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Base Expansion and Building Ideas - Colony Wars

Hello commanders.

Today I would like to introduce my ideas for expanding the base, and some ideas for buildings!

For faction identifications, I’ll use colour of the text as follows:
United Earth,
League of Independent States,
Alpha Draconians,
Zolarg Empire.

Let’s begin with base expansion.
Currently the way expanding the base in v0.4.0 relies on building buildings in a dense pack (exclude the larger construction area provided by lander and naval yard).
So if we want to expand the base in a better way, we probably need something else.

Here are my ideas.
  • United Earth can still increase construction ranges by buildings, but I would like to have the range provided by buildings are larger.
  • League of Independent States requires Pioneer Rover deploy into a Pioneer Outpost to expand into other areas.
  • Alpha Draconians requires Command Node built within available areas, increasing the construction areas around the base.
  • Zolarg Empire has no restrictions of construction area. Buildings are deployed freely by various Worker Drones. For example, Aerohive Drone is deployed into a Aerohive (the Zolarg facility that produces airforce).

Next up, the buildings.
  • War Research Bureau (Tech II)
    The War Research Bureau brings blueprints and accesses to the high class weapons of UE armory.

    This UE tech building can unlock T3 contents. Model based on the Advanced Medical Research Centre.
  • Rocket Bunker (T2)
    The Rocket Bunker is equipped with rocket launchers. It’s capable responding threats from both land and air.

    It’s good against air units and decent against vehicles. However it can only target one unit at a time.
  • Land Fort (T3)
    Land Forts are heavy defense structure of United Earth. Equipped with 4 long range proton cannons it can bombard enemies in a long range.

    A very strong yet expensive land defense structure.
  • Drone Centre (T2)
    Drone Centre is a facility for building battle drones for air warfare and also the place for at most 4 drones to stand by.

    Air battle facility of UE.
  • Disruption Array (Superweapon)
    The Disruption Array is able to create a strange quantum phenomenon which will release a massive amount of energy, called the Disruption Burst.

    The primary superweapon of UE.
  • Warp Node (Superweapon)
    One of the secret dimensional weapon develoepd by United Earth, capable to teleport a small group of troops from a place to another without the need of portals.

    The support superweapon of UE.
  • Torpedo Platform (T2)
    The torpedo platform is a naval defense structure specialised for responding naval threats.

    The good news is, it can attack submerged units! Meanwhile the bad news is it’s neither anti-land nor anti-air.
  • Sensor Array (T3)
    The frequent stealth attacks launched by LIS makes anti-stealth devices a neccessity on frontlines combating LIS. Besides giving extra sight, it also detects hidden units.

    Special support structure of UE.
  • LIS Lander (Lander)
    “Time to give this piece of land a new meaning!” - LIS Lander deploying

    Resembles the UE Lander.
  • Infantry Camp (T1)
    The Infantry Camp manages both the militias and the mercenaries of LIS forces.

    Infantry training facility of LIS. Will looks like a pack of tents. Upgrading it will unlock T2 infantries.
  • Burner Generator (T1)
    The burner generator powers LIS bases by burning diesel.

    Basic power supply facility of LIS.
  • Watchtower (T1)
    These watchtowers are manned by LIS gunners. Although it’s not a very sturdy defense at all, but it has a good firing range and sight.

    Basic anti-infantry defense.
  • Garage (T1)
    The Garage produces LIS combat vehicles.

    Vehicle factory of LIS. Upgrading it will unlock T2 vehicles.
  • Hangar (T1)
    The Hanger produces LIS aircrafts needed for supporting attacks.

    Aircraft factory of LIS. Upgrading it will unlock T2 aircrafts.
  • Airfield (T1)
    An airfield can hold one LIS fighter or bomber plane.

    This is required in order to produce aircrafts other than Jetcopters if playing as LIS.
  • Drydocks (T1)
    The drydocks is needed for constructing LIS naval warfare vessels.

    Ship factory of LIS. Upgrading it unlocks T2 naval vessels.
  • Proxy Database (Tech II)
    The Proxy Database carries all protected military information of LIS. This facility is needed for producing T3 units.

    The only tech centre of LIS. Requires at least one upgraded Garage in order to build one. Unlocks T3 units like the Hacker and Solar Artillery.
  • Flak Turret (T1)
    Flak Turrets are used by LIS to combat against airforces.

    Anti-air turret of LIS.
  • Beam Tower (T3)
    The Beam Tower utilizes strong beams to destroy enemy forces effectively.

    Advanced defense of LIS.
  • Uplink Station (Superweapon)
    The uplink station calls the devasting Solar Cannon Bombardments, which a rain a rain of solar beams from the space.

    Primary superweapon of LIS.
  • Beam Projector (Superweapon)
    The Beam Projector creates a Beam Cage which will isolate the units inside the Cage from everything.

    Support superweapon of LIS.
  • Floating Bunker (T2)
    The Floating Bunker is equipped with pounder guns and anti-air flak cannon, an all-round naval defense.

    Can target an naval or land unit and an aircraft at the same time.
  • Pioneer Outpost
    This Outpost allows LIS forces to expand into further areas.

    Deployed by Pioneer Rovers. Adds a construction range around it.
  • Engineer Bay
    The engineer bay supports extra constructions of LIS bases and also provides repairs to damaged troops.

    Special support building of LIS.
  • Mother Command Module (Lander)
    MCM in short. This is the centre of a Alpha Draconian base.

    Resembles the Landers, deployed by construction probes. Upgrading this allows access to higher tier unit productions for factories within the range and new buildings.
  • Microreactor (T1)
    A tiny reactor that is powerful enough to power up common Alpha Draconian facilities.

    Basic power generator of Alpha Draconians.
  • Antanium Impactor (T1)
    Even on battlefields, this thing is still an imoortant economy building of Alpha Draconains.

    Act as a refinery.
  • Drone Pad (T1)
    Alpha Draconians warps drones to the battlefield like how they teleport drones to their colonies for resource collection.

    Infantry (drone) training centre.
  • Mecha Lab (T1)
    The place where Alpha Draconian mechas are produced for combats.

    Vehicle factory for Alpha Draconians. Also produces Draconian Orbiters (aircraft).
  • Sentry Module (T1)
    The Sentry Module deploys and resupplies guard drones which can take down enemy infantries.

    Anti-infantry and anti-air structure of Alpha Draconians. One Sentry dispatches 4 guard drones that fires rapid-fire blasters.
  • Ether Reactor (T2)
    The Ether Reactor is powered by Ether, which provides a even massie amount of energy needed by power-intensive units and buildings.

    Advanced power supply building. Strong explosion upon destruction.
  • Tesla Node (T2)
    A very power intensive defensive weapon which is lethal to almost everything.

    Advanced defense of Alpha Draconians.
  • Command Node (T1)
    The Command Node is required to expand a Draconian base.

    Provides extra construction range. Like Mother Command Module, buildings covered by the Command Node requires the Node’s upgrade to produce better units.
  • Draconian War Insitute (Tech II)
    The Draconian War Insitute provide access for Draconain commanders to the better ways of combats.

    Tech building of Alpha Draconians.
  • Electrosphere (Superweapon)
    The Electrosphere can fire a electron ball to release deadly discharges, while can also paralyse those survived and buildings.

    Primary superweapon of Alpha Draconians.
  • Nanocube (Superweapon)
    The Nanocube contains nanites which allows to put a tempoary invincible armour onto any steel (actually also works with concretes) claded objects. Anything biological will be killed as the armour coating is biologically harmful.

    Support superweapon of Alpha Draconians.
  • Shield Projector (T2)
    The shield projector provides a extra layer of defense to any Alpha Draconian base. If the shield is destroyed it’ll regenerate over time.

    Special support building of Alpha Draconians.
  • Command Post (Lander)
    The Command Post is the core in a Zolarg warfare.

    Deployed by the Queen drone, it’s same concept as the lander. However it won’t do constructions, instead it’ll create various kind of worker drones which deploys into buildings.
  • Sugar Burner
    Very ordinary power generator in any Zolarg colony and military base.

    Basic power generator of Zolarg.
  • Antanium Furnance
    Basically an ore refinery.

    Yes, an ore refinery. What else I can tell?
  • Barrack Mound (T1)
    There’s not much difference between a Barrack Mound and any ordinary mound in Zolarg Empire, except that there’s no Queen but officiers in Barrack Mounds.

    Infantry training facility of Zolarg Empire.
  • Watchtower (T1)
    Where soldier insectoids stays on duty to keep enemies away. One of them is a Rifle-bug and another being Grenadier.

    Land defense structure of Zolarg Empire.
  • Flak Bunker (T1)
    Flak bunker fires explosives mixed with ant pastes into the sky. Those aircrafts hit by these explosives not just have their hull damaged but also move slower.
  • Armourcrafts (T1)
    The craftsbugs in Armourcrafts builds crude combat vehicles for Insectoid soldiers.

    Vehicle factory of Zolarg Empire.
  • Aerohive (T1)
    The air swarms are breeded and trained here, which they are used for bombarding enemies.

    Aerohive is the airbase of Zolarg Empire, producing flying units.
  • Brood Training Centre (Tech I)
    In order to get the insectoid broods ready for field service earlier and the need for better tachics and weapons, the Brood Training Centre is needed.

    T2 Tech centre of Zolarg.
  • War College (Tech II)
    The War College provides full support to any Zolarg Commander who needs stronger powers.

    T3 Tech centre of Zolarg.
  • Boat Yard (T1)
    If you think Insectoids are afraid of the seas, then you’re wrong. They are ready to conquer the seas.

    Ship factory of Zolarg Empire.
  • Altar of Doom (Superweapon)
    The Altar of Doom is powered by the Zolarg Empire’s forbidden power - Antaura. Everyone who see it would feel like it’ll summon something that will cause a doomsday.

    Primary superweapon of Zolarg Empire.
  • The Tower of Mind (Superweapon)
    Anything that has a mind will never able to escape control from this Tower of Mind.

    Support superweapon of Zolarg Empire.
  • Shrine of Destiny (T2)
    The faith will keep your brothers going.

    Special support building of Zolarg Empire. It can boost up the training speed of units.

Hopefully you’ll like my ideas!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Colony Wars
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