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RE:Unemployment+Buildings Not Working - Page 7

2019-03-21 09:36:29
hmm, though i see that you dont have lot of colonists, but the colonists get processed in batches. so when you do a fire drill, they all get kicked out but joining is done back in batches, hence can take a lot of time. i as well have a huge colony and do the fire drills frequently, but most of the time, in few hours, everything gets back to normal, with all colonists processed, and working. i believe, when you click on workers of the building, that batch gets forced to update itself and hence you see that first time there are no workers but second time, you see that its full. these are just from my general observations. see if waiting for few hours resets everything

RE:Unemployment+Buildings Not Working - Page 7

2019-03-20 12:35:41
What problem are you exactly facing?

RE:0.83.0 - auto trader changes for storage UP DATED witha better idea .!

2019-03-09 18:05:52
colbya said:ps 10 billion storage lol my guess is you starve the warehouses as After they are built running out of tritainum they still work .

lord must be close to 10k of them lol
ps I also dobbled the number of converter buildings with zero incress of resources had around 40 went to around 80 the max I bring in both times is 300 - 350 on the resource counter .

Not only do I have 10b storage but I have 10k trans Tri generators too. So am far from being starved. And I see you again tested the converters and found to see the change in input. I as well have recently started to work on them on my main

RE:0.83.0 - auto trader changes for storage !

2019-03-07 05:53:48
Build few maps of convertors and see how fast you get a billion AI. And honestly not just regions, but my main colony is a single map and I did reach 1b of a lot of resources, not AI and AR(had 200-300m) but AI was all produced by myself before converters came in. And yes, I do have 10B storage on a single map. Relics were easier to make with zolargs and a medium map easily gives around 10-15k per minute (converter map gives 75-85k per minute) depending on the layout you use. But honestly it's not impossible to get those amounts without importing/buying as I have done it myself and not on region but a single map. Even I had hell lot of wheel factories and got 100m in a week

RE:Aluminium Mine?

2019-03-04 18:02:35
then you cannot build aluminium mines

RE:Trade, Economy, GBT, etc

2019-02-28 19:42:25
the situation is very true. however, thats the perk of joining the discord server of a federation. Most of the small transactions are done in the servers, or within the CWs of active CW. yep, i do believe there should be something done to prevent such situation, but it would pu too much restrictions on GBT itself then, and hence, its usability might get reduced more. also after the addition of converters, the cost of most of the end game resources have reduced significantly and hence there price have been reduced significantly for higher amount of resources

Better storage, trading and import/export Capacity for zolargs

2019-02-26 14:29:22
Zolargs need a way better trading cap, especially with region now in game, and since zolargs themselves cannot consume much, need a way to dump the RSS. but the trade cap of million is too small, even the best storage can just fit 15k of all resources in a 2x2 square. also,the ships need a better storage too. i hope that these changes can be added before the trade routes are introduced

RE:Getting the In Game chat active

2019-02-23 22:56:08
glad to see that bast is not forgetting these minor suggestions :)

RE:Few balancing suggestions

2019-02-18 20:30:07
and then research converters come up...

RE:transferred files are corrupt

2019-02-16 14:01:17
try doing a cloud sync. thats the only way can transfer regions right now

RE:Ant Paste

2019-02-16 14:00:02
you can use it in synthetic textile mill


2019-02-16 13:17:00
also, the number of buildings in queue to get built as well affects the performance greatly, especially in case of converters, shipyards, obsidian factories, house of horror. but its only limited to few buildings, not all, which is a bit weird.

RE:Gold ore refinery broken

2019-02-15 15:52:19
It is a drop off point for the gold harvesters, where they drop the collected gold

RE:Workers off working and working bug v 0.81.0 - chrome

2019-02-14 15:19:02
Bast had said something about colonists being processed in batches. I think when a certain batch is processed, only then does it get added to the employment list/housing list. When you click stats, you might be forcing the game to refresh the stats of that particular batch of colonists. Though, this is just an assumption. Let's see what bast says

RE:Buildings downgrading or deleting after reload

2019-02-14 15:15:08
Try making a manual backup and load that file. To make a manual backup, on the title screen got 'more options'>'game data'> 'backup game file' and select the colony you are currently playing on.

Then follow the same path, but instead of making a backup, do 'restore game file'. And see if the saving works or not


2019-02-08 07:09:27
What does your approval pie chart show, what is the biggest concern and how much %

RE:hotkeys for resources and their implementation \

2019-02-07 11:11:45
any thoughts on this @bastecklein

RE:fed up with settlers

2019-02-04 18:09:19
you can check their savings. it its too high, they wont work. it usually stays stable around 40-60 but i have faced the problem when their savings went over 150-200

hotkeys for resources and their implementation \

2019-01-31 23:43:30
i would really like if the usage of keyboard is increased more in the game play, especially after opening the Stats, using the first letters to navigate within the stats, and then especially while gifting, or exporting/ importing; if the resource can be selected using the Keyboard, it would make our life a lot easier.

i propose the following Hot keys for selecting the resources

A=Alien Artifact




so me, @wubman, @SickSadSaint, and @Sobeirannovaocc were discussing on the topic, on how to make the game keyboard friendly, and less mouse dependent especially for the experienced players but still not let it be too confusing and tedious for the new players.

the first step would be to add another option to Toggle hot keys on/off .the default setting being Off so that the game in beginning is same as it is right now.

another addition would be to have a have a drop down menu and you can search resources like you do in the buildings tab. Just put in AL and it would come up with aluminum etc whenever you are importing/exporting/gifting

now when the hotkeys are off, the cursor would auto focus on the search box, and you can directly type the resource name without using the mouse.
when the hotkeys are toggled On just pressing the hot key for that resource would get you to to the gifting pop up box, or import/export that particular resource.

similarly, the hot keys can be used to navigate through the States and even when a colony's dialogue box is open:

M = message
G = gift
E = embassy
R=rescind charter
T=demand tribute
A=foreign aid

the hot keys in this case would appear if you bring your pointer over the symbol, and the 'name of the symbol, hot key' would be shown
hot keys for resources can be shown to the right of the resource name in the resource list while gifting

RE:Commonwealths page in the forum

2019-01-31 22:39:29
i like it, and support the idea!

RE:Broken Synthetic Textile mill

2019-01-31 17:32:51
the problem seems similar to the incarcinator problem, where once trash was completely used, they stop functioning

money loss in regions due to trailing payroll

2019-01-30 22:02:51
i just noticed that if you pay the payroll assistance in any of your maps, and eave the map soon after, the payment is added to your output even when you leave that particular map. unlike trades/gifts, which dont have any trailing gains even if you leave the map soon after accepting the gifts.

none of the maps taking major amounts of money have any money draining buildings. but the stats have been the same from pretty long time.

it must be noted that though once you enter back to that map, the output vanishes but if you exit it again, it might come back.

RE:My Colony v0.79.0 Released

2019-01-16 19:01:43
looks like there was some mess with the in game CW chat. this is what i see:

the top section is a really small part of the bottom left corner of my profile pic

RE:My Colony v0.79.0 Released

2019-01-16 18:26:31
Sounds real good!! and finally, i will get to use my 1T+ research lol

RE:My Colony waste management

2019-01-13 10:11:11
yep, a common issue. and am facing the problem too on regions. not sure if single maps have the problem though

RE:Synthetic Crystalline / crystal bot

2019-01-11 18:39:15
you need a regolith furnace, or a crystal-diamond reactor as a drop off point for crystals
look here for more info:

RE:Menu improvements.

2019-01-04 20:15:12
please place the center for relic studies under some category. cant find it unless you click the drones

RE:Schools not working correctly

2019-01-04 20:03:41
My colony had been dead for the very same reason and turns out, even gifting them 300 isnt changing any approval stats for my colony. i had to go back to 2 previous backups to finally find a running version of my colony.
i have had tried the steam, the native and the web versions and tested and experimented hell lot of stuff for almost a month but to no avail. the game was running at like 1 frame per 15-20 mins and after some time, it would just freeze to eternity, moving a few frames which i noticed just due to the GBT ticker. please look into this matter again


2018-12-28 06:25:11
Yes! It's just that lot of guys are still in the Christmas festivities. But you are welcome to join the NOZ my colony community!!!

RE:Colonists are keeling over left and right.

2018-12-27 07:45:31
If you had an approval drop, and looking at your unemployment, I believe you would have had faced one, leading cause being uneducated. Due to the low approval, most of your colonists would have started protesting and their protests go on unless they are cleared/showered with money or they die. If your health has dropped, it was due to the protestors' dropping health.

Now to solve, first get your unemployment down to zero and drop few coins on your colonists. 300 coins per colonists usually brings back approval to 100 but after the .77 update, it seems to not be functioning in the same manner but it still helps.

Build tons of hipster bars and medical centre near the site of protests and see if it helps