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I want this too, I was going to suggest it myself.
I'm having this problem too.
Structures like the black market bazaar only work for one transaction, the menu just closes and nothing happens after the first one
Pressing the chat login button sometimes does nothing, it happens on both PC and Android
All the trees disappear when I log out on at least two of my worlds, including a water world and adandoned world. It's been happening for the last few updates and happened on both Windows and Android. On Android at least, If the trees are replanted they just despawn again the next time you open the game. There also needs to be a way to replant the type of trees on water worlds because they can't be replaced if they disappear.
Creative idea, I like it
I have a few minor ideas for the game.
I've mentioned this before, the Zolarg should get antanium roads and some sort of antaura road, and antanium walls would also be useful.
The reptilians could also use some sort garbage pit or similar structure, I have an abandoned world colony and the garbage is just building up.
Also, the Statue of Unbridled Excess is still listed as the most expensive structure even though it's not anymore.
I'm sort of having the opposite problem, my amount of tourists just keeps increasing and nothing I do seems to make them leave. At best I've had about 5 leave out of 4,500.
I think at least a few of these ideas could be a good addition to the game. I feel like your suggestions are well thought-out and original, but complex and requiring a lot of changes to the game in some cases
I'm getting a lot of lag lately, my colonie's on mobile and I've had it since March 2017, but I only have 56k population.
Whenever I have retired colonists their number gradually drops back to zero, and whenever the average savings is greater than the median, it always ends up dropping back to the same as the median. It seems like this problem has been in the game for ages. Is it possible colonists' savings end up resetting when you log out?
There was talk a while ago about adding police and a crime mechanic, is that still planned?
Also the LIS and reptilians should get new import/export structures, I keep maxing out my resource storage and it can't be cleared out effectively with only being able to export in units of 100 or 250.
And one other thing, the Zolarg should be given a new road type that's built with antaura or something.
I've been getting these problems on two different reptilian lava regions on Android. First, resources on reptilian lava maps always reset when you log out, but this eventually stops for some reason. The worker pathfinding also doesn't work, especially with obsidian bugs, which seem to try to reach the closest deposits instead of the ones they have access to

Also the construction bots sometimes will only move a few blocks from their parking spot and then go right back to it. These things happen whether multithreaded pathfinding is on or off.
bastecklein said:What is the population of the 5 minute freezing colony?

It's about 57,000
As an update the game eventually unfroze, but it took around 5 minutes. It also happened on my other colony for about 10 seconds, which has a population of around 2500
I sort of like it as it is, because you have to choose between having a dark lit road or the unlit high-speed aluminum road.
On Chrome my incinerators aren't working, but my recycling centers are still running according to the stats. On android it appears to be working, but incinerators don't show the text poppers unless they're newly built.
This has been happening to me the last few days and now my main colony isn't playable. It happens with both manual pay and auto pay, but it doesn't seem to happen if I don't pay the workers.
Since starships are the last tech in the game, maybe a lower-level tech should be created to unlock trade routes, and the current faster than light tech can be used to reach an upgraded form of trading?
Since the LIS doesn't have an export structure between the black market and the interdimensional portal, I think they should get their own version of the space elevator. I'd give it an Import/export amount of either 2500 or 5000, and allow immigration but at a lower rate than the UE space elevator.


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