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another one is immigration, most of my time in game is spent staring at my screen waiting for colonists to immigrate, and i mean spending about an hour or more for one medium city, while using over 50 cloning facilities. there needs to be an upgrade before the one that uses ether. I would say to use alien artifacts in its construction but this becomes a problem even before you unlock those.
Id recommend it obviously be more expensive than the prior one, need uranium and plastic and aluminium, have a base production even without workers, which is the same output as the normal version, and with full workers, maybe 50, has 3-5x output.
4mo ago
another i forgot to add was for import costs to go up slower, and for there to be ways to get it to go back down, and for late game buildings to be more balanced, as most of the late game money producing and research producing buildings are worse than early game ones which is kinda embarrassing
4mo ago
forgot to include large recycling centre, provides more aluminium and plastic per trash recycled and can recycle a higher volume of trash. it could also consume some atmosphere and produce some microchips or wood or other materials
4mo ago
over about a thousand hours of gameplay over various versions without letting it run overnight, i have come to find many small balancing issues and small features i wish were in the game. for example. i believe that you should be able to adjust the production priority and employment capacity of a set building map wide at once, instead of having to manually do it one by one. when populating a map you need to have cloning facilities with high priority and on a regional map it can get very tedious setting all the sliders over and over.

Another feature is the ability to transfer colonists from one City in regional to another permanently. For example, if you had a city dedicated to gold synthesis labs, and then you upgraded them, you wouldn't have enough jobs for your colonists as the upgraded building has less job spaces. There are many other reasons as to why this would be beneficial, and i believe it would also be beneficial for an easier way to transport vehicles between cities too, such as just being able to right click on a city, select a rover type or colonists, and then an amount, and relocate them.

high teir building bots need to be able to build lower teir buildings, and with a speed bonus too, so that less bots can be on one map at a time, and to incentivise building more late game bots.

there should probably be storage dedicated to gold ore steel and such together which is a lot better than the raw mats depot and is unlocked later on

there kinda needs to be a consistently functional way to remove atmosphere early game

there should be a way to get wood a lot faster, as the amount of land needed to sustain one tile of charcoal burner is a lot

please make it so that if you have y mass drivers (1 mass driver allows exports of 100) that you can export Yx100 at once

a lot of storages should probably be buffed like uranium storage, i even use nuclear reactors instead of uranium storages at this point

ill try to think of more things but fir now this is all that came to mind

also yes i will spare you from my most common request
4mo ago
hey you know what would be cool, if the region feature and the custom map feature were compatible. Either by having the custom map repeat for each region, or by checking the level of each resource in the map, and just randomising its position. From my knowledge of how maps generate this shouldnt be difficult at all so hopefully this will be added soon
4mo ago
out of tradition lol, as it hath been another 3 months, i shall decree:

i know this wont be implemented, i just wanna say this again as a joke
7mo ago
ive tried it with transparent, white and black png's and it has the same effect, which shows that the generator seems to be broken
1y ago
for some reason when inputing a blank png for the river generator to use it still generates rivers all over the place, and in a seemingly random pattern
1y ago
i accidntally fell asleep with my cloning facilities on and woke up to having 41000 colonists in my city (regional btw) it can only house 40000 people, amd has 24000 jobs so this is very bad. It is also full so there is no space to build to make more jobs.

How do i transfer theese colonists to a different city? im struggling to work out how and if i cant ill probably have to throw this whole save away lol
1y ago
maybe have it so it still takes up the space on the map for balancing, but only the one building does any production?

you could have it so that there are different sub buildings that instead of doing any actual production, just boost the efficiency or output of the main building

although i think this system should be implemented alongside the normal system, have it be a bit more powerful and take up less space, but also cost a lot more to build and need a certain building on the map its built in, or have a specific building built in distance intervals maybe?

either way, great concept that could work really well if implemented properly!
1y ago
i really want this but im too dumb to implement it by manually tweaking the game ;-;
1y ago
1y ago
hey, if we find any bugs and glitches on that, should we report them back to you?
1y ago
Just gonna bump this cus I've tried manually messing with the files and that didn't work. It should be easy to implement on the dev end tho. @bastecklein could you please look into this?
1y ago
if only coding was that simple lol
1y ago
i hope this gets added, as it would be pretty fun to play around with
1y ago
Is there any benefit of having different tiers of schools, such as elementary, highschool and college, or should I just use the highest tier?
1y ago
I would really like to see regional map support for custom maps, maybe having each subsection be a copy of the custom map, or have randomly generated resources based on attributes of the map, or placed objects! In my opinion this would be a great feature, and I hope that it gets added in to the game.

@bastecklein do you think this is feasible?
1y ago
What exactly do the gold refinery, aluminium refinery, and the uranium enrichment center do? Do they multiply harvested materials by a certain amount?
1y ago


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