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Rob said:It has my game as it says I have to pay a 1 quadrillion tax. But it says I can't play online game as dont have internet connection, but I do. Any help please!

Have you logged in to the app and then tried loading the game file?
Forget the tax just don't pay it lol
6y ago
With the latest version now live on chrome i wondered what every ones opinion i on the new layout?

Personally i like getting rid of how many decimal places it runs off, specially with some resources going past tens of millions it just makes it much more easier on the eye!

New storage method is now quite challenging.. Each building can hold a set ammount of the resource, so yes you can see what each building has stored in it but not a grand total left for that resource. Im currently searching how much space i have left for resources while getting the insufficient store message but to no avail. Does every one think you need to know your storage limit? personally i dont think you can manage your world without knowing it

The colour changes when in loss or full was also quite helpful!

If my undestanding is correct the new number next to the resource is the gain or loss per minute?
6y ago
Growing ever faster
6y ago
JaxxSilva said:Which part do you believe is trolling? The 100 for 100 for a valuable resources or the 3,000,000 per 100 high offer?

I can tell you the 3,000,000 isn't trolling - it's my offer - and when I posted it there were no relics being offered at the time so I posted it at the max I would have paid a few weeks ago when I really needed it. I'd be thrilled to sell it at that and am not using it as storage, if that was the case it would be one massive offer, not several smaller ones.

I'm with you on this one, some items there is a demand for so naturally people will bump prices..
Before my aluminium gens where built I'd pay 3-4k per 100 for aluminium just to get it quickly!

The 100 for 100 frustrates me as it just takes up space in the market for no reason what so ever... Wouldn't say trolling..
Just some one hoping they get lucky
6y ago
Wulfila said:Well, if you consider building more spaceports maybe the income will raise? Still testing this theory.

I've tried, deleted all space ports and hotels and I'm still at 74...
6y ago
Added em back for a " relaunch" pointless, 75 managed to get pulled in, deleted the hotel and apparently i can still house 1500 plus people!
6y ago
bastecklein said:I am sorry to the people still having issues with the game. Crashes have been higher over the last 10 releases, particularly on Android, as the size of the game is now starting to outpace Android memory allocations on many devices. I have been doing work over the last few releases to try to trim memory consumption and speed things up. Here you can see the crash rate on Android over the last few versions:

Yes it is still too high, but it is getting better and I will continue working on it with each release.

Javascript performance has also taken a hit with the new mitigation from the Meltdown and Specter bugs, and I am trying to work around those as well. Again, I am sorry for the issues. TBH this is probably one of the bigger Javascript based simulation games out there, but I really am trying to get it resolved. I am not ignoring the issues!

One thing that helps, especially on Mobile, is to not open up the in-app encyclopedia, as this has to queue up all of the graphical assets in the game, and there are now so many buildings in My Colony that loading the graphics will crash most devices, even higher end ones. I need to totally rewrite the encyclopedia, it's just a matter of priorities.

You are honestly a brilliant designer, this is truly the best game I've played in years!! Thank you so much
6y ago
You get more money from trade though!
6y ago
Kkearea said:I hope one of the fixes was the force close on Android

thatll be a good one, and the speed, i currently cant play on android due to speed and crashing
6y ago
bastecklein said:Today is a small quick update to My Colony, v0.59.0. There is no new content here. I am going to be busy for the next week here, so I did not have time for a content update, but there were a handful of bug fixes I wanted to get out while I had the chance.

This update includes several fixes, and also changes some of the default performance profile options for specific platforms.

More content to come in v0.60.0. Enjoy!

Any hint of what to expect ;) ???
6y ago
nunez499 said:Feel free to join FFF!

hey stop jumping in on my thread lol
6y ago
well i have deleted all my tourism buildings! cant seem to make any money from it
6y ago
Still no answer?
6y ago
I've got that problem atm.. There complaining about fatigue but work load has been on light for about two payrolls now...
The other is homeless, but no one is homeless...
6y ago
same question i cant find it!!
6y ago
Views on Tourism.

Currently there seems to be no profit margin in tourism.
I have 1500+ space for tourits
Multiple entertainments including malls, zoos, etc

How ever the most tourists ive managed to pull in at one go is 75. The total profit i made in total from tourism, 200k..
Considering how long ive had tourists for and my cities current GDP is virtually nothing.

Does any one have a profitable tourist set up? Have you even bothered with tourists? Let me know :)
6y ago
bastecklein said:Well it's still being worked out, but generally the schooling is not something you force them into. They will only attend school if they can't get a job, and when they are students, they are out of the labor force. So if a colonist is a student, they will not work.

Ahh so thatz why my schools where fuller when my employment was lower
6y ago
I have placed different buildings around. I set them in rows of 3, so 1 small then to the third biggest, the college just to make sure every one Can get educated, they seem to offer different levels of education!
Great update
6y ago
misteddawn said:To produce Antaura you are required to get independance.

Damnit thought so.. Ty
6y ago
Hi every one

Correct me if I'm wrong but I can't see any possible way to get Antaura without going independent.. The only ways to produce antaura without using antaura is after independence. Am I wrong with this?
6y ago


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