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I was thinking rich colonists (50$ or more etc) that had a long commute would have the ability to buy a car and drive it on roads... I know it wouldn't work with the new colonist rendering system but could be something interesting

Public transport. This is a very big one. Buses, Trains, Metro, Teleporters. Being able to build underground structures such as metro tunnels will be a huge step in the game and maybe even underground buildings (new update?) could be awesome to see, in order to make the best of space. With public transport, building commute ranges can be "copied" to each station if the line connects to a residential area. Just an idea. Seems like a major update but it would be awesome to see.
4y ago
I didn't really like waiting for the random or whatever interval for the GDP to update, so there it is. The title explains all. This isn't high priority, but seems like something future My Colony will have. Or maybe just refresh upon clicking the economic tab button would be enough.
4y ago
This. Is. Too. Cool! You're actually sooo creative! Can't wait to hear from this in the future. Keep it coming!
4y ago
Yup! Post marked as solved.

Thank you bast!
4y ago
Sure thing, thank you!
4y ago
Hello Bast,

No error messages show up after the crash. I only see
(electron) The default value of app.allowRendererProcessReuse is deprecated, it is currently "false".  It will change to be "true" in Electron 9.  For more information please check https://github.com/electron/electron/issues/18397
while it is loading but I'm sure this is entirely not related to this bug. If I keep my mouse still it seems to not crash but after any game update or one microscropic mouse movement the game stops responding and a windows error dialogue comes up (window not responding etc.)

The game still works perfectly with the windows store version. Also, I corrected my 90% estimate, I'm seeing about 6-8 people with it.
4y ago
This bug is instantly crashing about 6-8 of the steam players (that i've heard from) at the moment:
v1.3.0    1581390981476    events.js: 187    Uncaught Error: connect ECONNREFUSED
The internal IP varies and so does the error ID. Possibly a server glitch but it instantly crashes the client game.

If you are a My Colony player and currently experiencing this bug, you can:
1) Report it and wait
2) Download the Windows version off of the Windows store (free) and it will work
3) Play on a different device.

No other solutions have been found. Restarting, including network will not work. Reinstalling the game will not work.
4y ago
iq97ca said:As an aside note you can take this too far and ruin things for everyone. I used to have my salary assistance maxed out until someone abused this strategy and drained over $400B from my colony. My colony imploded a little bit because I had left it on idle and now I keep my assistance under 100% to protect myself.

Under 100% does not protect you. I've explained this in my last post on the suggestions wall. Also, this abuse has been fixed now, but I've been robbed about 200 Trillion because of stuff like this. Went from leaderboard to leadernope then back in a couple days. rediculous.
4y ago
Bless your heart bast! We are saved! (You know what I'm talking about, haha!)

also this update is simply awesome in many ways. Cheers!

Edit: Also, the 1000000$ limit is appropriate. I get that, lol.
4y ago
Also asking a moderator to lock this thread since it's a dual post now that the other one has been moved. Let's move this to https://www.ape-apps.com/viewpage.php?p=36137
4y ago
The cap is 500%. Haven't changed it since the update.

This isn't the point. I've already explained it. You can siphon a colony with 10% support, for goodness sake. The Auto Budget is the problem!
4y ago
cry8wolf9 said:Moved to proper area

thanks cry. bumping this thread again. Also, can you lock the other one at https://www.ape-apps.com/viewpage.php?p=35825?
4y ago
Yeah i think it can be fun! Also, corruption from larger maps has been fixed by now I believe.
4y ago
Amorphus said:Are you offering additional support or just the regular percentage? You could probably check through your sub-colonies list to see who has lots of population but not much gdp.

I offer a rediculous 9003% support rate. That's not the point though, here is how someone can siphon any support rate apart from 0:

assuming the colony only has ONE colonist, just simply imagine a small colony of 15000 doing these:
9003%, set payroll to 1$, get paid 90$, tax all people to zero. Set payroll to 90$, get paid 8100$, tax all people to zero. set payroll to 8100, you get 729000, then you get 65 million, then it jumps to 6 billion etc. This takes 45 minutes max.

10% payroll. set payroll to 100$, get paid 110$, tax to zero. set payroll to 110, get paid 121, then 133, then 146, 161, 177, 195, 214 and after another 10 repetitions it is 611, and another 25 and it's 6024 per colonist. Oh wait, the player starts with 2500, so they start at repetition ~20, and after only 20 minutes of game time with 10% payroll they can have stolen 20,000$ from the CW leader.

Payroll is too abus-able. Auto Budget must be fixed. It might not be a problem that you personally encounter, but it's still a big problem and just removing the feature completely from the game is ridiculous.
4y ago

Many of us live in fear of having all of our money siphoned by commonwealth members that gradually increase their payroll until it is unpayable, just last week UNOB lost over 160 Trillion. (yes, $160,000,000,000,000) due to 8 individuals who have done this. The people know how to do it, and even with payrolls under 20% it is still possible with gradual increases. We need a fix for this, and this is my solution:

Putting a changeable limit on Auto Budget. It already sends a mail if we can't afford it, but having it send a mail if it's over a certain number we put (or even over a certain percentage of our balance with a simple slider) would save us, and quite possibly force the greedy players to just be dedicated.

Some say a simple solution is turning off auto budget, but with 20+ active commonwealth members, extremely large commonwealths like UNOB just struggle, it takes over 15 minutes to click through all of the payrolls after just 4 hours of a break.

EDIT: I have read a full update thread on this section being added and heard that My Colony threads are to be kept on the My Colony page. My Apologies for that. (Edit: this has since been moved)

Secondary Additions:

Are you a small colony and want to siphon anyone extremely easily in minutes? Follow these steps, and you'll see why this is a problem. Hell, test it on me. Charter code is OQUUg0mM. I'll be letting you steal from me until this bug is fixed.

Here is a tutorial for commonwealths with ONLY 10% payroll. It still works!
10% payroll. set payroll to 100$, get paid 110$, tax your people 25% each time until they have zero. set payroll to 110, get paid 121 etc..., then 133, then 146, 161, 177, 195, 214 and after another 10 repetitions it is 611, and another 25 and it's 6024 per colonist. If you start by setting the payroll to 2500 in the first round you can be stealing millions in minutes.

4y ago
Someone just attempted to take 7,000,000,000,000,000 lmao not gonna happen. still need a limit tho.
4y ago
or some siphon enough money to get kicked out :)

bump, good thread.
4y ago
Once again 20T gone.

bump bump BUMP!
4y ago
bumping this thread!
4y ago


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