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Custom Map support for regional

I would really like to see regional map support for custom maps, maybe having each subsection be a copy of the custom map, or have randomly generated resources based on attributes of the map, or placed objects! In my opinion this would be a great feature, and I hope that it gets added in to the game.

@bastecklein do you think this is feasible?
Just gonna bump this cus I've tried manually messing with the files and that didn't work. It should be easy to implement on the dev end tho. @bastecklein could you please look into this?
i really want this but im too dumb to implement it by manually tweaking the game ;-;
out of tradition lol, as it hath been another 3 months, i shall decree:

i know this wont be implemented, i just wanna say this again as a joke
hey you know what would be cool, if the region feature and the custom map feature were compatible. Either by having the custom map repeat for each region, or by checking the level of each resource in the map, and just randomising its position. From my knowledge of how maps generate this shouldnt be difficult at all so hopefully this will be added soon
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