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RE:My Land v1.27.0 Released

2019-06-11 17:29:48
Oh and @bastecklein why is there no news page for this?

RE:My Land v1.27.0 Released

2019-06-11 17:29:47
Oh and @bastecklein why is there no news page for this?

RE:My Land v1.27.0 Released

2019-06-11 16:08:30
Oh and can you release the game on steam? If you do it like my colony this would allow me to buy premium. (I am not allowed to just give money to some website like ape apps, but on steam and IOS I am allowed to make purchases.) I also would like to have the game in steam just because having games in steam is cool.

Thanks for reading!!

RE:My Land v1.27.0 Released

2019-06-11 16:03:28
Wait... Why is the bakery premium? The flour mill is not premium but it's useless without the bakery. Can you at least make a basic bakery that is not premium? Maybe one that makes the bread but won't sell it to visitors?

RE:My Land v1.27.0 Released

2019-06-11 15:53:32
I am very exited about this!!!

Keep up the good work @bastecklein

RE:start a convo

2019-06-08 18:08:16

RE:My Colony v0.88.0 Released

2019-06-08 02:38:01
Yay that's cool

RE:New Ideas for the terraformation aspect of my colony

2019-06-06 12:54:33
The entire idea is amazing!!!!

RE:Make mobile app for my Colony chat, and other chats

2019-06-03 23:03:36
@Invincible that feature appears to be broken, contact @bastecklein about it

RE:Make mobile app for my Colony chat, and other chats

2019-06-02 22:57:22
I agree

RE:My Land v1.26.0 Released

2019-05-30 19:28:26
No one is going to notice the update if you don't put it on the news feed on the front page

RE:My Land v1.26.0 Released

2019-05-30 18:46:43
Balancing issues:
1. Planting crops from the harvest is actually really overpowered. I think this needs to be rebalanced by making a building that can turn 3 crops into 1 seeds(new item, 1 for each crop) and there are more expensive upgrades for 2 or even 1 crop into seeds, right now it's unbalanced.
2. Apple trees grow too fast before they start giving you large profits. Either make apple trees grow slower or reduce the profits of an apple from $8 to $6

RE:Genetical Modification

2019-05-29 23:46:59
The bigger crop could make it give a double yield, using the new items system

RE:Plants and Machines

2019-05-29 23:41:28
I also just though that aside from bread we could have apple pies and pumpkin pies

RE:My Land v1.26.0 Released

2019-05-29 20:27:10
Ohh, Ohh!! And using carrots to make pig food to refill pig feeders for free!!

RE:My Land v1.26.0 Released

2019-05-29 20:26:47
Also if you make bread also make cornbread

RE:My Land v1.26.0 Released

2019-05-29 20:13:31
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! now wheres my credit card? gotta go buy premium for this game!!

Anexing Land

2019-05-28 22:23:11
Suggestion for my land:

We should be able to buy new adjacent properties and have a bigger empire. When you buy a property adjacent to the original, its $10,000. One adjacent to one of those is $20,000. One adjacent to THOSE is $30,000. This pattern continues, adding $10,000 each additional layer. When annexing land, it would have fences next to yours, as if it was a completely new game. However, these fences will now be erasable. On the sidewalk side, it would work similarly but these sidewalks cannot be destroyed because it is the public road. If you would want to be able to connect the two sides, look at my verticality suggestion.

Better Water

2019-05-28 22:17:26
My Land Suggestion:

Deep ditches: Similar to a ditch. When empty cannot be crossed, and when full irrigates twice as much, and counts as 2 ditches for windpump fill limits and for land attraction value. Costs $25.

Windpump Limit: 10 ditches.

Advanced windpump: Costs $500. Can fill 25 ditches instead of 10.

Bridge: Built on ditches. Works like a path.


2019-05-28 22:07:38
Suggestion for my land:

We need new animals and new uses for animals.
Game mechanics:
Zoology value: Similar to attraction value, will attract people to your land as visitors. Independent from the attraction value.
Max Visitors: Will be doubled, and the 120 new ones will be for zoology not for attraction.
Carnivorous Animals: Will eat other animals, increasing in value by 10% of that animal's value. Can also eat from a meat trough.
Scavenger Animals: Will also eat carcasses and eggs, gaining 20% of eggs value or 1 value per carcass.
Omnivores: Work as carnivorous and also as normal animals. Can be scavengers as well.
Normal animals will eat crops.

Duck: Similar to chicken. Lays duck eggs worth $5 each and will increase land zoology value a little. Can go through water as if it was land.
Wild Boar: Similar to a pig. Will increase land zoology value a little more than the duck.
Ostrich: Similar to a lamb, but will lay eggs worth $50 each. Increases land zoology value a fair amount, and also land attraction value a little. Also has a higher max value.
Elephant: Like a cow, but even more massive. Will eat either acacia or palm trees, but acacia will poison them and remove value instead of adding. Will eat normal crops, as well as apples and figs. Increases land zoology value by an insane amount, as well as add a high amount of attraction value. Costs $25,000 and max value is $50,000. It will destroy nearby fences and evergreens, so requires reinforced fence to contain.
Lion: Similar to the cow, but carnivorous. Will increase the land zoology value by an insane amount. It will destroy nearby fences, so requires reinforced fence to contain.
Wolf: Like the chicken but carnivorous and scavenging. Will increase the land zoology value by a fair amount.
Horse: Works like a cow, but with lower max value. Can be ridden by visitors if near stables. Will increase land zoology a little and land attraction a little.
Bear: Works like a wolf, but is omnivorous instead of carnivorous and has a higher value. Increases land zoology value by a fair amount.
Fish: Can only be placed in water and dies if out of water. Works like a chicken but increases land zoology value, and has a max value of $50.
Acacia: Works like evergreen.
Palm: Works like evergreen.
Fig: Works like apple tree.
Berry bush: Similar to hops.
Meat Trough: Similar to pig feeder, fills with meat.
Safari Center: Works like pizza place, but will make more money with more animals next to it.
Stables:Works like pizza place and if there are horses nearby puts people on them for a price.
Corn Maze: Like the hedge but will grow corn that can be harvested, at double the time normal corn grows.
Berry maze: Like corn maze but with berries.
Butcher: Will kill nearby animals and turn them into meat if the population is high. Look at my machines suggestions. The meat will be able to fill meat troughs.
Sand: Works like cut grass, but will not grow or spread. Nice decoration block, slighly increases land value.
Yellow sand: Yellow version of sand.
Red sand: Red version of sand.
Reinforced Fence: A fence but made of metal. Costs $10.

My Land Modding

2019-05-28 15:42:01
Suggestion for my land:

If you could make mods that add new buildings and animals it would be amazing. Or even just if it was open source code. I would easily pay $25 for being able to have access to the code and making mods. Maybe even $50. If we could like upload a PNG/JPG and then you put the functionality, including growth(which would require images for the multiple stages), and tree-like could be an option, or a hybrid(like the apple tree), but the time to grow could be adjusted, along with the texture, price, and money it gives you. Also it could work as a path or have an attraction value. New animals would also be fun, which could eat either grass or pig feed, and optionally require water. If there was an easy way to make these things and add them, I would pay $50 for it, but if it was just access to the source code, I would pay $25.

RE:Welcome to the Suggestion Box

2019-05-28 01:32:21

RE:Multiplayer Regions

2019-05-27 23:40:51
I agree with B and C

Genetical Modification

2019-05-27 23:34:24
Suggestion for My Land:

Crops could have genetically modified versions, such as:
Faster Growth: Grows Faster
Bigger Crop: Harvest worth more. If you take my machines suggestion it would instead give more units of crop.
Internal Pesticide: Immune to birds, but worth slightly less. If machines suggestion, it would instead give less units of crop.
Spreading: Spreads to nearby empty land. When spreading, small chance to gain or loose a genetic modification trait.
Beauty: Adds to land attraction value.

Animals Could also be genetically modified(would be passed on by breeding, small chance to gain or loose a trait):
Improved Metabolism: Requires Less Food to grow
Fattening: Higher max Value
Improved Breeding: Breed faster, but babies worth less when born.
Cuteness: Adds to land attraction value

It would be super duper cool if these could be mixed and matched in a settings menu. Each one would add an additional cost, and could maybe require researching(genetic lab building??)

Plants and Machines

2019-05-27 23:01:10
Suggestions for My Land:

Animals will eat nearby crops.

Pear Trees: Similar to apple trees, grow a little slower
Peach Trees: Like a pear tree but even slower
Banana tree: After being harvested a few times reverts to sapling.
Oak Tree: Like the evergreen, but provides twice the attraction rating in the fall, 1.5 times in spring, 0.75 times in summer, and half in winter. Will occasionally provide acorns.

Melon: Similar to a pumpkin, grows a little faster.
Soy: Grows quickly and is worth a lot of money, but requires being next to water.
Grapes: Works like a tree. Will spread to adjacent plant supports. Also increases land attraction value.
Cotton: The same as corn, except for other uses.

Other Buildings:
Plant Support: Used to grow vines.
Conveyer Belt: Moves items in the direction it faces. Will harvest nearby crops and extract finished products from other machinery.
Distillery: Turns grapes into wine, which is worth more.
Crop Seller: Sells crops automatically, but at half price.
Windmill: Turns wheat into flour and corn into cornflour.
Ovens: Turns flour and adjacent water into bread, which is worth more. Cornbread is made with cornflour instead and is worth more.
Cotton Mill: Turns cotton into fabric, which is worth more.
Goods Seller: Like the crop seller, but for finished goods made my machines instead of crops.
Advanced Goods Seller: Sells goods at full value instead of half value.
Feed Maker: Could make pig feed out of wheat, corn, or soy, more feed from more expensive crops. Would be able to fill pig feed troughs.


2019-05-27 22:40:35
Suggestion for My Land:

I think workers that you hire and keep on a payroll could be interesting. They would require a certain salary per month, but they would walk around collecting crops, mowing lawns if a lawnmower is nearby, selling fully grown animals, and cleaning up dead animals. They could also use a harvester and maybe increase the sales of nearby vending machines and pizza parlors. In the settings you could set the minimum value of an animal before its sold for maximum efficiency.


2019-05-27 22:38:06
Suggestion for My Land:

I think my land would benefit from having verticality, similar to colony wars. This way you could build elevated platforms on top of other platforms to have farms on top of each other to increas the maximum amount of crops you could grow. This would also allow another way to keep things fenced in.

RE:My Land v1.21.0 Released

2019-05-27 22:10:09
Whatever happend to the game??

What happened to this game?

2019-05-27 22:07:17
I have not seen an update to this game in ages. What happened? And if it is not going to be worked on any more, than can it become open source code so we can truly do whatever we want? Please???

RE:My Colony v0.84.0 Released

2019-04-07 04:21:51
I really like the idea of asteroids around your planet that you can mine during late game