think it will be a fun episode for everybody, and I hope a lot of people participate. I just need to nail down a location, time, date, and re-figure out how to record the thing. So be looking out for more information about that.

As for the update itself, I plan on adding something of an online leader-board to the game, featuring multiple in-game challenges and awards that people can participate in if they choose to. It will be optional, so you can still play as normal without doing the leader-boards, but the purpose is to have something to do in the game after you have a million people in your colony and all buildings unlocked, but it's also going to be set up in a tiered way so that new players can also participate. I still have some things to work out with it, and so you have some time to make suggestions in the forum if you want your ideas implemented!

As for a timeframe, the next release is going to take longer than normal. I go over the reasons in the latest podcast, but basically we have Thanksgiving in the U.S. coming up soon with holiday travels, and I also need to take some time away from My Colony to get work done on my other projects before the holiday season, since December is the biggest month of the year for the app business, and with my schedule I am going to be pressed for time to get much work done later in this month. So I would shoot for early-mid December for the v1.0.0 release, although there might be a couple of platform-specific bug patches between now and then, should the need arise.

Further out, v1.1.0 and v1.2.0 will probably be performance tweak related updates, since I am getting a lot of requests for those, particularly on the Android side of things, so I will have to try to see if I can squeeze more juice out of the engine. So they will still have new content, but not like 10-20+ new items like the last few updates have had. After that, I want to add crime and law enforcement to the game, and even further out, I want to add the ability to have a map with an AI controlled faction, as I want to add a new map type that is inhabited with primitive ewok-type creatures that you have to either coexist with or... something else. So stay tuned for that...

Anyway, that's all for v0.99.0. I hope you guys enjoyed it, let me know if you did (or didn't)! Like I said at the beginning, the roll-out will take several days here, but it's live and final on the Web now. Launcher will probably be next, then Steam, then Android, then Windows, and lastly iOS. I expect to have it published to all stores by Wednesday, so stay tuned!
4y ago
Here is a list of quirks I noticed

1) Build and harvest
Rover moves to and fro instead of next nearest build order. Example 2 rows of trees A-X, rover sits on R road.


Rover will IJK then swing around to build ABC then move back to continue to build LMN etc. Rover should build along the road as it is the nearest I-P and alternate Q-X and only swing to H-A when at the end. This seems like an inefficient way to build things. Seems rover is following the build place order instead of nearest available build when we mass build by placing I-P, A-H then Q-X.

Harvest problem seem to select inaccessable resource as shown in the pic below. As a result vehicle seem to stall and not move. This could be related to most of reported problem vehicle is not responding. This is the only sample that can prove the problem in the algorithm as others dont show the vehicle path.

Also, rovers will not return to its parking spot if it is on harvest duty and there is still one mine available but inaccessible. Example, you build regolith mine and after finishing harvesting, it will stay stuck on the last mine position and show harvesting while there is a mine out there surrounded by trees. There should be detection if it cannot complete the task it goes back to its parking position.

2) Rover build detection problem
Rover sits on or move into a build square and wont move to avoid building being build and getting stuck.

On large or extra large map, rover seems to have a limit to detection. If rover is on west end, it wont respond to build orders on east end. You either have to manually move it or put down some build orders within its detection range for it to start building before moving to the east end. Common problem if you build crystals on extreme edge of map and then set it to another end of the map.

3) Population resources data mismatch with statistics
I noticed resources data is instantaneous and statistics has a lag time to show accurate details. Population resource can show 0 unemployment but if you check after a few mins it can show 50 unemployed. Putting down more building that requires workers sometimes bring this number down sometimes it doesnt maybe due to range of available workers.

4) Unemployed workers
In the housing you can have unemployed workers but the stat shows it is working somewhere else. Is the system capturing these people as tax paying, employed workers? Hopefully this is just a graphical error. This is evident is large housing like subterranean

5) Where is blue large residential complex?

6) Tourism
On certain maps, tourist seem to come easily with a few space port, some you can have lots of space port and tourist numbers dont move. What are the factors that influence this numbers apart from the number of space port you have.

7) Upgrading and program installation
Why does the program need to access system files? This is the only game I have that flags off my antivirus about system files changes. Is this necessary? Noticed the game will launch 2-3 system processes apart from the main game process.

8) Upgrading building not worth it
Currently upgrading any building do not give you back the sell values. For eg upgrading a tall brickhouse to quantum I am supposed to get back 2000 bricks back but it doesnt. As a result, lots of micromanaging to sell and then rebuilt.

9) Deactivated building
They are showing 0 workers but system seem to be locking the original population from filling jobs elsewhere. I usually plan my population to my jobs numbers. I realise I need to sell these deactivated building for the game to normalise my job numbers meaning if the buildings are still there, my jobs will not be completely filled. It might be the discrepancy is cause by retired workers

10) Undocumented changes
Noticed that 0.48 introduced a 250 civic for zolarg mining building. I started on v0.46 and noticed the changes when I started another zolarg colony on 0.48. Also noticed that there are unexplained food crashes when the game is idled when prod is way much more than consumption. Seems like there is some anti idling measures in place? Something capturing clicks per hour? v0.49 allows multiple command posts to be build but it does not increase civics. Is this intentional? Not to sure abt higher command as gained independence late

11) Stalled workers/rovers
If we manually move workers to build something, workers/rovers will move to the build site and clicking else where will cause the workers to move to the clicked location before returning to the build site. Only way to prevent this is to click on any building and use dismiss (esc) to end move command.

12) Selling items in Space Elevator, Mass Elevator etc
If you click on selling food quickly before the menu has time to refresh somehow you end up selecting all vehicles and need to exit multiple menus opened as a result

13) Building multiple consulates
Atm if you have lvl 5 consulate, lvl-1-4 shows up as a buildable building. You can chain build lvl 4 consulates and then upgrade them to 5 to give civics a boost. Same for the other lvls. Dont think this is an intended feature
6y ago
A more developed idea,

Car Plant (Building)
+100 Workers
+Generates 100 atmosphere per 1000 ticks
+Uses 5K energy
-50K ore
-50K steel
-25K microchips
-10K robots
Standard Car (Vehicle)
+Built by Car Plant
-1K steel
-100 microchips
-100 robots
Family Car/SUV (Vehicle)
+Built by Car Plant
-2K steel
-500 microchips
-500 robots
Gas Refinery (Building: Resources)
+Turns 100 oil into 10 gas per 100 ticks
+Generates 1K atmosphere per 100 ticks
+Uses 20K energy
-75K ore
-75K steel
-50K oil
-50K microchips
-10K aluminum
-10K uranium
Gas Station (Building: Entertainment)
+Turns 200 gas into 1K money per 1K ticks
+Generates happiness
+Uses 1K energy
-10K ore
-10K steel
-5K oil
-1K gas
-1K microchips
Gas Refinement (Technology)
+Allows the building of Gas Refinery and Gas Station
-100K research
Colonist Vehicles (Technology)
+Allows the building of Vehicle Plant
+Allows the building of all Colonist Vehicles
-100K research
-Needs Gas Refinement technology
Gas (Resource)
+Needs Gas Refinement technology
+Produced by Gas Refinery
Public Garage (Building: Storage)
+Stores 50 Cars
-50K ore
-20K steel
City Garage (Building: Storage) (Stage 2 Building: Upgraded from Public Garage)
+Stores 100 Cars
-100K ore
-50K steel
Mega Garage (Building: Storage) (Stage 3 Building: Upgraded from City Garage)
+Stores 1K Cars
-200K ore
-100K steel
-50K aluminum
-20K uranium
-2K alien artifacts
Please tell me what you think, either by PM or just on the thread. I hope you like it!
When a ship is adrift, it means they have run out of fuel. Right now the AI ships are kind of stupid and do not manage their fuel the best. At some point they will be turning on a distress call which will make the fuel tanker ships move towards their position.

Here are the current factories in the game and what their stats are. This is in raw game data format, but you should be able to tell what is what.

factories: [
name: "Ore Refinery",
icon: "refinery.png",
cost: [
resource: "Ore",
quantity: 20
resource: "Steel",
quantity: 20
resource: "Microchip",
quantity: 20
production: {
output: "Steel",
outputQuantity: 1,
inputs: [
resource: "Ore",
quantity: 2
productionTime: 25
name: "Microchip Factory",
icon: "chipfactory.png",
cost: [
resource: "Ore",
quantity: 20
resource: "Gold",
quantity: 20
resource: "Steel",
quantity: 25
resource: "Microchip",
quantity: 25
production: {
output: "Microchip",
outputQuantity: 1,
inputs: [
resource: "Gold",
quantity: 2
resource: "Steel",
quantity: 1
productionTime: 35
name: "Rum Distillery",
icon: "distillery.png",
cost: [
resource: "Ore",
quantity: 10
resource: "Steel",
quantity: 5
resource: "Microchip",
quantity: 5
production: {
output: "Rum",
outputQuantity: 1,
inputs: [
resource: "Water",
quantity: 1
resource: "Food",
quantity: 1
productionTime: 15
name: "Starship Parts Factory",
icon: "partsfactory.png",
cost: [
resource: "Ore",
quantity: 20
resource: "Gold",
quantity: 20
resource: "Steel",
quantity: 25
resource: "Microchip",
quantity: 25
production: {
output: "Starship Parts",
outputQuantity: 1,
inputs: [
resource: "Gold",
quantity: 1
resource: "Steel",
quantity: 2
resource: "Microchip",
quantity: 1
productionTime: 35
5y ago
Prepare for a wall of text, throwing this to see what sticks, what doesn't.
As usual, the cost, speed, and other stats of suggested things can be and are up to the developer.

Bold names are whole Ideas, with underlined Names being each part of that idea if it has more than one.

More Reptilian Probes
The Reptilians, I feel, should eventually just move from slave labor to a mechanized workforce.
As a result, I'd like to suggest more types of Probes.

Ore Probe
Alt Name(s): Ore Mining Probe
Description: Those pesky Eruption Ores are no longer out of reach!

Purpose: To mine Ore deposits, main point of this though is that the Probe can move over obsidian and lava to get at ore deposits in the direct middle of lava planet eruptions.

Obsidian Probe
Alt Names(s): Obsidian Cutting Probe (Name is as such due to how Obsidian is irl "mined" and it's with cutting/scalpel and piercing tools).
Description: Clear lava fields of Obsidian with ease!

Purpose: To mine Obsidian deposits, like the Ore Probe, it's mainly more for going where bugs cannot.

Diabolic Probe
Alt Names(s): Crystalline Probe, Crystal Cutting Probe (I imagine Crystalline to be glass-like, only a bit tougher, but still capable of fracturing into shards and pointy edges.)
Description: Your bugs are doing a passable job. now do an amazing job of mining Crystalline.

Purpose: Again, mainly suggested for the hovering, but also this Probe will have a far higher carry capacity, to help accommodate for the fact that crystalline on lava planets eventually just gets out of control, or to help fill your storage even faster, depending on whatever PoV fits the reptilians best.

Aluminum Probe
Description: Harvest Aluminum in places Bugs can't go!

Purpose: Hovers, lets you harvest Aluminum after eruptions.

Gold Probe
Description: Collect that shiny, shiny gold in places too hazardous for Bugs.

Purpose: Hovers, can Harvest gold in lava fields.

Have a Probe for just basically every deposit a reptilian could ever need one for. I alos mention hovering, because it what Probes look like they do, even if they're probly more just flying. Probes can't do insectoid operations, however.

Faster Probes
Probes, IMO are too slow. I feel it should have the advantage of Pavement speed boosts, only all the time, since they fly. I'd like their main purpose to be an almost total replacement of your workforce for more efficient and better units. But in this process, they'd lose all bonuses for paths, save for...

Gravity-Controlled Lanes
I'd also like a special type of path that only works with probes and other Hover/Flying units, but doubles their speed, or something close to it, and infact works as an obstacle for anything that can't fly or hover, by reducing speed by just as much, with a max decrease in speed resulting in a total of 0.2 units of speed. but that's more just for consideration than a real wishlist item.
For visuals, it'd look like a purple tile with a blue glow coming off it. For stats, I figure it'd take like 50 power a piece, and would give off alot of light too. Or not.

Purpose: Literally just a 2x2 version of the Microcondenser, only far more powerful for water production, for those colonies that might one day just be building microcondensers like they're nothing.

Gold/Aluminum Grow Bed
Description: With the power of overpowered Science, placing ore, water, crystalline, and gold, somehow creates... more gold, but also aluminum!
Purpose: A combo of a gold Grower and an Aluminum Grower, but now it's either 2x2, or 3x3.

Water Pools resist Eruptions

I don't mean it'll STOP them, but it makes it less likely that an eruption happens within 8 tiles but only in locations where there's 3 tiles of water all around one tile of water.
If an eruption cannot happen because Water Pools are all blocking it from happening, the Eruption happens where the least water pools are located, the blocking effect is ignored.

Water Pools and Lava will constantly clash if directly next to one another and both are filled enough to visibly touch, reducing lava count, but also eventually destroying water pools to create obsidian.

Lava Repulsion Matrix
Description: After spending so long on such a hostile environment, robotics-enhanced and enslaved insectoids have finally created something to repel lava!

Purpose: Literally does what it says, repels lava, forcing it away rather quickly, but costing stupid amounts of energy, and it's 3x3, but has excessive range.
Or, dev, you can imagine it's a "build One" type of deal with less power usage. Sort of like a Capitol in a United Earth Colony, only it's not the government building.
Works on eruptions as well, preventing them within a smaller range.
Very Expensive though compared to everything else, and requires a large workforce, I'm thinking, someplace in the 1K-10K range of Workers.

Hell, it could be 5x5 and probly still be worth it imo, it'd be like a Wonder, takes ridiculous amounts of stuff to make, but gives you really good benefits.

Incomplete Artificial Planet
Difficulty: A Literal Nightmare.
Description: You know nothing of Difficulty.

Resources: Steel Mounds, Aluminum Piles, Circuit Cases.
Obstacles: Pits, 0 Starting Atmosphere, and a constant reduction of Atmosphere of 1 Billion/Million per second, Very little starting resources on even Abundant settings.

Factions: Only Reptilians, OR, a purely mechanical new faction later down the road (if that'll ever happen.) I'm thinking... some kind of race that salvages other tech and canonically feared by all, even the Reptilians, due to how they literally cannibalize technology and only live in ship graveyards, or remnants of gigantic space husks of abandoned super-projects.
This faction, in my mind, would be sorta like raggedy metal robot zombies, like maybe destroyed or malfunctioning robots possessed by souls of various other factions? Could even be a horrifying remnant of the "Aliens" faction referenced by alot of United Earth and LIS buildings.
The starting unit would probably fly, with all early and even mid-game buildings looking sort of crappy and disheveled, with the motto "It just works" behind all art design, until the late-game structures which look pristine and VERY chunky/tough.

Rundown: This planet can only gain deposits from meteors landing at purely random locations, with no real discrimination when it comes to map edges, meaning corners aren't safe, unlike in Lava Planets.
Everytime a Meteor lands, it creates pit randomly, but where it doesn't, it creates various metal-based deposits and purely at random. Sometimes none is created, and alot of Pit tiles are placed instead.
A Pit is a useless tile that represents that there's literally nothing there but darkness and space. it can be replaced, but the tile to do so is very expensive.

However, wreckages could also crash into the map, creating either absurd amounts of material of only durable goods and nothing raw beyond Oil, but having a massive range to the affected area, if anything, make it so it's always blobby-in shape for spawned material piles.

Pits would spawn like massive rivers to begin with.

The Size of the map as it currently is, will increase the likelihood of meteors or wreckages smacking into the map area. Reason I don't say wreckages wouldn't make pits, is because something like the framework for a planet to give it it's gravity, a ship or even station wreck crashing into it, would stick into said framework, since said framework has to be MILES in depth.
But the Pits spawn semi-frequently, but become way more common as you increase past say... a Small map size. Pits will spawn even MORE excessively if you expand the map border.

If it was possible, I'd have an ability for the base tile type to be changed, as if making a path, but without actually blocking building upon it. Purpose of this would be to make it so that you can repair the framework, complete the artificial planet, and then just create a death planet or something, I dunno, while more complete tile types would result in both faster movement speed, building ontop of them, AND resistance to pits forming to replace said tiles.

Forgot to mention, this planet will occasionally be hit by Asteroids, which will create Lava, that after a while, create pits, unless Water pools, at that point do as I suggest, and create obsidian at the expense of sacrificing lava tiles. Asteroids will create stupid large holes of pits, but they are VERY rare, with all sorts of materials forming a wall around said holes.

Strategy: The whole map would be about placing structures at random and scattered all over, while hoarding stupid amounts of resources as all kinds crash about, with really no real sort of safe areas coming along until far in the tech tree.

Purpose: For the Ultimate Difficulty. The place would look like the framework for a low-class artificial planet left to collect dust in space, but has since drifted to the very tips of the galaxy, or even universe, which is why Pits are a solid black color.
It's to test if someone can truly move on their toes and adapt to any situation. And to also make the stubborn and masochistic suffer. >:D

Note: If this does get added to a secret list of "Things I'd love to add" then I promise, I will contribute to most if not all of the art assets, you just worry about the actual operation of the thing. :3

Upgrade Menu
A button in the bottom left of the screen, always there, but not always filled via the menu that comes up if you click on it.

It's a scroll menu, with a bar ofcourse, and it only displays in each item the [Original Building] with an arrow next to it pointing to the [Upgraded Building] and a Button next to that for Upgrade One, with the resources indicated near or on/under said button, black text being that it's all good, you can upgrade fully, and easily, and red text indicating that you can't upgrade it fully
One more button next to that, the same thing, but for Upgrade All.

Purpose of this is to allow players a way of easily viewing upgrades they have tech-access to. This includes buildings they have no resources for.

You can start the upgrade building process even with not enough resources, but a dialog could warn you that it's a bad idea if the building is crucial and you can live without it until construction is done.

Allow construction of a building without the needed resources
I never got why I can't do this tbh, I can queue up more than I can build, if I have the resources to build only one of say... vehicles, workers, or buildings.

Multiple Levels for Reptilian Government Building
I forgot the name, Sorry ^^;

Uses for Lava
This isn't even an idea to only pertain to Reptilians, I feel any that have access to the Lava World relate to this.
I think beyond waiting for it to cool into obsidian, you could use it in the late-game to collect as a resource and convert it into other resources you can't get in a Lava World, but with a ratio of at least or at most 1,000:1 of Lava into any resource not mined on Lava Planets.

Lock Obsidiobugs behind Lava World Start tech
You can't get Lava in an Ice or Desert World.

Lava Worlds can't change Atmosphere
It's not possible to reduce it visually below 500 Million, since you don't need alot of condensers, at least not atm, but with eruptions going off basically all the time, this would make sense. This way, you also don't need to balance consumption of atmosphere of Lava Worlds for new buildings, although you'd have to take Desert worlds into consideration, unless Lava Worlds got their own specialized, more unhinged condensers past the Microcondenser if that is ever a thing.

Replace Landing Pod with Surface Habitat Vessel with Human factions on inhospitable worlds. If Humans will ever get that kind of treatment to be allowed onto Ice and Lava Worlds, this is maybe how you could do it.

That's all the ideas I can both remember, and think of at the moment. Enjoying the game even still, not been too active on here, mainly due to being a tiny bit busy/distracted.
6y ago
Here are all of my ideas for a dessert type world, if bast were to make one:

Race: human(for now)
Difficulty: hard
Atmosphere: 2.5 million

Salt flats: Every good dessert has salt flats. Since bast is trying to implement multiple terrain types, this could be one of them. The flats would be generated randomly like rivers. The player would have to build salt mines in order to mine salt, and these mines would only be place-able on the salt flat tiles. Regular units would be able to walk on the salt flat tiles as well, it would just be a good decoration and serve as the designated salt mine area.

Salt: Salt in the dessert has many purposes. Since it almost never rains in the dessert, salt can be used as a building material, and it is actually used in real life to build houses in some dessert villages around the world where it never rains. On all other planets, however, salt would obviously be involved with food production. You could change the food processing plant to require small but constant amounts of salt along with sugar to produce massive amounts of food. Bast could also enable non-dessert colonies to produce small amounts of salt by implementing desalination plants that need to be placed next to a river and would produce clean water and tiny amounts of salt. Salt is also used in cattle fields, since cows don't usually get a good amount of electrolytes from eating grass. So if livestock farms were added, salt could play a role in maintaining them.

Alien fruit Cacti: In the dessert planets, cacti would prove to be a viable source of wood/fiber and food. Cacti isn't really wooden, but lets say that there are alien cacti that are hard enough to be a substitute for wood and it's fibers could be woven into ropes. The problem is that cacti grow incredibly slow, so the player would have to be more frugal with their wood supplies than in forest environments. The player can place individual cacti using a dessert rover, albeit with a very high cost to water, and no trees or tree farms are allowed on this map, since the soil is too arid, no matter how advanced the colony becomes. The player would be able to build farms that cultivate cacti for food and wood, but these farms would be very slow at producing both, which means that the player would have to save a very wide area for these farms in order to support an early stage colony. Later in the game, the player should be given acccess to a mega cactus farm

Oil deposits: lot's of oil can be found under the dessert.

Ore: ore is obtained via charcoal compactors, the same as on the forest world.

gold: gold will be obtainable earlier in the game. gold mines are made from wood and salt and would allow the player to generate and store gold earlier in the game than ore. The gold can be used earlier in the game, in combination with wood and salt, to make basic entertainment, research, economic, and governmental structures used for forming a small community without ore. Once ore production is stabilized, these buildings can be upgraded to their regular forms.

immigration: I would implement a rudimentary landing zone that is basically a symbal marked in the ground for landing. It would produce one colonist for every 2 colonists produced by a regular landing pad, but it wouldn't require any power.

Gameplay: Salt and cactus fibers(wood) would be used to make the most basic structures in the dessert environment, and the need for the cactus fibers would prove to be a big hindrance at the beginning of the game until the player builds enough fruit cactus farms to produce a good amount of wood. The player would have to create tons of wells in order to produce enough water to support their colonists and operate the many cactus farms that will need to be built. Wells, in turn, require wood and salt to build. Salt has a small storage cap at first, and salt storage buildings also require wood, water, and salt to build, so you can see how the bottleneck would work if bast were to implement these ideas. Once the player gains an extra 300 wood, they will be able to built the usual charcoal hut, and then a charcoal burner to provid for more power once they get more wood and charcoal. From there, the gameplay is almost identical to the forest map aside from there being no tree farms or trees available for building. Basically, the player would have a long time to wait before they can produce ore, and by the time that the player gains ore production, they will have built an entire community out of salt blocks, gold, and cactus fibers. Bast might also want to add an entertainment building made out of wood and salt so that citizens can still be satisfied during the long wait for ore.

Advantages to map: The most outstanding advantages of the dessert map would be a local supply of oil and salt, but the biggest is the ability to gain gold, research, and civics earlier in the game. Wood storage will be higher on this map since every cactus fruit farm will add to food and wood storage, and so would the mega cactus farm.

Disadvantages: It will be hard to feed and quench your colonists near the beginning of the game. Wood will be scarce for a long time because it grows slow and you will need it to make ore and build important beginning structures. Water is inherently scarce and will be needed to make certain important structures and to keep colonists alive. Salt will have a small cap, so having a big enough supply to make a bunch of buildings at any given point will be hard to do until you manage to build a bunch of salt depots. All in all a very slow growing map.

I hope you all enjoy this idea and please vote for it to be put in the game if you like the ideas. Hopefully bast does decide to implement a dessert planet for at least one of the races, even if he doesn't implement all of the ideas that I've included here.
6y ago
More about natives:
Native/Civilization Hut (Built by player, and when they found the civilization (one exists alone with civilization center, or exists natively; look depends on the faction: if random, it should look random)
Cost: Ore +25, Wood +15
Technologies required: Civilization Creation

Native/Civilization Ore Mine (Built by player, or exists natively: Miner textures depends on the faction)
Cost: Water:5, Ore+10
Technologies required: Civilization Creation, Civilization Ore Mining

Civilization Center changes:
Produces 1 civic every 360 ticks (every 100 ticks with all workers)
Drop-off for common minable resources
Can build: Civilization Rover (Harvests Stone, Ore)
Cost: Wheel +6, Ore+10

Native civilizations (not created by you) are controlled by an AI. You cannot control them, but in future updates, you can change a native's faction. However, you can interact and trade with these natives. Civilizations are like cities, but you can't add terraforming structures.

Native/Civilization Rovers:
Built by: Native/Civilization Center, Native/Civilization Vehicle Factory
Can build: (Native/Civilization) Greenhouse, Water Pump, Vehicle Factory

(Native and civilization)
Greenhouse: Ore +15
Water Pump: Ore +8
Vehicle Factory: Ore +100

More will be shown later. You may reply.
Hello, folks! Welcome back, today I will be showing an suggestion for a future MC1 update. I will be presenting the Regolith Refinery. The Regolith Refinery is an building that stores additional regolith for later use. These are the descriptions, stats and costs of the new building:
Regolith Refinery
An standard environment-balanced regolith refinery to store your regolith for future use! Requires power and workers to operate.

Regolith -1500
Helium 3 -200

Regolith +2500



Atmosphere +1 per 2000 ticks
With all workers: 400 ticks

I have not played My Colony in a long time, but I will make more future ideas and responses. Thank you for playing MC1! I also hope you played MC2!
Hello commanders.

Today I would like to introduce my ideas for expanding the base, and some ideas for buildings!

For faction identifications, I’ll use colour of the text as follows:
United Earth,
League of Independent States,
Alpha Draconians,
Zolarg Empire.

Let’s begin with base expansion.
Currently the way expanding the base in v0.4.0 relies on building buildings in a dense pack (exclude the larger construction area provided by lander and naval yard).
So if we want to expand the base in a better way, we probably need something else.

Here are my ideas.
  • United Earth can still increase construction ranges by buildings, but I would like to have the range provided by buildings are larger.
  • League of Independent States requires Pioneer Rover deploy into a Pioneer Outpost to expand into other areas.
  • Alpha Draconians requires Command Node built within available areas, increasing the construction areas around the base.
  • Zolarg Empire has no restrictions of construction area. Buildings are deployed freely by various Worker Drones. For example, Aerohive Drone is deployed into a Aerohive (the Zolarg facility that produces airforce).

Next up, the buildings.
  • War Research Bureau (Tech II)
    The War Research Bureau brings blueprints and accesses to the high class weapons of UE armory.

    This UE tech building can unlock T3 contents. Model based on the Advanced Medical Research Centre.
  • Rocket Bunker (T2)
    The Rocket Bunker is equipped with rocket launchers. It’s capable responding threats from both land and air.

    It’s good against air units and decent against vehicles. However it can only target one unit at a time.
  • Land Fort (T3)
    Land Forts are heavy defense structure of United Earth. Equipped with 4 long range proton cannons it can bombard enemies in a long range.

    A very strong yet expensive land defense structure.
  • Drone Centre (T2)
    Drone Centre is a facility for building battle drones for air warfare and also the place for at most 4 drones to stand by.

    Air battle facility of UE.
  • Disruption Array (Superweapon)
    The Disruption Array is able to create a strange quantum phenomenon which will release a massive amount of energy, called the Disruption Burst.

    The primary superweapon of UE.
  • Warp Node (Superweapon)
    One of the secret dimensional weapon develoepd by United Earth, capable to teleport a small group of troops from a place to another without the need of portals.

    The support superweapon of UE.
  • Torpedo Platform (T2)
    The torpedo platform is a naval defense structure specialised for responding naval threats.

    The good news is, it can attack submerged units! Meanwhile the bad news is it’s neither anti-land nor anti-air.
  • Sensor Array (T3)
    The frequent stealth attacks launched by LIS makes anti-stealth devices a neccessity on frontlines combating LIS. Besides giving extra sight, it also detects hidden units.

    Special support structure of UE.
  • LIS Lander (Lander)
    “Time to give this piece of land a new meaning!” - LIS Lander deploying

    Resembles the UE Lander.
  • Infantry Camp (T1)
    The Infantry Camp manages both the militias and the mercenaries of LIS forces.

    Infantry training facility of LIS. Will looks like a pack of tents. Upgrading it will unlock T2 infantries.
  • Burner Generator (T1)
    The burner generator powers LIS bases by burning diesel.

    Basic power supply facility of LIS.
  • Watchtower (T1)
    These watchtowers are manned by LIS gunners. Although it’s not a very sturdy defense at all, but it has a good firing range and sight.

    Basic anti-infantry defense.
  • Garage (T1)
    The Garage produces LIS combat vehicles.

    Vehicle factory of LIS. Upgrading it will unlock T2 vehicles.
  • Hangar (T1)
    The Hanger produces LIS aircrafts needed for supporting attacks.

    Aircraft factory of LIS. Upgrading it will unlock T2 aircrafts.
  • Airfield (T1)
    An airfield can hold one LIS fighter or bomber plane.

    This is required in order to produce aircrafts other than Jetcopters if playing as LIS.
  • Drydocks (T1)
    The drydocks is needed for constructing LIS naval warfare vessels.

    Ship factory of LIS. Upgrading it unlocks T2 naval vessels.
  • Proxy Database (Tech II)
    The Proxy Database carries all protected military information of LIS. This facility is needed for producing T3 units.

    The only tech centre of LIS. Requires at least one upgraded Garage in order to build one. Unlocks T3 units like the Hacker and Solar Artillery.
  • Flak Turret (T1)
    Flak Turrets are used by LIS to combat against airforces.

    Anti-air turret of LIS.
  • Beam Tower (T3)
    The Beam Tower utilizes strong beams to destroy enemy forces effectively.

    Advanced defense of LIS.
  • Uplink Station (Superweapon)
    The uplink station calls the devasting Solar Cannon Bombardments, which a rain a rain of solar beams from the space.

    Primary superweapon of LIS.
  • Beam Projector (Superweapon)
    The Beam Projector creates a Beam Cage which will isolate the units inside the Cage from everything.

    Support superweapon of LIS.
  • Floating Bunker (T2)
    The Floating Bunker is equipped with pounder guns and anti-air flak cannon, an all-round naval defense.

    Can target an naval or land unit and an aircraft at the same time.
  • Pioneer Outpost
    This Outpost allows LIS forces to expand into further areas.

    Deployed by Pioneer Rovers. Adds a construction range around it.
  • Engineer Bay
    The engineer bay supports extra constructions of LIS bases and also provides repairs to damaged troops.

    Special support building of LIS.
  • Mother Command Module (Lander)
    MCM in short. This is the centre of a Alpha Draconian base.

    Resembles the Landers, deployed by construction probes. Upgrading this allows access to higher tier unit productions for factories within the range and new buildings.
  • Microreactor (T1)
    A tiny reactor that is powerful enough to power up common Alpha Draconian facilities.

    Basic power generator of Alpha Draconians.
  • Antanium Impactor (T1)
    Even on battlefields, this thing is still an imoortant economy building of Alpha Draconains.

    Act as a refinery.
  • Drone Pad (T1)
    Alpha Draconians warps drones to the battlefield like how they teleport drones to their colonies for resource collection.

    Infantry (drone) training centre.
  • Mecha Lab (T1)
    The place where Alpha Draconian mechas are produced for combats.

    Vehicle factory for Alpha Draconians. Also produces Draconian Orbiters (aircraft).
  • Sentry Module (T1)
    The Sentry Module deploys and resupplies guard drones which can take down enemy infantries.

    Anti-infantry and anti-air structure of Alpha Draconians. One Sentry dispatches 4 guard drones that fires rapid-fire blasters.
  • Ether Reactor (T2)
    The Ether Reactor is powered by Ether, which provides a even massie amount of energy needed by power-intensive units and buildings.

    Advanced power supply building. Strong explosion upon destruction.
  • Tesla Node (T2)
    A very power intensive defensive weapon which is lethal to almost everything.

    Advanced defense of Alpha Draconians.
  • Command Node (T1)
    The Command Node is required to expand a Draconian base.

    Provides extra construction range. Like Mother Command Module, buildings covered by the Command Node requires the Node’s upgrade to produce better units.
  • Draconian War Insitute (Tech II)
    The Draconian War Insitute provide access for Draconain commanders to the better ways of combats.

    Tech building of Alpha Draconians.
  • Electrosphere (Superweapon)
    The Electrosphere can fire a electron ball to release deadly discharges, while can also paralyse those survived and buildings.

    Primary superweapon of Alpha Draconians.
  • Nanocube (Superweapon)
    The Nanocube contains nanites which allows to put a tempoary invincible armour onto any steel (actually also works with concretes) claded objects. Anything biological will be killed as the armour coating is biologically harmful.

    Support superweapon of Alpha Draconians.
  • Shield Projector (T2)
    The shield projector provides a extra layer of defense to any Alpha Draconian base. If the shield is destroyed it’ll regenerate over time.

    Special support building of Alpha Draconians.
  • Command Post (Lander)
    The Command Post is the core in a Zolarg warfare.

    Deployed by the Queen drone, it’s same concept as the lander. However it won’t do constructions, instead it’ll create various kind of worker drones which deploys into buildings.
  • Sugar Burner
    Very ordinary power generator in any Zolarg colony and military base.

    Basic power generator of Zolarg.
  • Antanium Furnance
    Basically an ore refinery.

    Yes, an ore refinery. What else I can tell?
  • Barrack Mound (T1)
    There’s not much difference between a Barrack Mound and any ordinary mound in Zolarg Empire, except that there’s no Queen but officiers in Barrack Mounds.

    Infantry training facility of Zolarg Empire.
  • Watchtower (T1)
    Where soldier insectoids stays on duty to keep enemies away. One of them is a Rifle-bug and another being Grenadier.

    Land defense structure of Zolarg Empire.
  • Flak Bunker (T1)
    Flak bunker fires explosives mixed with ant pastes into the sky. Those aircrafts hit by these explosives not just have their hull damaged but also move slower.
  • Armourcrafts (T1)
    The craftsbugs in Armourcrafts builds crude combat vehicles for Insectoid soldiers.

    Vehicle factory of Zolarg Empire.
  • Aerohive (T1)
    The air swarms are breeded and trained here, which they are used for bombarding enemies.

    Aerohive is the airbase of Zolarg Empire, producing flying units.
  • Brood Training Centre (Tech I)
    In order to get the insectoid broods ready for field service earlier and the need for better tachics and weapons, the Brood Training Centre is needed.

    T2 Tech centre of Zolarg.
  • War College (Tech II)
    The War College provides full support to any Zolarg Commander who needs stronger powers.

    T3 Tech centre of Zolarg.
  • Boat Yard (T1)
    If you think Insectoids are afraid of the seas, then you’re wrong. They are ready to conquer the seas.

    Ship factory of Zolarg Empire.
  • Altar of Doom (Superweapon)
    The Altar of Doom is powered by the Zolarg Empire’s forbidden power - Antaura. Everyone who see it would feel like it’ll summon something that will cause a doomsday.

    Primary superweapon of Zolarg Empire.
  • The Tower of Mind (Superweapon)
    Anything that has a mind will never able to escape control from this Tower of Mind.

    Support superweapon of Zolarg Empire.
  • Shrine of Destiny (T2)
    The faith will keep your brothers going.

    Special support building of Zolarg Empire. It can boost up the training speed of units.

Hopefully you’ll like my ideas!
High atmosphere effects on colony:

Bast has already developed penalties for high atmospheric levels but hasn’t turned them on yet. Hopefully my ideas are mendable with the penalty system that he has already put in place. Here are my ideas for high atmosphere penalties:

-Buildings damaged twice as fast once atmosphere is over 15 million. There is also the chance that once the structure is under 25% health, it has the chance to implode instantly for each 1% health lost after that point, regardless of whether the structure had remaining health. This is to simulate the fact that a structure under immense atmospheric pressure could just suddenly implode if part of it’s structure was weakened, even if that was the only part that was weakened.

-rovers have health and are damaged by the intense atmosphere and must be parked in shelter in order to be safe from the atmosphere and to repair damages. Rovers lose their health 5 times faster than structures. I would suggest that small, medium, and large rover/worker shelters be implemented for all races to replace the parking command on the rovers/workers. On other worlds, rovers/works could also have health that can be damaged, but only half as much as on a high atmosphere planet.

When a planet’s atmosphere is too high, a new resource, tallorium, will be the first step in massive atmosphere reduction. Tallorium is a (fictional) specific blend of superheated and super compressed metals that fuse over long periods of time and become stronger and harder than diamond. Tallorium will be naturally occurring on superheated, super atmosphere planets such as my planet idea below. In planets that don’t have naturally occurring Tallorium, the resource would appear as a higher tech resource that can be fabricated by blending other resources together, such as antanium and gold, or triantanium and uranium. Tallorium could also be used to make next gen buildings that are more advanced than alien buildings.

The second step would be to consume atmosphere to produce a new resource, Gas Canisters. One canister = 1 atmospheric unit. A high tech gas canister factory on a world where Tallorium needs to be fabricated would consume large amounts of atmosphere and small amounts of Tallorium to produce the canisters. These canisters could be used to produce h3 and water and can be used as a power source. These canisters could also be tradable and could be released in low atmosphere planets to raise the atmosphere at a fast rate. The canisters should be a very pricy product on GBT and should not be readily accessible to beginner colonies unless they are given gas canisters by their commonwealth. This aspect would allow those who have super advanced independent colonies to develop sub-colonies without the long hassle of terraforming each sub-colony. The gas canisters could also provide a way for a red planet colony to produce h3 without having to buy it. If you don’t like the idea of a red planet producing h3 on it’s own, or the idea of using gas canisters to raise a beginner planet’s atmo level rapidly, the Tallorium and gas canister system will still work without these two aspects.

- Since colonists could not survive walking around outside in a very high pressure atmosphere(since they would be crushed), even with their space suits on, I would create new avatars for them for going outside in a high pressure atmosphere. Perhaps they walk around in metal environmental suits and require a very small but constant supply of tallorium in addition to the water and food that they already require.

The Tallorium and gas canister system may be implementable before the penalties are turned on and before any high atmo planet types are created, and this would allow for players to get ready for the penalty activation since this system would lower atmosphere at a very high rate.

The heat terraforming aspect:

Adding a heat aspect to terraforming will make terraforming a more in-depth part of the game and the user will now have to handle controlling planetary heat as well as atmosphere. This will also open the door for new planet types and structures that take advantage of the planetary heat levels. However, it would prove to be a big change to the way each planet looks as it is terraformed, since now you would have to worry about what the soil looks like when heat is high and atmosphere is low, or vice versa. However, it would be well worth it in my opinion. Here are my ideas of the effects that high and low heat would have on a given colony.

-The optimal heat range would be between 5 mil and 15 mil, just like atmosphere. 0 heat means that the planet is at absolute zero, so I wouldn’t start any planets off at zero, maybe 500k or something.

-High heat would cause colonists to consume twice as much water. Any structures that require near-earth conditions will be destroyed and colonists will be less tolerant of long commute distances when the heat level is outside of the optimal heat range(too low or too high). Structures would also consume 1 water unit per 30 seconds in high heat. Structures and rovers/workers are damaged twice as fast and will need to be repaired more often.

-Low to earth-like heat is required for the growing of crystalline, while high to earth-like heat is required for the fabricating of Tallorium. So an earthlike planet could potentially produce crystalline and Tallorium simultaneously given the right resources.

-Low heat would cause colonists to consume twice as much food. Rover/worker and colonist speed is reduced by 1 and rover and structure build speed times are doubled. Resource production times could also be reduced by a reasonable amount.

A thermal energy plant could be used as a mid-level power supply and would consume a moderate amount of heat from the planet, whereas an absolute zero generator would absorb massive amounts of heat and power and would provide mid level research. A charcoal combuster would use charcoal to release heat into the atmosphere, while a nuclear agitation center would use the power of nuclear fission to produce massive amounts of heat.

The addition of the heat terraforming aspect is not required to implement the Tallorium and gas canister system.

Planet type suggestion: Hell
Atmosphere: 25 million
Temperature: 25 million
This planet will be for LIS and UE for now, but as bast adds races the planet might apply to them as well.
Difficulty: Medium for both human factions. Might be easier or harder for other factions to come.
-Structures and rovers/workers are damaged four times as fast as normal due to the stacked effects from high heat and high atmosphere.

-Instead of regolith, crystalline, or ore, Tallorium can be mined. Tallorium will be used to dig into the super compressed ground in search of ore, build basic structures at the start of the game, and is instrumental in gas canister production.

The player will need to use Tallorium to build a gas collector, which employs 1 person and produces gas canisters by sucking in atmosphere and consuming 1 tallorium for every canister made. The gas canisters can be turned into drinkable water via a structure called a water condensator. Then, a talloric greenhouse can be built with 150 Tallorium and an ore drill must be set up to mine ore through the thick and hard crust. The drill will cost 5,000 Tallorium and will indefinitely produce a small amount of ore at each interval, so many more drills will need to be built in order to jumpstart the colony. Once the planet’s atmosphere is reduced enough, ore fracking facilities can be built to supply a more efficient source of ore. Of course, in order to do all of that you need power, so a pressure turbine made with 500 tallorium would generate power, but would put air back into the atmosphere for each canister it opens.

After all of that is in place, the player can continue to follow the human path since they now have an ore supply as gold, aluminium, and uranium will still be present on the map.

So these are my ideas. Let me know if they are interesting are whether or not you want me to keep developing these ideas. I can't draw worth a crap but feel free to draw the structures, ground tiles, planet type symbols, and resource symbols that I mentioned on here if you think that at least some of these ideas should be added.

6y ago
ok you know we have the 0.5 new storage need and for after i want to help for new storage
and add for 3 udape in etape:

1-remove for a moment the loose of ressource, and more protection of the trade center
optionel: message to escuse for the lose of money and ressource but it was necessery because my colony was try to by hack many time ago and continu

2-new storage of ore and other ressource , look for:
add a pit of ore
big ore pit
10.000.000 ore

medium ore pit
500.000 ore

smal ore pit
10.000 ore

3-afeter some week later readd the loose of ressource
Let me start off by saying that I know that bast is slowing down on the content and I fully support that. This idea is just me not having enough to do during the work hours.

So, for this map idea, I'm thinking a similar concept as the waterworld map, except the non-buildable areas are empty space and the buildable areas are metal platforms that can be deconstructed and constructed by basic rovers. Atmosphere should require storage on this map in order to keep increasing, and the map can never be terraformed. I would add ice patches on the platforms to give a starting source of water until the below mentioned grinder can be built.

The main challenge to this map is that you have no resource nodes. In order to get resources you have to chip away at the very platforms that you are building on. Each platform square gives you ore, but since platforms in each map generate abundantly but are still finite, you need a way to get more ore.

Queue the ore mass fabricator(mf for short). A basic mf would take 100 power and would use it to generate orethrough the process of turning energy into matter, albeit slowly. In order to get a good amount of ore production, you would need to build tons of solar panels. In fact, this map will be all about solar panels until you are able to get more complex resources like oil, uranium, and eventually build power towers. More complex mf's and solar panels should be added as well to scale with the colony, but really, all of these mf's should only be allowed on this map, as they might break the game on other maps.

A basic gold mf would also be needed and would take 150 power to generate at a slow rate. A gold synthesis lab would be able to produce more gold later on.

Another structure called a power transport beam would produce money by consuming 1000 power and water. The principal behind this structure is that it beams power to another site and that power is used by customers who pay you and it needs water to keep from melting down. More complex machines like this could be added to produce higher amounts of money. After all, the whole point of a dyson sphere is to make tons of money by collecting as much solar energy from a star as possible.

Condensed air canisters should be added to provide atmosphere storage and would be made from steel. another greater version should be added as well to provide more atmosphere in late-game. The purpose of this is to allow atmo condensers to produce water instead of having to develop more water buildings, and terraformers would act as suppliers to the condensers rather than terraformation machines. It would also be interesting of colonists on this map actually consumed atmosphere. That could actually be a regular thing on all maps that start with no atmosphere.

An ore grinder would grind ore and steel into regolith, which would be needed for water production early game through the use of regular extractors.

Another way to get wood would be required as well, since it is needed in order to get oil, plastic, and sugar. Perhaps a forestry dome would work, acting sort of like a tall hydroponic just for trees. Or maybe a cellulose fabrication lab that takes food and water and turns it into a wood-like substance comprised of cellulose. Or, if the power beam was implemented, the colony would be making plenty enough money to keep a good amount of wood at all times.

Finally, an atmospheric shield generator should be implemented mid-late game to allow for earth-like atmosphere buildings to be built inside it's radius. If the shield shuts off, those buildings deactivate. This would be good for tourism and outdoor entertainment like restaurants, stadiums, and hotel resorts.

After building a good supply of ore and gold fabricators, progress should be the same, albeit the colony would need to continue to rely on mf's for ore during the entire playthrough and would need to buy certain higher tier resources like alien arts and the like.

Well that's all for this idea. I'll update if I get any more. Let me know what you think.
5y ago
I have to preface this by saying this is mostly a pet peeve than a legitimate feature, however I think this could make the game feel a tad more diverse and vivid. I believe ore should be renamed to iron ore or perhaps just iron. My main reason for this is that over time more and more metallic and mineral resources have been added with unique names and uses, yet the one you see the most of and stays with you perpetually throughout the game now matter what planet or species you play on or as, ore is just generic ore. As for why it should be renamed to iron, it already looks like a chunk of iron ore currently, which would prevent the need for any retexture. Another reason is that the second most frequent use of ore is to be turned in to steel. And to make steel in real life, what do you need? That's right, iron (and a little hit of carbon but it's very minute). Overall though, I feel ore is too generic a name and needs updated to fit the much more specific names of pretty much every other resource.
4y ago
I am considering a change to resources and construction costs and whatnot for MC2.

Perhaps instead of making MC2 a resource stockpile game like MC1, the only real "resource" you will actually stockpile in the game will be money. When you want to build a structure or unit or whatnot, all you need to do is make sure you have the correct amount of money.

On the other hand, the traditional resources such as Ore, Gold, Water, Food, etc, will all work in a similar way that Power and Bandwidth do in MC1.

Suppose that a Mine generates +3 ore based on it's location, and a refinery requires -2 ore to output +1 steel. In this situation, the colony is netting +1 ore and +1 steel. So the player needs to balance the resource input with the output for each settlement. Since only 2/3 Ore is being utilized, the remaining 1 ore can just stay in the ground until needed.

It could be tweaked, but this change would eliminate massive resource stockpiles and instead measure a colony on the amount of resources they are actively producing rather than what they have stockpiled (or gifted in the case of MC1).

Trading resources could happen still, but instead of giving another colony a bulk X amount of resources, you establish a trade deal that adds X resource to your capacity and subtracts the same X from theirs, in exchange for money or another resource.

Anyway, let me know what you think of a system like this? It would be a big departure from MC1, but could be made to "feel" the same as well. Would eliminate all of the resource hording related problems.
3y ago
I think we sort of decided that resources would work in a similar manner to MC1. One thing I think needs to be finalized is resource pools. Should they be player based, or settlement based? I am of mixed opinions on this, so would like to hear feedback and pros/cons of each, since I need to start adding resources to the engine fairly soon before I can move on.

Some resources need to be like MC1, but they can not be both?

Steel factory:
  • -2 ore (like utility)
  • +1 steel (like utility)
  • 150 steel unit (like mc1, for building)

In mc1, you remember why you were forced to add a hardcap for the payroll assistance? Some player are born only for give chaos.

The only settlement based resources pool isn't a bad idea, can be a nice way to play with friend, slowly introducing them into the game. The experienced player could actually help those unfamiliar with the game, without destroying the gameplay (like gifting billions of resources to those just starting to play).

But.. the server owner need to have the possibility to create rule, like:
  • Only player inside a list can play in settlement create by player A
  • Other player can interact with a settlement only if the player is Online
  • some blacklist
  • maximum withdrawal based on the grade
  • ecc

For the player personal resources pool, how players could change resources? Resources Like MC1, or physically located in storage? (if i have steel in sector 0:0, i can't use in sector 9900000:65465465465465)

The more I think of it in my head though, I am starting to envision a new system that is possibly a bit more complicated at first, but I think is more realistic and would add a whole new element to the game - logistics.

Love it.

If you wanna to keep the settlement little and realistic, is a good choice.

My proposal for MC2 is to have the resources literally be tied to no large single pool, but instead just sit there in the building/area they were produced until they are moved. If you build a mine somewhere, you also need a transportation system to bring the ore from the mine to the refinery, or to a warehouse, etc. Each player is responsible for this own supply lines. Suppose you build a department store in Settlement A that sells toys. You also have a factory in Settlement B that produces toys, but it is X miles away and there is a transport cost. Player2 also has a toy factory in Settlement A right across the street from your shop. You can either pay build up your own transportation infrastructure, or you can just source the toys from across the street, in which case money would change hands from Player 1 to 2.

Seems a nice bottleneck to me (a good one, not bad), able to give more realism.

There should be logistics related buildings such as trucking stations or perhaps rail lines. So there wasn't so much micromanaging, a Factory could know what resources it needs, and trucks in the area could automatically move the materials. If a truck is owned by Player 1 and the mine is owned by Player 1 and the factory is owned by Player 1, then it can be a "free shipping" scenario, otherwise you could make money by transporting resources for other players. A player could build his entire financial empire on being a "transport tycoon" and shipping resources for other players.

Seems a very nice idea. And again.. can be used from experienced players to help unfamiliar players.

Warehouses can be tweaked so that the player can decide what resources are stored there. You could say that Warehouse A on this part of town should only store Gold because there is a Mint nearby. And then trucks behind the scenes could figure out the logistics. The player could also manually set their trucking routes if they wanted more control.

So.. instead like mc1, where each warehouses have a infinite resources list, the building now is just a big place where players can put thing inside. Not bad

If each building had a "Needs" and "Provides" ledger, a lot of the logistics could happen behind the scenes automatically.

The whole transports system can easy be structured like a hydraulic system, you could copy some hydraulic formula for easy setup the system, like flow rate, speed, valves, tanks, main pipes, reducers, etc..

Another benefit of each building keeping it's own inventory would help facilitate transactions between players. Suppose Player 1 needs a new Rover, but does not have a vehicle factory, or the materials to build his own. But Player 2 has a Rover Dealership with 6 rovers in stock. You can just buy one of their rovers for Money without even needing the materials or your own factory, and Player 2 gets some nice funds added to their treasury. And perhaps the settlement gets a nice sales tax. Player 2 could tell the dealership building to always keep X numbers of Rovers in stock, and the shipping and logistics engine could take care of the rest. Or he could own the rover factory next door and set up the shipping himself. I don't know!!!

To me seems an other argument, not direct connected with the transports or warehouse. Another way to make it easier for players to interact, and again, to help other player.

At this point, why not allow the sale of buildings, or pay someone to build for us? With resources / money. And if the player B give enough resources, player A only need to move rovers, not personal resources.

In MC1, again like a dictatorship, the player controls everything related to the economy. You pay the workers, and you also tax them. I am thinking of separating this out. For MC2, I propose that the only resource an actual settlement as an entity can have is Money. Each settlement will have it's own public treasury, and the leader of that settlement decides what funds are used for the public, enacts tax policy, etc. Perhaps a settlement can be democratic where different players are able to run against each other, or perhaps a settlement is a dictatorship and leadership cannot be altered. The settlement will be able to tax both colonists, which are controlled by the engine, or businesses, which are controlled by the player. If there is a business tax in the settlement, it is taken out of profits produced by players. If the settlement wants to build a public structure like a Park, it can contract the work out to a player who has the logistics to build it. The settlement would pay a player to build the police station, but then you would use public settlement money to fund and operate it.


This system also would let a settlement leader implement zoning, as mentioned in this thread. The settlement leader could say "only houses in this area" or "only shops in this area" etc. Roads within a settlement could be the responsibility of the settlement owner, or he could just say "anybody can build necessary roads here."

If the leader can implement rules, why not.

Anyway, maybe this is all too micro-managy and I should just stick to MC1 mechanics, so I'd like to hear what others think about such a logistics system. I like it better because the game can have even more resources than MC1, but without having a huge resource bar at the top of the screen. And it's more realistic than just having storage buildings everywhere will millions of resources.

I don't thing is too much, but i love micro-management. And adding several layers of micro/macro-management, can easy become bottleneck, avoid insane stuff.

Little and nice settlement, instead to have a nearly infinite building like mc1.

One little question.. The ideas in this post are very very very nice, every one. But, they should have a maxim impact in planet with many many players. Not in a nearly infinite planet, with 2-3 players playing very far from each other.

So.. an other idea.. If Player A run Server A, and player B run Server B, they could cross playing without start again everything? In this scenario, many player server they could work together, allowing interactions of this type. But.. maybe this idea can be an other topic, not this one.
3y ago
I have a new map mode suggestion, apart from regular single city and region. In this mode, the map is infinite.
Core Functions:

There will be obviously render distance, similar to MC2. You can adjust this in the engine settings and variable can be 50x50, 100x100, 200x200, and 500x500 for those high end pcs. This settings is for ingame, buildable, interactable setting.

For when you do move (pan up, down, left, right), the game will decompile/compile to load those size-controlled chunks. This process will happen in the background, similar to when the game autosaves in the background, so that you can still move around and stuff, not be stuck waiting for chunks to load.
The way the resources will come in from other compiled chunks is that the game will calculate the buildings' resource production and add upon the resource stat. The time interval for each time the game adds the resource can be how it is collected when you are in region view, but I figured that it could be 8 times faster intervals ((theUsualRegionResourceStatTimer) / 8), or it can be 4 times fast intervals, or engine settings (2x, 4x, 8x, up to 16x). This though depends on performance reasoning, so if you decide just to stick with 4x faster than region collection timer, it's fine.

When you load the game save, have it so it's like region view so that you can easily go to that chunk instead of loading into the game right away and move to that spot while it decompiles/compiles. These chunks from region view can be a simple 100x100 chunk distance between each other, so not necessary engine settings. It's good for you to have region view so that you can practically 'teleport' to that part of this infinite map conveniently better.
My Reasoning For This:

The reason why I want this cool mode because I always thought and wished of having it and I thought it won't be a whole another long project, as it only requires a few extra functions. I always wanted to just build those ore refineries forever and ever in those lines lol, and ofcourse watching my steel go up, making the game really fun for the user. Also, it could be a potential premium feature or not, this is obviously up to you.
Questions From U Guys And Developer Bast:

If there are any questions or problems as you think it might be hard to develop this feature, let me know so I can help and hopefully find a solution.
I hope this might be popular. :)

Last thing, I did see RekEm1999's post ( ), much later after this thought of this feature. I hope this could be a better solution, because it would be buggy if region maps' grid overlaps or something when switching cities, so that I want to point out, but overall idea, I'm with RekEm1999.
[[2]] QOL Improvements:

Add upgrade for Potato Patch (Potato patch to Advanced Hydroponics),
Add upgrade for Charcoal compactor (Charcoal compactor to Charcoal converter),
Add upgrade for Charcoal pile (Charcoal pile to Subterranean Charcoal Cavern).

It will be cool to see when you are building, you can click on one corner and click on some other side (kind of Voxel Paint's fill option) and you can build mass amounts of buildings quickly and conveniently. I think it would be a great addition to the building category, as for some people in region cities would like to just easily build building blueprints using less time.
[[3]] Additive Content (Not majorly suggesting):

Add tiers for:

- Ore Refinery,
- Microchip Factory,
- Textile Mill,
- Ant Paste Synthesizer,
- Charcoal Converter,
- Gold Synthesis Lab,
- Cloning Facility,
- Shipyard,
- Helium Nanomine (if you not planing with Gold Synthesis Lab or other buildings, but recommended not
to do this buildings (Helium Nanomine) to find reason for other buildings individual uniqueness in
resource production),
- Any other building I missed that is tiered from a previous building, obviously not all buildings,
- Obviously not all buildings will get upgrades.
- Tech for these buildings will be in Simulated Fabrication (The 35B Research one).

Overall point is that this 'simulated colony' is fabricated virtual resources and is sending it to the real colony.
Building themes (colors, etc) can relate to Simulated buildings like Nanite Factory and Software Studio.
Some existing buildings might be adjusted (example: Brick Factory, being very vigorous in it's fast production) to balance out the game and have that feel of My Colony - ness.

Again, not wanting this 'upgrade tier' feature, but a potential.
Have a good day!

Notes: Important Targets for this suggestion: Only [[1]] and [[2]].

UPDATE 0.2.0b

This update ports the mod over to 0.38, and has a few balance changes to the changes of 0.37, plus a new building.

-Removed Spice Den world restrictions
-This was done due to the fact that modded worlds do not have access to trade, so this change was necessary.
-Reverted most of the balance changes of 0.37 (Primarily because I did not feel like going back and changing everything)
-The exceptions are the GBT change and the Museum fix.
-Added the Tech Office Building
-You may have seen my suggestion of this building, and I still do want it in the base game.
-Tech Office Building cannot be built on Red Planet, as the basic Martian atmosphere is not good for business.
-Also, why in the world would you play Red Planet in a mod that adds loads of new worlds? I don't add anything for it on purpose, nor do I plan on adding anything special for Red Planet.
-Added the Classical Ancient Alien Ore Refinery
-This refinery functions just the same as the regular alien ore refinery, it just uses the old model.
-Added Diamond deposits to Lava Worlds
-Fixed Lander not storing Obsidian.
Also, please use this hotfix companion mod, because I forgot to add Rover to Lava World (I did some under the hood changes)
Like Colony wars.

If the resources in radius will end, what will happen to the units and building?

es: if i have 100 refinery, with 10 units each, and only 1 refinery with resources in rage, all 1000 units will use active refinery?

If i delete 50 refinery, i will have 500 units?

Won't have more sense to use some tech or build upgrade for increase the "child" unit?
3y ago
Here's a mod I have been working on for the past few days! Progress is a little slow, but I regularly update the files as more gets added, so be sure to check back to see what all has changed!

First off, here is the SN11 lander, for those interested in using it. This is the flying bit of it.

And this is the Starbase it becomes once landed.

Here is the object pack, for those interested in just the objects.

And finally, here is the mod itself!

Again, I will regularly update this as I go along, so be sure to keep an eye on this to get the latest bits and bobs! Feedback is also appreciated, so if you find something to be wrong, please let me know!

-Wild foods have been added back to the map as a new resource
-Added Fruit as a new resource
-Added Fruit Truck for harvesting fruit, and to give the pavement a purpose. Built by a distillery.
-Added distillery
-Added Uranium Enrichment Facility
-Added Uranium Harvest Truck
-Added Uranium as a harvestable resource
-UEF now generates Helium in addition to uranium.
-Increased Oil output
-Increased Aluminum output
-Added Sulfur Refinery. Produces sulfur, methane, and propane.
-Added Oil Refinery. Makes oil, propane, and methane.
-Added Atmosphere Separator. Produces Nitrogen, Hydrogen, and Oxygen.
-Added Steelworks. Much better at making steel.
-Starbase can now build SN11 landers. Feature still unavailable to use, however.
-Adjusted Silica Production values.
-Updated World icon
-Adjusted Small House to require lumber
-Added Medium House
-Added Salt Hut
-Added Plasticizer building. Produces plastic, toys and tires.

-wild foods have been removed from the map. It was causing some problems with the drones.
-Food resource is now a utility
-water is now a utility
-drones now fly in correct orientation
-SN11 now flies in the correct orientation
-starbase updated to reflect change to SN11
-Power, Air, Trash, and Red tape (government) are now utilities
-aluminum production adjusted. It is now 50 per tick
-Pavement and crosswalks were added.
-Added Municipal Court for Red Tape
-Added Oil Refinery
-Added Steelworks
-Added Solar Farm
-Updated Log yard to Lumber yard. Now produces wood pulp and lumber.
-Added Sulfur refinery. Produces sulfur, methane, and propane.
-Added Salt Hut
-Added Atmospheric Separator. Produces Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen.
-Removed cotton as a resource. It was redundant.
-Removed Cars resource. It is unable to be implemented, and seemed like a cool idea at the time. It was not.
-Removed Aircraft resource. Same reason as the cars resource, though it COULD have been implemented.
-Fixed minor grammatical errors in item descriptions and tidied them up.
-Added Lumber as a used resource for a few old buildings.
-Removed net cap as a resource. It is now a utility.
-Recompiled all models to fix latency. Apparently I had missed a few last time, and it was causing performance issues. This should no longer be a problem. Thank you @bastecklein for the help on that.
-Pavement and crosswalks are now passable, meaning they no longer block off your buildings.
-Fixed a bug with the lumber yard preventing it from generating lumber.
In late-game when you have unlocked alien technology and chemistry, you should build Ore Zappers and a bunch of Ore Synthesis Labs to make ore quickly, even better than the Ore Fracking Operation.

Cannot show screenshots although generally try it out for yourself.

Early-game the ore fracking operation works best, and maybe a pro tip for people making LIS colonies, and possibly United Earth...
5y ago
Hi. I want the developer, @bastecklein to add mines to the MC2 game. This is where your rovers/miners will mine resources in spare, if you don't have any deposits near your territory anymore. Here are the costs for the different types of mines:
Ore Mine:
Ore +500
Gold Mine:
Ore +1200
Steel +120
Technologies required: Advanced gold mining, Advanced small scale construction
Aluminum Mine:
Ore +2500
Requires: Advanced chemistry, Advanced small scale construction, Advanced aluminum mining

Technologies for mines (Gold and Aluminum advanced mining):
Research +200 (Gold)
Research +750 (Aluminum)

I also want to add Gold and Aluminum refineries, which converts 1 Gold to 3 Gold (duplicates it), and 1 aluminum to 3 aluminum. Gold refineries cost:
Research: None
Power +8
Ore +2,400
Steel +80
Aluminum refineries cost:
Power +16
Ore +1200
Gold +850
Water +20
Microchip +200
Steel +4000

That is it for now, more will be shown about this later! Please reply anytime. Thank you.

H3110 guys! (•ω•)

Re-mustard Version

This is the last part of my ideas regarding the IT industries, this time I will concentrate on the late-game contents!
Credits to @Westy266, who have gave me the idea about QuBits.

Here we go!

New Resource - QuBits!
Here I am adding a late-stage resource, QuBits. Qubit is literally ‘quantum-bits’, this is the basic unit for quantum computing, which, one can make a super-complicated AI for controling quantum activities.

New Technologies!
Quantum Computing - The ancients had developed a prototype quantum computer technology, which is billion times more efficient than binery computers.
2nd Generation Alien Tech - The ancients had not utilize quantum computing technology into industrial productions. Learn how to combine them and bring a new industrial revolution of alien technology!
Mass data management - Learn how to manage a large amount of data efficiently, which will also unlock smart industrial production methods.
Automatons (Zolarg) - Time to ask yourself, can Insectnoids make robots?
Insectnoid Plastics (Zolarg) - Discover how to make insectnoid metallic plastic from mixing oil with metals.
Mind-driven Machines (Zolarg) - Use minds to control machines whatever you wish to ,which is anyway better than pushing the wrong buttons!

New Buildings
E-Bank - A upgraded bank utilized with internet infranstructure, which provides convenient online banking services, as well as producing more civics and money than a ordinary bank do.
Smart Charcoal Compactor - Instead of building hundreds of crude compactors to turn charcoal into ore, why not do some improvements on it and make it churn out more ore from the same amount of charcoal.
Quantum Server - The ultimate server that will provide tons of bandwidth and storage for softwares! Also provides QuBit storage. Requires a steady stream of water to cool down.
Quantum Computer Lab - The lab for churning out the QuBits. Requires a steady stream of water to cool down, as well little research.
Quantum AI Brain - An upgraded AI program compiler, which it consumes Qubits to run and make lots of softwares.
2nd Generation Aluminium Generator - This is the perfect upgrade of its old model. Its production speed is increased by 25 times and it can run without workers, while converting one steel into more aluminium.
Neo Antanium Synth Lab - Make use of quantum computing technology and quantum physics, making a huge amount of antanium is possible, only using ore, gold, and sugar.
Neo Ant Paste Synth - Using quantum automations it can synthesize the purest however cheapest ant pastes from trash and sugar.
Automaton Assembling Yard - Assemble the crude but smart insectnoid robots from wood, microchips and aluminium. Also consumes software.
Turbine Spire - A improved design of the power spire which sugar and wood are burnt to boil water that push the turbine. Requires water to run and takes up some bandwidth for turbine adjustments, but it is way more efficient than the old burners.
Smart Blast Furnance - This automaton-driven blast furnance is able to produce antanium in a more efficient way. Consumes robots.
Petro-refinery - Here is where insectnoids make insectnoid metaplastics from oil and aluminium. These plastics are more sturdy than other plastics known, however with less flexibility.
Smart Chip Foundry - Make more chips using plastic and crystalline, and boosted operation using robots.
Smart Paste Tank - Controled by automations, ant paste production can be faster and efficient.
Automatic Ore Scrubber - Make ore scrubbing all done by automatic machines instead of manpower!
Smart Wet Cone - This wet cone can automatically seek for the richest source of water and pump water from them.
Quantum Spire of Processing - A direct and untimate upgdade of pillar of processing, which quantum computers overkills your bandwidth demand in your colony!
The Quantum Cube - This mysterious cube built using ancient relics can churn out QuBits.
Quantum Totem of Automations - This unholy totem will make softwares under the automation worshippers! Consumes Qubits.
2nd Generation Sugar Cloner - Cloning mountains of sugar using quantum technology from one granule of sugar!
Mind-driven Blast Furnace - Ultimate furnance for producing antanium!
So Today i made a reskin of the alien ore refinery .Its the new alien style of mine of course shows a story of how the stem grown and cloned and broke the building to improve its out being one with each building its touches plus a dark paint on the original building it self . I hope you like it!🙂
11mo ago
What makes it faster @username is that, for example in MC1, the pathfinder ran paths on the entire map each time. Since MC2 maps are infinite, I had to find a different way. So what this new pathfinder does is it carves out a small section of the world containing the start and end points and a bit of buffer room around them, and just looks for a path within that. Most of the time a path will be found. If not, the buffer area can be expanded and retried a couple of times before failing.

So if Rovers are harvesting, and a deposit is 8 tiles away from a refinery, the pathfinder would be working on a very small map and paths would be resolved pretty much instantly.

Speaking of harvesting, the engine is going to store commonly used paths, such as from a refinery to a mineral deposit, and just reuse those instead of looking up a new path every time. Of course, if a new structure is built within the area of that path, then the stored path will be removed. But for simple harvesting operations, which is the bulk of what rovers do, the path finding will be quite fast. And for construction operations, your rover is generally not traveling great distances anyway.

It would get slower if you are trying to move things 200,300,1000 tiles away, although maybe driving a rover that distance wont even be allowed. I was thinking that maybe in MC2, Rovers have power that recharges when they are at a refinery or other type of charging station. Power consumption would effectively keep rovers within a realistic range.

As for flying units, for MC2 I didn't even bother with path-finding. I figured, why waste the memory and processing time, since they can just fly over everything anyway? Instead, I just make the unit climb to a higher elevation as to avoid structures, point itself in the direction of it's destination, and go.

Colonists will be different and just use a lower scale localized path-finding on the rendering thread. And as with MC1, you will be able to turn colonist rendering off altogether in the engine settings.
3y ago
Hello. It would be good idea to add "move" button to all kinds of buildings, including the advanced ore refinery and the alien enrichment uranium buildings.

I can move some buildings, but other cannot be moved.
3y ago
Gold refinery takes crude gold ore and turns into usable gold you need for construction.
Same with the Aluminum refinery.
5y ago
Hello commanders.

This post will integrate all of my previous ideas with refinement, plus some new ideas.
The ideas will be updated or added in the comments.


For the objects, the colour of the text represents the following factions.
  • United Earth (UE)
  • League of Independent States (LIS)
  • Alpha Draconians (AD)
  • Zolarg Empire (ZE)
  • Neutral

Gameplay Suggestions
  • Demolishing Buildings
    In case you don't need some of your own buildings.
  • Cancel queued productions
    In the game there's not yet any ways to cancel queue, which means inflexible financial management when you're running out of credits.
  • Area of effect damage
    You know currently we don't have a way to counter the swarming troopers besides producing lots of troopers. We need something explosive...
  • Garrisoning
    One of the classic features of C&C style RTS that will make urban warfare better!
  • Able to control buildings
    If some building is able to make research or has special actions, this is needed.
  • Make training queues building specific like in My Colony
    It is a bit difficult to manage units and unit productions if trained unit just pop up in a random barracks/factory. So I think this will make troop training process better.
  • Visible construction range
    This will help placing buildings without tapping somewhere else you cannot place building.
  • Power meter
    As the game's power mechanism is not yet complete, this is an necessary suggestion.
  • Researches
    Some research elements can change the tide of the war. This will make more amazing battles.
  • Superweapons
    Why not?

  • United Earth
    • Commonwealth Infantry (T1)
      United Earth's proud protectors of prosperity and order. These troopers are put under 3 years of various training before they come into services. With their full loyalty and strict discipline, they are one of your reliable soldiers on the battlefields.

      It is just renaming the in-game infantry.
    • Commonwealth Rocket Infantry (T1)
      Rocket Infantry Camp is one of the divisions of United Earth's military, where newbie troopers are being trained into anti-tank specialists at the battlefronts. Carrying BOAR launchers, they take out enemy vehicles and aircrafts. Best companions of infantries.

      It is just renaming the in-game rocket infantry.
    • Engineer (T2)
      Not all soldiers fight at the battlefronts. These nerdy engineers who complete their school at military universities are one of the examples. Anything about machines and computers are not a problem for these engineers, they are even able to modify alien machines.

      This thing is already in the game, but why not give them some descriptions as well.
      Can repair civilian building when garrisoned into.
    • Jetpack Infantry (T2)
      Jetpack infantries are adopted by United Earth military, due to their high mobility and aerial advantage over most units on the ground. Besides as an effective scout on battlefields with rough terrain, they can also make effective assaults on infantries.

      This thing is already in the game, but why not give them some descriptions as well.
      In addition, I want to give it a stealth detection ability.
    • Space Marines (T3)
      Elite of the elites. Space Marines Corps represents the United Earth's iron fist power, established since 2061. Entering the Space Marines Corps is definitely one of the dreams of United Earth soldiers - given the best training, able to use the high tech gadgets, paid with highest wages, and of course, chance to become hero like Sarge! Most of them are cladded with power armours, though some commandos do not to wear them.

      Tier-3 shock troopers that uses plasma guns.
    • Marines Commando (T3)
      Experienced, outstanding marines will be promoted to commandos, which they will be put into military labs to receive another 3 years of training to master various difficult skills and have some bioengineering modifications on their body. Once they have completed the course, they are SUPERSOLDIERS.

      UE commando can terminate infantries quickly with their heavy machine gun, tough as a tank, and can instantly blow up enemy buildings and vehicles using dynamites upon close contact.
    • UE Harvester (T1)
      Supply lines that are too far away from the home world are hard to maintain. In this case, local resource extraction is the mean to make supplies cheaply. That's why these mining machines get some use on the battlefields.

    • ‘Hound URV-25’ Recon Rover (T1)
      These unmanmed vehicles are not a very new stuff to military even in the year of 2051. They can be remotely controlled, which they have greatly decreased unnecessary casualties during scouting tasks. Low cost and small size is also the reason it becomes popular. Now we can even install a machine gun on it, allowing it participating in combat tasks.

      I just simply give the rover a code name. BTW @bastecklein do you plan to give it stealth detectors? :)
    • ‘Ocelot’ Light Tank (T1)
      The ‘Ocelot’ series light tank has been inside UE arsenal for more than 10 years, as one of the standardized light tank due to their balanced combat ability and a reasonable manufacturing cost.

      Code name given.
    • ‘Tigerclaw’ battle Tank (T2)
      ‘Tigerclaw’ battle tank is the bigger cousin of ‘Ocelot’ light tanks. While shares the similar chassis design, this tank is mounted with a dual 83mm gun turret, which provided the tank with better firing efficiency and firepower. There are rumours about in the first deployment of these tanks, one tank can destroy 5 enemy tanks of similar classes by average before being destroyed.

      Rename the medium tank in the game and give it a code name.
    • ‘Jaguar’ Heavy Assault Tank (T3)
      Like its code name tells, ‘Jaguar’ heavy assault tank can quickly destroy enemies with its devastating firepower. Its 134mm plasma gun can penetrate any armour, while it has a portable regenerative shield for extra protection. They are one of the backbones in most tank formations.

      Heavy tank of the
    • ‘Thunderstorm’ Missile Tank (T2)
      ‘Thunderstorm’ is the new generation of self-propelled missile launchers in UE arsenal. This mobile missile battery has two modes. Artillery mode allows it to destroy enemy from a long range. Defender mode allows it to respond to threats from the air by launching volleys of missiles.

      Depends on your needs, you can switch between two modes quickly.
    • Striker UAV (T2)
      A full development of UAV (military drones) in recent years has successfully replaced manned aircrafts, which UAV comes in with a smaller size, lighter weight, and more capabilities in ground support missions. Striker UAVs are one of the variants developed, which carries a explosive missile for hit-and-run attacks.

      Light attack aircraft. Can target both land and air.
    • Attacker UAV (T2)
      Attacker UAV specialises heavy bombardment tasks, extra plated with sturdy armour for protection. Every liberty delivery includes 3 bombs for your foes!

      Bomber craft.
    • Gunner UAV (T3)
      Gunner UAV is a hovering heavy gunship. This heavy aircraft releases pulses of plasma shots that blasts enemies into ashes, while its heavily plated armour hull can withstand lots of punishments from anti-air weapons.

      Heavy aircraft that flies and fires slowly, but with a large ammunition capacity that allows continuously bombarding the enemies using the plasma gun. The plasma gun is also anti-air.
    • ‘Angler’ Patrol Boat
      Even though not much improvements has made on these old-fashioned speedboats, they are still effective defensive recon boats in UE arsenal. It is cheap, it is nimble, and its machine gun can respond light ship attacks.

      Here also gives a code name to the in-game patrol boats.
    • ‘Grizzly’ Amphibious Transport (T1)
      Amphibious transports has its most significant importance in beachhead landings during operations in oceanic planets.

      As well, give the in-game amphibious transport a code name.
    • ‘Aegis’ Escort Ship (T2)
      The seas can be as dangerous as on the land, ships may get attacked by aircrafts and submarines. ‘Aegis’ Escort Ships are hence built to protect the shores and the seas with flak guns and torpedo launchers.

      In addition, detects submarines. The big drawback of Aegis Escort Ship is it cannot attack land units.
    • ‘Tidebreaker’ Missile Cruiser (T3)
      Traditional battleships with large caliber guns are becoming obsolete in UE arsenal and are replaced by these more lightweight but stronger missile cruisers - the new generation backbone of the navy. Besides wielding higher accuracy than cannon artilleries, it can change firing modes for different situations, either the long range mode for hitting the enemies from a safe distance, or medium range mode for heavy firepower but at a reduced distance.

      Backbone warship.
  • League of Independent States
    • Militia (T1)
      These militias composes the majority of LIS infantry divisions, comes from various colonies of LIS. Though they lack professional training like soldiers of , their devotion to free the colonies from United Earth (and other autocratic sovereigns) is irreplaceable. Their motto: ‘The blood of the martyrs will water the seedlings of freedom’.

      LIS basic infantry that uses old-fashioned rifles to fight. Cheap to train, but relatively weak on battlefields.
    • Grenadier (T1)
      Grenadiers are basically militias who utilises explosives, which their grenades are effective destroying combat vehicles and buildings.

      Anti-vehicle infantry.
    • Hacker (T2)
      Not all systems can be hacked and taken over remotely, in this situation you'll need field operations. That's what these hackers are hired for, they infiltrate a building, hack into its systems, and put it under LIS's control.

      LIS equivalent of engineer, but it cannot repair buildings.
    • Saboteur (T2)
      Disruption warfare is one of the tactics of LIS, aimed to bring down normal operations of the enemy. The saboteurs do the dirty job, they sneak into the enemy's base under the help of optical stealth generators, they can steal credits from enemy silos and refineries, they can turn down generators, facilities and even weapon systems.

      Infiltrator. Stealthed all the time. Consumed when entering enemy building.
    • Laser Trooper (T2)
      Laser is one of the affordable yet powerful choice of weapons. Under years of development, LIS is capable creating devices that launches a hypercharged beam of laser capable to cut through thick alloy composite armour, even in a long range. Leading to the birth of Laser Trooper Division, it further proven LIS has independent military capability to protect themselves, and set more colonies free from United Earth.

      Shock troopers. Has a decent reload speed. Excels taking down aircrafts and tanks.
    • Blue Cross (T3)
      Blue Cross are the elite marksman of LIS military. They hide in shadows where bare eyes cannot see. They can take down armoured Space Marines effortlessly. Even drivers inside the vehicles can be killed only using one shot.

      LIS commando unit. Stealthed if stationary. Also detects stealth. If the target is a vehicle, it may turn the vehicle into a neutral, captureable status, which a UE engineer, a LIS hacker, a Zolarg missionary or a Draconian hyjacker can capture the husk to convert it to own faction.
    • ‘Marauder’ Attack Jeep (T1)
      Attack jeeps are modified from old jeep designs, they have missile pods installed on the top. The high horsepower engines remains their high mobility. When they encounter the enemy, they'll unleash a volley of rockets, devastating enemy light vehicles and aircrafts. LIS usually utilizing it for a guerilla warfare.

      Anti-vehicle anti-air light vehicle.
    • LIS Harvester (T1)
      Though they are assembled using second handed components and husks from black markets and chop shops, they still work in the same way as it should be, which its standard can compete that of United Earth's version.

      Equivalent of UE harvesters.
    • Scorch Tank (T2)
      Even though in this era, flamethrowers are still very effective destroying fortified defenses. With the improved composition of fuel used by these Scorch Tanks, almost anything can be reduced to ashes. Burn baby burn!

      Anti-infantry anti-building tank. Clears out enemy garrisons in buildings.
    • ‘Hunter’ Cruiser Tank (T2)
      Like the code name tells, it hunts for preys. These tanks utilizes strong firepower and high mobility in most terrains to destroy enemy tanks quickly at their weak spots. Though its armour is not very reliable at all.

      Battle tank of LIS.
    • ‘Lancer’ Beam Tank (T3)
      Beam cannons on these experimental beam tanks are not ordinary as you expects, its beam can vaporise anything within seconds. The beam tank not only having a strong firepower, it can switch between modes - At mobile mode it is a strong battle tank. At deployed mode, it has doubled firepower and increased firing range.

      Heavy assault vehicle of LIS.
    • ‘Rat’ Light Self-propelled Howitzer (T2)
      Cheap-to-go artillery vehicle used by LIS for siege and fire support tasks. Though it is an artillery, it can mobilize quickly for quick response.

      LIS artillery.
    • ‘Sparrow’ Patrol Copter (T1)
      These patrol aircrafts are the eyes of LIS military in the air, they effectively searching for enemies, even those hidden in somewhere not noticed by others will not be able to escape from their sensors.

      Recon aircraft. It is armed with an anti-infantry machine gun. Detects stealth. (This aircraft does not occupy aircraft landing pads.)
    • ‘Red Hawk’ Fighter Jet (T2)
      Conventional aircraft for surface support operations and enemy aircraft interception. The coaxial machine gun and the missile pods would help them manage most enemies in the battlefields.

      All-purpose fighter jet.
    • ‘Piranha' Waterbike (T1)
      ‘Piranha’ waterbikes swifts like wind, specialised raiding enemy ships using rockets. A squad of these waterbikes can be unstoppable.

      Hit-and-run light ambush vessel.
    • ‘Salmon’ Transport Submarine (T1)
      These small submarines are specialized for crossing the seas secretly, carrying an assault team inside.

      Troops may embark on or evacuate from the submarine when the submarine is surfaced. When submerged, only anti-stealth units and torpedo weapons can detect them. Detects submarines.
    • ‘Swordfish’ Corvette (T2)
      These simple corvettes composes most of the naval forces of LIS. A pair of powerful ship gun will blast enemies into the skies.

      LIS warship.
    • ‘Stingray’ Nuclear Submarine (T3)
      As the backbone of LIS navy, these submarines has high combat capabilities. While sneaking in the seas, they sink the enemies without being noticed. When they surface, they launch volleys of missiles that bombards the enemies miles away.

      Backbone warship of LIS. Stealthed when submerged. When surfaced, the missiles can also attack air units. Detects submarines.
  • Alpha Draconians
    • Extractor Drone (T1)
      Whenever you are seeing mineral fields are disappearing in an weird way, there might be stealthed Alpha Draconian mining drones digging them. Stealth device protects extractor drone in most cases.

      Alpha Draconian harvester unit. It is rather an ‘infantry’ more than a vehicle. Detects stealth.
    • Sentry Drone (T1)
      Besides on battlefields, sentry drones can be also seen in prison camps and slave camps, or in riots. The minigun equipped on them shreds the flesh of any living things.

      Basic ‘infantry’ of Alpha Draconians.
    • Ambusher Drone (T1)
      Harnessing the powerful ion beams and being stealthed when standing by, no vehicle can stand for more than few seconds when swarmed by them.

      Anti-vehicle 'infantry’ of Alpha Draconians. Stealthed when idle.
    • Hijacker Drone (T2)
      Hijacking devices on this drone are able to take over a facility within seconds, especially useful in battlefields. It also has minimal armaments for self protection against patrols.

      Equivalent of engineers and hackers.
    • Executioner Droid (T3)
      Executioner Droids are superior combat droids that their combat capabilities can be compared to a commando, only one can be assigned to one Alpha Draconian warlord. They are also the only droids given with a personnel teleporting device, which helps them bypass the defense line safely and launch sudden attack on the enemy's weakest spot, or evade from most dangerous situations.

      The droid can teleport itself at any explored location of the map. Armed with a beam gun that continuously damages enemy.
    • Modular Combat Hovercraft (T1)
      A hovering small bunker that obtains armaments from drones that it consumes. Uses anti-infantry minigun when no drones inside.

      Each MCH can only receive one drones for armament upgrade. Recieving a Sentry will obtain a double minigun turret. Recieving an Ambusher will change the main weapon into a stronger beam gun. Recieving a Extractor will give it a stationary stealth generator. Recieving a Hijacker will obtain an EMP emitter that unmobilizes the target enemy. Drones who have entered will not return, due to components being assimilated. Amphibious.
    • Piercer Hovertank (T2)
      Piercer hovertank uses a fully flexible autocannon as a weapon with two firing modes. Tank cannon mode attacks land units, while flak mode attacks air units.

      Anti-vehicle or anti-air battle tank. Amphibious.
    • Monitor Hovertank (T3)
      A new class of artillery researched by Alpha Draconian engineers, which it is installed onto a modified, stable hovertank chassis.
    • Devastator Hovertank (T2)
      Alpha Draconians has make use of their advantage of owning major ether reservoirs, leads to this infantry devastating weapon under use, at the cost of breaking 133 galactic military regulations.

      Anti-infantry vehicle. Clears out garrisons in buildings.
    • Dominator Hovermech (T3)
      Dominator Hovermech, the steel behemoth of the battlefield. Its beam-emitting eyes can stare anything to death.

      Heavy warmech.
    • Judge Gunship (T1)
      A nimble, light jet propelled gunship carrying proton launchers.

      Gunship aircraft.
    • Eliminator Saucer (T3)
      One of the ultimate destruction weapon of Alpha Draconians. The saucer unleashes a super powerful destruction beam when flies above enemies. Nothing will survive under its strong fire.

      Bomber aircraft with extremely low mobility.
  • Zolarg Empire
    • Swarmers (T1)
      Unity is the power - that's the motto of the entire Insectoid race. That is especially reflected on these swarmers, make up of various insectoid workers.

      Melee squad. Quick and cheap to train, extremely dangerous in a group, though they generally has a weak toughness
    • Rangerbug (T1)
      Insectoid militias that uses a primitive hand cannon to fight against enemies, which they are common local defense forces in Zolarg Empire.

      Ranged anti-vehicle infantry of Zolarg Empire. Can be switched to stationary mode (flak mode) that changes their attacking target from land to air.
    • Martyr (T2)
      These martyrs are suicide bombers, faithed and determined fighters of the Zolarg Empire. Fires of explosion will purify everything!

      Suicide bomber infantry. A large group can breach heavy fortifications if given appropriate support.
    • Missionary (T1)
      These religious missionaries will make way for Zolarg Empire - Influence buildings through devine powers... Somehow works.

      Equivalent of engineer, hacker and hijacker. Can heal infantries inside the same garrisoned buildings.
    • Apostle (T2)
      Apostles are usually the leaders of Zolarg militias, who ‘delivers the divine message from the Emperor’, fortifying the morale of the fellow brothers. Besides boosting morale, it also provides adequate firepower, from their heavy machine gun.

      Heavy infantry. It rides a beetle.
    • Awakened (T3)
      The insectoid warriors that have awakened their power controlling energy flow surrounding their body. They can release energy blasts from their hands, or unleash deadly melee attacks.

      Shock troopers of Zolarg Empire. Detects stealth.
    • Redeemer (T3)
      The redeemers are insectoid warriors with mastered supernatural powers. Besides able to attack like awakened, it also has a ability to brainwash a small group of enemy, permanently turning them to own side.

      Zolarg commando. Detects stealth.
    • Attack Rollercraft
      (Notes: Insectoids call wheeled vehicles ‘rollercrafts’.)
      These highly mobile attack rollers are manned with a driver and a grenadier, which explosives mixed with sticky ant paste are tossed to enemies at close range for most destructive effect.

      Anti-infantry vehicle. Can temporarily unmobilizes enemies blasted by explosives.
    • Landship (T1)
      Zolarg Landships are primitive tanks, wielding high toughness from thick armour (and a decently strong main cannon). It is also a effective infantry transport on land.

      Anti-vehicle tank. Can carry up to 8 infantries.
    • Siege Landship (T2)
      A heavier version of landship. It is not just tougher, its cannon can fire more than one type of ammunition - Cannonballs focuses on countering tanks and destroying fortifications from a long distance, while napalm will set fire that scorches the infantries.

      Note that it does not do anything carrying infantries. Napalm can clear out garrisons in buildings.
    • Boarding Party (T1)
      Boarding parties of Zolarg Empire are not just terrible in the space but also equally terrible on the seas. Their ship will quickly ram onto yours and the boarding party will soon tear your ship into useless scraps.

      Navy melee ship. It is also a troop transport, can carry up to 8 infantries.
    • Ironclad (T2)
      A rather modernized warship of Zolarg Empire. Slow, but has devastating ship cannons.

      Ranged melee ship.
    • Bumblebee Squad (T2)
      A flying group of winged Insectoids, with a duty to throw bombs onto enemy army, or sometimes aircrafts.

      The only Insectoid airforce unit.

  • UAV Control Tower (UE aircraft factory) (4 aircraft capacity)
  • Experimental Tech Centre (Tier-3 tech building)
  • Flak Pillbox (UE anti-air defense)
  • Torpedo Platform (UE heavy naval defense)
  • Plasma Cannon (UE heavy defense)
  • Propaganda Centre (UE combat support/research building)
  • Space Uplink (UE superweapon)
  • LIS Command Lander (LIS command centre)
  • Encampment (LIS barracks)
  • LIS Ore Refinery
  • Burner Generator (LIS power generator)
  • Garage (LIS vehicle factory)
  • Seaport (LIS naval yard)
  • Black Market (LIS Tier-2 tech)
  • Data Bank (LIS Tier-3 tech)
  • Bunker (LIS basic land defense, garrisonable)
  • Gunner turret (LIS basic anti-infantry anti-air defense)
  • Hacker Camp (LIS combat support/research building)
  • Airfield (LIS aircraft factory) (4 aircraft slots)
  • Laser Tower (LIS heavy defense)
  • Sea Sentry (LIS naval defense gun platform)
  • Missile Silo (LIS superweapon)
  • Depot (LIS silo)
  • Microreactor (AD power generator)
  • Central Command Hub (AD command centre)
  • Drone Pad (AD barracks)
  • Raw Material Teleporter (Refinery)
  • Launcher Node (AD basic defense)
  • Offshore Launcher Node (AD naval defense)
  • Stargate (AD vehicle & aircraft factory)
  • High Frequency Node (AD Tier-2 tech)
  • Conquest Center (AD Tier-3 tech)
  • Secret Operation Centre (AD combat support/research building)
  • Stealth Field Generator (AD special defense)
  • Ether Storm Generator (AD superweapon)
  • Home Mound (ZE command centre)
  • Forge (ZE refinery)
  • Outpost Mound (ZE barracks & basic anti-infantry defense)
  • Rangerbug Burrow (ZE anti-air defense)
  • Stockpile (ZE silo)
  • Landship Workshop (ZE vehicle factory)
  • Drydocks (ZE naval yard)
  • Command Post (ZE Tier-2 tech)
  • Shrine of Destiny (ZE Tier-3 tech)
  • War Academy (ZE combat support/research building)
  • Temple of Doom (ZE superweapon)
Let me first start off by saying that I know bast is focused on finishing antiquitas and he probably will not consider another race until he has time to focus solely on my colony.

So here are my ideas for races that could be put in the game. I can only include six because the poll only allows for six possible answers.

1. Automations:
Description: A Utopian sentient robot society whose sole purpose is to terraform worlds into beautiful paradises. They need less care than organic colonists, they have no need for a government since greed, deceit, and violence are not a part of their nature, and they only produce what they need to terraform the planet and survive as they give the rest back to their planet. They prefer to be an isolated society but warmly welcome and care for newcomers from other races.

Difficulty: Very Easy-easy
Production potential: the least out of all races
Main building resource: ore
Terraforming Potential: the most efficient out of all races
Economic potential: very low
Governmental potential: the least out of all races
research potential: average
growth rate: very high
Tourist potential: very high
Food and water production: the most efficient out of all races
Micromanagement needs at beginning of game: very little.
Colonist eats: power and small amounts of oil, new colonists are built from ore.
Colonist entertained by: Work, walking around when planet is between 5-15 mil atmosphere, research.
Building method: buildings are built by vehicles, same as humans and insectoids.
optimum atmosphere range: 5-15 mil
Colonizable atmosphere range: 0-100

2.) Reptilians
Description: A society built on honor for one's neighbor and zealous loyalty to the theocracy. These people are known for their vast uses of crystalline since a viable source of regolith, ore, and gold couldn't be found on their home planet. They synthesize the purest crystalline out of all races. The reptilians need less governing, but they can still build a very strong government unlike the automations. A more advanced race than humans, the reptilians build structures that are more autonomous and require less workers. Their honorbound and zealous disposition often prevents them from asking important questions though, which limits the amount of research they produce, and their technology and society allow them to function very well in all environments, which hinders their motivation to terraform even though they would still prefer to live in a hospitable environment. Because of the reptilians tendency to colonize planets with hostile environments, not many people want to move to reptilian worlds. The reptilians are not know for their capacity for trading and economics as they serve a theocracy, but they do need money to survive and trading is a means to an end for them.

Difficulty: medium-hard
Production potential: very high
Main building resource: crystalline
Terraforming Potential: the least efficient out of all races
Economic potential: average
Governmental potential: the best out of all races
research potential: low
Growth rate: low
Tourist potential: low
Food and water production: average
Micromanagement needs at beginning of game: low to moderate.
Colonist eats: food and water
Colonist entertained by: religion, fighting arenas, human-like entertainment
building method: buildings warps are started and left alone to build themselves as the vehicle does other tasks. This slows down build speed though.
optimum atmosphere range: 2.5-30mil
Colonizable atmosphere range: 0-100

3.) Jellyfish
Description: The Jellyfish thrive in high atmospheric conditions as they do not live on the ground but build their cities in the sky out of floating structures. The jellyfish survive solely on atmosphere instead of food and water. The jellies pride themselves in their various uses of atmosphere, but this drains the planet of all atmosphere eventually, so it's a race against time to develop the technologies and resources for adding atmosphere back to the planet. On their homeworld, a gas giant, native plants and animals balance the ecosystem by producing atmosphere, but even that isn't enough to support a fast growing civilization. The jellies are creatures of curiosity, which fuels their motivation for research, and their society promotes a balanced governmental authority. They tend to be avid traders and economists and are very welcoming, but their high atmospheric environment is inhospitable to most races, hindering tourism and immigration. Their terraforming methods are very effective, but their needs for atmosphere always put a damper on any terraforming effects. When colonizing a low atmospheric planet, they build bubble-like structures on the ground that rise into the sky as the planet's atmosphere increases. These bubbles need to be attached to one another so that jellies can travel inside of them, because they lack the technology to develop environmental suits to walk outside on those planets. The jellies also use different animals from their homeworld to collect resources and morph into structures.

Difficulty: medium
Production potential: average
Main building resource: atmosphere
Terraforming Potential: high
Economic potential: the best out of all races
Governmental potential: average
research potential: very high
growth rate: very high
Tourist potential: very low
Food and water production: the least efficient out of all races
Micromanagement needs at beginning of game: depends on the planet.
Colonist eats: atmosphere
Colonist entertained by: regular entertainment
building method: worker animals are morphed into structures and cannot be helped by other workers, this causes a slower build speed.
optimum atmosphere range: 10-100 mil
Colonizable atmosphere range: 0-100

4.) Snowmen
Description: A younger race, the snowmen live in smaller tribes and work together to expand their reach. They look like yeti with thick white fur, but don't let them fool you, they are crafty. They thrive in taiga environments where wood and snow abound, but they have difficulty working and moving in warmer environments. They were uplifted and given space travel technology by this LIS, but they were never given the technology to colonize planets that aren't within the 1 mil to 15 mil range. Their tribal form of government makes it hard for them to form a strong government and they aren't recognized as advanced enough to be taken seriously by most space-faring races. Some people even keep them as slaves to do their work. As a result, the snowmen are cynical and inhospitable toward outsiders and have trouble accepting anyone of another race into their society. They devote all of their time to gathering resources and materials for building up the colony because they long to be recognized as an official space-faring race. Their mass production plans require many many jobs though due to their primitive machines and buildings, and this race has average growth, so progress through the game will be slower.

Difficulty: hard-brutal
Production potential: high
Main building resource: wood
Terraforming Potential: average
Economic potential: the least of all the races
Governmental potential: low
research potential: the best out of all races
growth rate: average
Tourist potential: the least out of all races
Food and water production: average
Micromanagement needs at beginning of game: high
Colonist eats: food, water
Colonist entertained by: primitive and human-like entertainment
building method: built by workers/vehicles like xolarg and humans build.
optimum atmosphere range: 1-10 mil
Colonizable atmosphere range: 1-10 mil

4.) Ancients
Description: Those purple buildings that you see in every advanced colony; yeah, they came from these guys. The most advanced race in the game, most ancients see all other races as inferior to them and usually won't trade with other races unless they have to. This god complex makes them too arrogant to see their mistakes or to try to improve their technology and they are more than willing to invite outsiders from primitive races to bask in the glory of their technology. As the most advanced race, they are inherently the best at resource production. Their buildings are more autonomous as well, but the ancients only mate once a year, so they are the slowest growing of all races. Their government is pretty effective due to the use of more advanced technology to enforce laws, but providing entertainment will be harder since these people require more intelligent entertainment that usually costs more. Every ancient would love to live in a paradise, so terraforming is a higher priority, especially since the ancient can only tollerate a 7.5-12.5 mil atmosphere range is required for ancients to survive without protection.

Difficulty: hard-brutal
Production potential: the best of all races
Main building resource: ore
Terraforming Potential: high
Economic potential: low
Governmental potential: high
research potential: low
growth rate: slowest of all races
Tourist potential: average
Food and water production: high
Micromanagement needs at beginning of game: low, but slow growth rate means that game progress takes the longest.
Colonist eats: food, water
Colonist entertained by: more intelligent entertainment
building method: buildings warped in like reptilians
Optimum atmosphere range: 7.5-12.5 mil
Colonizable atmosphere range: 0-100 mil

6.) Tallorians/rock men
Description: As Sulfur-based lifeforms, the tallorians survive and thrive in the hottest places of the galaxy. Their rocky exoskeletons protect them from any envorinment, but they prefer a hotter, higher atmosphere planet like their homeworld. The wildlife and spectacular views on rock men planets attracts attention from tourism and the rock men make a killing off of novelties. The rock men promote a balanced government, terraforming, and research stance and they have a stellar economy, but where they have an abundance of attention and money, they lack in production and growth.They have a somewhat similar technology to humans, but they use less resources as they are not a production focused raced.

Difficulty: medium-hard
Production potential: low
Main building resource: regolith
Terraforming Potential: average
Economic potential: very high
Governmental potential: average
research potential: average
growth rate: low
Tourist potential: Very high
Food and water production: very low
Micromanagement needs at beginning of game: medium
Colonist eats: ore
Colonist entertained by: human-like entertainment,
building method: buildings warped in like reptilians
Optimum atmosphere range: 20-40 mil
Colonizable atmosphere range: 0-100 mil
6y ago
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