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I see this suggestion to be promising, I do have some questions about the fashion of how such a feature would be implemented. Firstly, while all gases do trap heat, some do it better than others, I think a better name for such a system you're proposing would be "atmospheric composition". Another detail about how such composition effects the world its in has much bigger consequences, assuming that the spirit of this is to increase some form of realism in the game, an atmosphere made of pure oxygen would be explosive... However you could also have an atmosphere full of carbon dioxide, though that doesn't simulate heat trapping alone very well either. Usually you could incorporate pressure, but then it raises the question, how much surface area is the planet, and how much gas do you need to effectively give it an earth like atmosphere, how do other types of gases react in a colonization environment? There's a lot of variables involved to get a realistic representation. So I think having atmospheric pressure being attached to a predefined constant wouldn't be able to make full utilization of all surface sizes, though if the surface is infinite, I think the constant should be a lot bigger to accommodate with surface size.

Onto the impacts of colonist health, though I think atmospheric condition sickness is a good idea, as long as they're wearing space suits, they shouldn't realistically be affected by the outside.

Going back to what produces these gases, some buildings will produce different gases/side products, as related to what they're making and how they make it. However, the surface producing gases is also dependant on the environment, usually this offgassing doesn't matter as it's balanced by some other force, however catalysts in a system can cause accurate offgassing (depending on the surface and environment). A real case being that, as temperature increases, the acidity of the oceans change, causing the solulability of water to reduce, therefore the ocean releases gases, promoting further temperature rise, causing a feedback loop.

Another thing I like the idea of, is the ability to offset undesired atmospheric compositions and pressure using buildings, it poses a quite creative challenge if these buildings produces their own side effects too, let's say a building that captures a gas might release another side effect, this results in building a network of buildings to create a balanced system.

I think for a system like this to work in theory, it'll have to be large network cause and effects to feel natural, encouraging some feedback loops, eliminating constants in the system as much where it can is the key to having a self evolving atmosphere and climate. That'll always present new challenges for the player. The effects of such a dynamic system would be a much more complicated case to work out, in theory as well as in programming. As I mentioned earlier, will increasing the oxygen in an atmosphere cause more combust related accidents to occur? Maybe propane makes up the atmosphere, and oxygen is needed as fuel instead.

Realism in these dynamic systems are difficult to program and might not even be computationally viable. But if done right using the correct data structures and implementation, it'll vastly enrich the game experience. If the point of this suggestion is to make the game to feel more realistic and indepth, hopefully this reply helps out .
1y ago
I also this can be done with no ice button, you could just expand the arguments that can be inputted into the terrain parameters, and allow the lowest slider input to not generate ANY ice
2y ago
As far as I am aware you only have the capabilities to export mods, not import them.
This is a problem, especially if you have to develop a bigger scale mod.
If there's something I'm overlooking can you please tell me?
2y ago
Lol, you are going to exhaust bast, at the rate of which you are giving ideas bast may forget some previous ones
4y ago
And regarding Asking, I've asked people in the FFF, Seems they can't join due to no charter being displayed

4y ago
@cry8wolf9 The problem with Multplayer Regions is the Charter Code isn't displayed
4y ago
Currently I have no idea on how to invite a fellow player into a private Multiplayer Region, And I could use all the help I could get on figuring this out.

Some fellow online federation members and I, would love how to get a little testing server for our idea coming up on the topic regarding MP Region, But Whats a Multiplayer Region when you can't invite others into it, as said by Bast, you could invite others into a Private MP Region, as well we don't want random players joining because it's public to the community.

I would be grateful for an answer very soon, as we would like to get cranking on this idea we have in mind ASAP. 🙂
4y ago
Thank you for the opinion, it will help the game feel more polished, If he decides to make it a feature 🙂
4y ago
This Suggestion to the game is regarding how to visualize where the problems are occurring and how sometimes you don't know which buildings contain most of the specific problem, as the only vague way of knowing is the pie graph, but where exactly are the services needed?

Lets start with the feature, a button could be added which shows a menu right below it, showing all corresponding problems civilians could be complaining about: Unemployment, Depression, Poverty, Fatigue, Uneducated, And Health.

When you pick one of these options You will see your colony but under a different perspective, Only residential buildings will be affected, and will appear as the color of the problem on the pie chart, using that color the building will get lighter if no problems are apparent or darker if it's severe, depending on severity of the problem. If it isn't a residential building or the ground it will recolor them gray.

This would help gameplay, and management because, these lenses will help you locate exactly what building/area has the problem, and the player will be able to build a service to fix the problem, without the feature the player would confusingly fiddle around services around until its "Good enough" Which results into wasting resources, time, and wouldn't be as efficient, all because this feature would be non-existent

4y ago


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