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RE:EP2 - Frameworks, My Land, and My Empire

2020-05-04 00:54:31
@bastecklein I really want more content for My Land, right now there is no sense of progression. If you don’t want to work on the game very much or simply don’t have the time, would you consider making it open source code? If that would hurt you revenue too much, than at least let me help you maintain the game. I wouldn’t want any money, I just want to be able to add things to the game.

RE:Epic Adventure v0.9.0 Released

2020-03-05 16:52:44
I can't find any caves :(

RE:Epic Adventure v0.9.0 Released

2020-03-04 17:18:34
And how do biomes work? Do you just make a giant grid and asign a random biome to each location? That would be bad. Do you have biomes that are allowed near other biomes and only those and its mostly random? That would be better but its still a bad system. Having a overlay of humidity and of temperature made with perlin noise that is used to decide where to put biomes would be better. Personally, I don't have biomes per say, different plants and soil will grow in different temperature/humidity. @bastecklein


2020-03-02 17:04:48
good idea!

RE:Epic Adventure v0.9.0 Released

2020-03-02 16:46:29
@bastecklein so you are going to store the time that it last updated and when you are near something it will grow if the current time is higher? Thats a pretty good system! I think terraria does something similar. The main issue I see is that it makes world size bigger so you might not be able to store the worldmap in local storage as cookies (not that thats the best idea anyway). Well, good luck!

RE:Epic Adventure v0.9.0 Released

2020-02-29 00:38:21
How are you going to handle the growing system? Is there going to be a large update every minute where everything updates, or is only stuff near people going to grow? I took the first aproach in my game but the inevitable lag spike can be annoying

RE:My Land v1.32.0 Released

2020-02-13 17:16:16
More suggestions:

Sugar cane that grows super duper slow unless its near water than it grows at the speed of carrots.

A sugar cane processor that turns sugar cane into sugar

An oven that turns wheat into bread without having to buy premium, slower than bakery and without other benefits.

New items: Apple pie, corn flour, corn bread

Seed items for all the crops.

Seed processing facility that grinds 10 crops to make 1 seed. An upgrade that uses 5 crops and a further upgrade that uses 2, just replanting the harvested crops is OP.

A menu with options on what to process so you can switch between making wheat or corn flour in the mills, and making bread, cornbread, or apple pie in the ovens. Also lets you switch what seeds you make

Make trees grow a bit slower, they feel too fast

RE:My Land v1.32.0 Released

2020-02-13 17:11:06
I have a suggestion to improve seasons:

Instead of having seasons be based on real seasons, make seasons be on an in game clock that takes about a week to change season so in exactly 1 month a full season cycle happens. Start a new game always at the start of spring, and change growth rates of crops based on the season. So for example most crops would grow at quarter speed in the winter and half speed in the fall and 75% speed in spring, but pumpkins would have 100% speed in fall, 75% in winter, and half speed in spring and summer

RE:My Land v1.32.0 Released

2020-02-13 01:34:11
Yay!! Epic

RE:New Planent type - Taiga

2019-12-27 17:41:40
I like it!

RE:Water World Improvements (Needed Please Read)

2019-12-27 17:40:12
Trenches are basically playable water so that we can have the stuff on other planets and can change the terrain. You are right that floating platforms is bad so with a ton of ore we shoukd be able to make new land

RE:WILDLIFE & ECOLOGY! (+ Terraforming rework)

2019-12-27 17:37:26
Yay I like this idea

RE:Major Work/Entertainment/Housing/School/Medical Changes for v1.0.0

2019-12-14 17:50:24
Conco2 said:@bastecklein Great update this will help the performance I can see it now running my 200K city smoothly!! But I do have to say that Mass Transit show be released alongside this as it will break most cities since most colonists won't want to travel 100 tiles to a Job in a megacity or end-game city. Since this will likely happen Mass Transit is the only fix other than tearing up the whole city (which isn't an option for things like Starship maps). Love that you decided to overhaul the colonist don't get me wrong it just seems like Mass Transit would be an absolute necessity as soon as this comes out.

SIDENOTE: maybe in like 1.1.0 you could add multi-planet colonization make it cost 1Mil-Starships to start. And when you first send the expedition you can send resources with it that you have to use to build and to transfer resources back and forth you have to build a starport(or a new building) on both colonies. But I will cost starships to do so.

Cool idea! I agree!

RE:5000 topic legendary

2019-12-02 23:18:33
ahh ok

RE:Multispecies Colonies

2019-12-02 23:16:57
I mean like unlocking their tech and building a colony that has stuff from all races

RE:negative atmosphere

2019-12-02 21:34:43
I have no idea what happened. Bast won't help unless you explain everything in relation to the problem. did you build atmosphere scrubbers/atmosphere condencers? when did you notice the problem? game version?

RE:Giant Idea Collection!!!

2019-12-02 20:50:20
Invincible said:Wow!! am surely taking texture packs that you will mak! good ideas too. will add a nice diversity

Thank You!

Do you think the ideas would work in the game, or do you think they are too crazy? I am hoping Bast will add them since I am making the stats and textures.

I decided I will release multiple texture packs:
-Avians and Soaring Cliffs Texture Pack
-Gas Giant and Geyser World Texture Pack
-Aquatic and Miscellaneous Texture Pack

The avian and soaring cliff one I will release soon!

RE:Alternate Use for LIS Abandoned World ether

2019-12-02 17:04:26
I think it’s not fair that humans can’t collect ether, a super advanced building song tritanium and ant paste should be able to slowly collect ether.

RE:Fish stuff for Zolarg!

2019-12-02 17:02:26
Yes yes yes! Great ideas!

RE:Giant Idea Collection!!!

2019-12-02 16:12:29
IzDaBait said:>bump< this is awesome!

Glad you like it! Hopefully Bast adds this!

Do you think I should upload the texture pack?


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