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Reptilian Lava World Problems

I've been getting these problems on two different reptilian lava regions on Android. First, resources on reptilian lava maps always reset when you log out, but this eventually stops for some reason. The worker pathfinding also doesn't work, especially with obsidian bugs, which seem to try to reach the closest deposits instead of the ones they have access to

Also the construction bots sometimes will only move a few blocks from their parking spot and then go right back to it. These things happen whether multithreaded pathfinding is on or off.
See these threads:

Bast made a post asking players to see if this glitch happens on the 0.78 version on the web here:

If you have an old version (0.76 or below) downgrading to that should fix it (the bug appeared in 0.77) if 0.78 doesn't work.
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