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A Way to Visualize All Problems.

This Suggestion to the game is regarding how to visualize where the problems are occurring and how sometimes you don't know which buildings contain most of the specific problem, as the only vague way of knowing is the pie graph, but where exactly are the services needed?

Lets start with the feature, a button could be added which shows a menu right below it, showing all corresponding problems civilians could be complaining about: Unemployment, Depression, Poverty, Fatigue, Uneducated, And Health.

When you pick one of these options You will see your colony but under a different perspective, Only residential buildings will be affected, and will appear as the color of the problem on the pie chart, using that color the building will get lighter if no problems are apparent or darker if it's severe, depending on severity of the problem. If it isn't a residential building or the ground it will recolor them gray.

This would help gameplay, and management because, these lenses will help you locate exactly what building/area has the problem, and the player will be able to build a service to fix the problem, without the feature the player would confusingly fiddle around services around until its "Good enough" Which results into wasting resources, time, and wouldn't be as efficient, all because this feature would be non-existent

that would be really a greatfeature to have in single map colonies!!! i am always wondering wher am i missing which amenity/service. would love to get a way to pin point it. i like the general idea, if bast is able to implement it or something similar, it'll be great!
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Thank you for the opinion, it will help the game feel more polished, If he decides to make it a feature 🙂
Finally we can see where’s the problem directly and not to search for it, that will further help to get da broblem fixed!
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