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RE:My Colony waste management

2019-01-13 10:11:11
yep, a common issue. and am facing the problem too on regions. not sure if single maps have the problem though

RE:Synthetic Crystalline / crystal bot

2019-01-11 18:39:15
you need a regolith furnace, or a crystal-diamond reactor as a drop off point for crystals
look here for more info:

RE:Menu improvements.

2019-01-04 20:15:12
please place the center for relic studies under some category. cant find it unless you click the drones

RE:Schools not working correctly

2019-01-04 20:03:41
My colony had been dead for the very same reason and turns out, even gifting them 300 isnt changing any approval stats for my colony. i had to go back to 2 previous backups to finally find a running version of my colony.
i have had tried the steam, the native and the web versions and tested and experimented hell lot of stuff for almost a month but to no avail. the game was running at like 1 frame per 15-20 mins and after some time, it would just freeze to eternity, moving a few frames which i noticed just due to the GBT ticker. please look into this matter again


2018-12-28 06:25:11
Yes! It's just that lot of guys are still in the Christmas festivities. But you are welcome to join the NOZ my colony community!!!

RE:Colonists are keeling over left and right.

2018-12-27 07:45:31
If you had an approval drop, and looking at your unemployment, I believe you would have had faced one, leading cause being uneducated. Due to the low approval, most of your colonists would have started protesting and their protests go on unless they are cleared/showered with money or they die. If your health has dropped, it was due to the protestors' dropping health.

Now to solve, first get your unemployment down to zero and drop few coins on your colonists. 300 coins per colonists usually brings back approval to 100 but after the .77 update, it seems to not be functioning in the same manner but it still helps.

Build tons of hipster bars and medical centre near the site of protests and see if it helps

RE:how to get 100 crystal for crystalline synthesis tek earth - for off line play ?

2018-12-24 05:50:00
I think you should be able to import it

RE:Always make sure

2018-12-23 04:19:47
If for the first paragraph, if there's not enough power provided by non-solar buildings, the all of the buildings would shut down due to power shortage.
If the storage is less then the resources you have, first the resources would stopped to be produced, then if you have the resources 10k above the storage limit, then it would start decaying and you will start loosing the resource.

Now having jobs less than housing, you will face the education bug and your approval would drop due to uneducated

RE:Few balancing suggestions

2018-12-23 04:04:47
Yep, it would be unwise to nerf them completely before there are suitable replacement for them. But I wanted to pull the attention towards this for future updates as am seeing more and more contents coming for those civilizations. But as you move towards this, you can slowly nerf(reduce the production stats) in stages so that in the end, it does not become too big a nerf altogether.

RE:problem in sending and receiving messages

2018-12-22 14:27:57
This big still exists..

Few balancing suggestions

2018-12-22 13:32:47
I feel that as we are moving towards making all the races be on the same levels and I feel, you as well feel that all the races to have equal growth opportunities. With this, I would like to bring your attention to few buildings that just are way too powerful and can even break the markets.

I would take only 2 main examples here: The unholy core mine(zolarg) and the raw material extractor (darconinans).

In my honest opinion, it just feels like they were made early in the game and there wasn't enough time then so everything important was just mixed together and made in the same structure for convince sake. But looking at their trading capacity then, they couldn't do much with those resources. however now, they have become way more open to trading and I hope to see the trade cap rising more for most of the civilization with trade routes coming in.

I also believe this is one of the reasons why these civilizations didn't get much focus. If different resources were produced by different structures, there is way higher scope for variety and paths to choose from as to where one wants to go in the end game, rather than just spam building the same building.

Hence, To even out the game on all civilizations and to provide incentive to 'keep on' playing the civilization, I feel there is a need to nerf those buildings and and others similar to them.
Like the unholy core mine would just be producing relics and maybe clay, similar to UDD in human world. The rest all resources can be produced by other buildings and can have different tiers, especially for ore, gold and aluminium.
Similarly the stats of the Raw material extractor can be changed to use way less energy and produce the basic resources like ore, gold, or just obsidian/uranium and the other resources can then have their own buildings to produce them.

If you accept these suggestions, I can work more on how each of these resources are made and a whole new plethora of buildings in both zolarg and darconinans can be introduced.

I do understand that it would hurt a lot of already existing colonies in these civilizations but I am sure that most of the people who grew big in these civilizations had a main human base and zolarg and darconinans werenmajorly secondary base.

And one more suggestion especially for darconinans is the need for a building that produces crystals. It's almost impossible due to lack of crystals to expand your colony much as most of the the buildings basically work on crystals.

And a last one, that I believe might have mixed views, is making few resources exclusive to that particular civilization, or maybe making that resource easy too hard to produce in other civilization. Like zolarg make relics really easily but for humans, the cupcake factory literally reduces your GDP, and on zolarg end, it's too hard for them to produce AA. The only thing that is lacking here is though that humans need relics to get the AA, but for zolarg, AA is useless! So no one bothers to make them but humans have a real hard time

The base for all of these suggestion was to keep the games economy balanced and to increase trading amongst different players of various civilizations

RE:Remove education? - Page 2

2018-12-22 12:54:54
You can do that if your colony is small or even average. If a person has over 100k or even above 50k colonists, the mass genocide is not a feasible way to solve it. And once you cross a 500k or even a million, I don't think you would ever like to see any approval problem. It just kills the game. However there are still ways to fix the education bug ;)

RE:Game title screen won't load - Page 4

2018-12-21 15:38:56
Yep, and both local and the roaming folders, I basically deleted the entire folder named my colony but I think I deleted a lots of extra stuff too that I shouldn't have had. Let's see if I face the problem again though, would look in more detail. However I did this after a reinstalling the game

On site Messaging not of your own CW but parent CW

2018-12-21 14:03:59
i opened my own colonies' website and saw that the CW chat is of my parent CW rather than My own. however when i opened one of the colonies who got independence from me, they show the chat of my CW. please look into it.

RE:Game title screen won't load - Page 3

2018-12-21 08:24:58
one of the members suggested to manually delete the stuff in app data, the My colony folder in both local and roaming folders in it. it started working but i lost most of my progress in my zolarg region, as i had to go back to a previous backup.. but atleast the game has started working!

RE:Game title screen won't load - Page 3

2018-12-21 08:23:24
the last error log was on 3rd December named `my-colony-v0.76.0-error` which stated
```v0.76.0 1543861400235 utils.js: 409 Uncaught The "path" argument must be one of type string, Buffer, or URL. Received type undefined```

however i found one more file under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\My colony named 'debug' which was modified on 16th december which said
```[1107/] Settings version is not 1
[1108/] Settings version is not 1
[1108/] Settings version is not 1
[1108/] Settings version is not 1
[1108/] Settings version is not 1
[1108/] Settings version is not 1
[1109/] Settings version is not 1
[1109/] Settings version is not 1
[1109/] Settings version is not 1
[1110/] Settings version is not 1
[1110/] Settings version is not 1
[1110/] Settings version is not 1
[1110/] Settings version is not 1
[1110/] Settings version is not 1
[1113/] Settings version is not 1
[1115/] Settings version is not 1
[1117/] Settings version is not 1
[1118/] Settings version is not 1
[1118/] Settings version is not 1
[1118/] Settings version is not 1
[1118/] Settings version is not 1
[1121/] Settings version is not 1
[1122/] Settings version is not 1
[1122/] Settings version is not 1
[1123/] Settings version is not 1
[1123/] Settings version is not 1
[1123/] Settings version is not 1
[1124/] Settings version is not 1
[1126/] Settings version is not 1
[1126/] Settings version is not 1
[1127/] Settings version is not 1
[1127/] Settings version is not 1
[1128/] Settings version is not 1
[1128/] Settings version is not 1
[1128/] Settings version is not 1
[1129/] Settings version is not 1
[1130/] Settings version is not 1
[1130/] Settings version is not 1
[1201/] Settings version is not 1
[1201/] Settings version is not 1
[1204/] Settings version is not 1
[1210/] Settings version is not 1
[1211/] Settings version is not 1
[1215/] Settings version is not 1
[1215/] Settings version is not 1
[1216/] Settings version is not 1```

RE:Game title screen won't load - Page 3

2018-12-20 10:36:18
@bastecklein am having the same problem in steam version, and the problem still persists for wubman. as for chrome, as soon as i enter the game, it freezes. but i would focus on my steam version first. please do look into it

RE:Multiplayer Regions?

2018-12-17 12:12:13
i would really love the feature. but one main concern to think on would be, what if one of the players gets inactive? i really love the concept but if a region gets filled with dead cities, it wont be as much fun. maybe, you can annex the other cities created by the friends, might cost civics, rather than free creation of cities on region. and again. if its a group of players, a single region might not be enough :P
later on, if region can as well be expanded, it would be cool but thats too far fetched rn.

also, as you are working on trade routes, and you have mentioned that starships will finally have some use, maybe inter-region trade routes can be done without them, for they are in same region and you don't need a starship to transport good.

RE:Education Protests

2018-12-16 04:57:07
Might look at this thread

RE:Schools not working correctly

2018-12-15 10:49:41
look at the number of jobs you have that dont require any IQ. if its less than the number of colonists you have, then that might be the reason. also look if you have enough schools and colleges that provide the required IQ level. keep the schools in close by range to houses and work place. as far as i have seen, the colonists search for jobs applicable for them first(non IQ required jobs), if they arent available, then they search for a school that they can get in. remember, even schools and colleges have a minimum IQ required for students to get in. after they get eductated from school, they again search for Jobs with either no IQ or whatever jobs in IQ range they fit in. if they fail to do so again, then again they hunt for even better education and the cycle continues even when they have the highest IQ(300) but if no job is available, they would be searching for schools
If you have more questions, feel free to ask in our discord server

RE:Can't reconnect to online games (Steam version)

2018-12-12 19:48:43
looks like i too am having the same problem. cant access on web either though
Edit: Nvm, it started working again

RE:Save file corrupted

2018-12-07 19:53:19
its a real sad and unfortunate thing to happen and most of have been a victim to it. i would just say that dont mess with the backup files, and if you need any help starting a new colony, i can help you a lot ;)

RE:Random hang in My Colony in Ape app launcher

2018-12-07 19:40:06
okay, so was the deportation of those people was what caused the mess? and should i go back to previous backup, i wont be loosing progress, just am not sure if the population as well is updated with engine. also do look into the progress not saving thread in tech help as am facing same problem rn
also i hope .77 version fixes it. i must say i have seen many improvements and i hope you keep on working on them. dont think i could have gone this far with the population i have without your continuous bug fixes. i do hope you guide me a bit what needs to be done after .77 version is released

RE:Chat Tag

2018-12-07 19:31:07

RE:links testing

2018-12-07 19:28:53

RE:Commonwealth of [NOZ]Invincible recruiting!

2018-12-07 19:15:16
one of the largest single map player and ton of experience! everyone is welcome to join!!

RE:Unable to save on Chrome

2018-12-05 03:44:19
The exactly same thing is happening to me too. Just my resources used/bought are saved, nothing else is saved even when it says game saved

Random hang in My Colony in Ape app launcher

2018-12-04 10:09:30
everything was going good in my colony, until i started deporting folks out of my colony. i deported 10 k each time, and returned to title after each deportation. after deporting around 100-150k people. i kept of gifting $300 to my folks so that i don't face any approval issues. but as i was in middle of the process, i started having random hangs and i had to force close the game. the game runs like butter without any lag and suddenly, hangs out of no where
I tried various things, that i had used earlier to prevent hanging, like as i said above, my approval was at 100. to check if payroll is causing the hang, turned off the auto payroll, but soon i got the notification for paying workers, and it payed the workers properly, with a small freeze which was common before too. i tried keeping immigration on and off, the hang still eventually came. i have more housing and jobs than my population so i don't think there should be any problem there. i also checked the stats of my cpu and memory usage, but nothing spiked or different was observed in statistics.

the graph is for CPU usage stats. the drop in the graph after which it even out is when the game hangs. the RAM has a similar graph.
there was one more theory that was told to me, that the lag might be caused due to the tick cycle, when the statistics
get updated, but i cant test that theory.

the interesting thing is, when i opened the game on browser, am not facing any of the hanging issue! browser has had no issues in the messaging either as i had posted in my earlier bug report. but there is one thing that is stopping me from using browser.. the game progress is not getting saved. all the resources are all there which i believe is due to them getting synced with the server, but anything that i build or deleted, it doesn't go after restarting but the resources used to make them are gone.
please see if there is anything i can do or needs to be done. for i have just recently done a huge investment in game. wont like to loose it.

on side note, i still have a backup of the time before i started deporting people for i knew i would face some problem. but with the recent game changes, am not sure if previous backups are still working properly, so am not playing that card just yet

platform: Ape App launcher on windows 10
My colony is in .76 version

RE:Paying workers freezes game

2018-12-01 11:40:59
i too face a sudden lag when am about to pay my workers. honestly, any change related to my population causes a small freeze. i might just be that i have a bit more population. but the lag happens when i pay workers, tax them, gift them and deport them. deportation however had the most significant freeze as far as i have observed. the more number of people you deport, the longer is the freeze duration

problem in sending and receiving messages

2018-11-30 13:28:20
from the .75 version, i haven't yet received any messages in game from anyone except when someone joins the CW. few of the messages from my embassies (not all) go into the forum mail, however most of the mails just get vanished. and its not just me but many other players too!

however one interesting thing that i saw was when i opened my save in the web browser, all the mails of Forum and even few that weren't in forum mail popped up in the messages! do look into the matter