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Add Ore, Gold and Aluminum mines

Hi. I want the developer, @bastecklein to add mines to the MC2 game. This is where your rovers/miners will mine resources in spare, if you don't have any deposits near your territory anymore. Here are the costs for the different types of mines:
Ore Mine:
Ore +500
Gold Mine:
Ore +1200
Steel +120
Technologies required: Advanced gold mining, Advanced small scale construction
Aluminum Mine:
Ore +2500
Requires: Advanced chemistry, Advanced small scale construction, Advanced aluminum mining

Technologies for mines (Gold and Aluminum advanced mining):
Research +200 (Gold)
Research +750 (Aluminum)

I also want to add Gold and Aluminum refineries, which converts 1 Gold to 3 Gold (duplicates it), and 1 aluminum to 3 aluminum. Gold refineries cost:
Research: None
Power +8
Ore +2,400
Steel +80
Aluminum refineries cost:
Power +16
Ore +1200
Gold +850
Water +20
Microchip +200
Steel +4000

That is it for now, more will be shown about this later! Please reply anytime. Thank you.

Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
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