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[SOLVED!] An Auto Budget Limit is Urgently Needed


Many of us live in fear of having all of our money siphoned by commonwealth members that gradually increase their payroll until it is unpayable, just last week UNOB lost over 160 Trillion. (yes, $160,000,000,000,000) due to 8 individuals who have done this. The people know how to do it, and even with payrolls under 20% it is still possible with gradual increases. We need a fix for this, and this is my solution:

Putting a changeable limit on Auto Budget. It already sends a mail if we can't afford it, but having it send a mail if it's over a certain number we put (or even over a certain percentage of our balance with a simple slider) would save us, and quite possibly force the greedy players to just be dedicated.

Some say a simple solution is turning off auto budget, but with 20+ active commonwealth members, extremely large commonwealths like UNOB just struggle, it takes over 15 minutes to click through all of the payrolls after just 4 hours of a break.

EDIT: I have read a full update thread on this section being added and heard that My Colony threads are to be kept on the My Colony page. My Apologies for that. (Edit: this has since been moved)

Secondary Additions:

Are you a small colony and want to siphon anyone extremely easily in minutes? Follow these steps, and you'll see why this is a problem. Hell, test it on me. Charter code is OQUUg0mM. I'll be letting you steal from me until this bug is fixed.

Here is a tutorial for commonwealths with ONLY 10% payroll. It still works!
10% payroll. set payroll to 100$, get paid 110$, tax your people 25% each time until they have zero. set payroll to 110, get paid 121 etc..., then 133, then 146, 161, 177, 195, 214 and after another 10 repetitions it is 611, and another 25 and it's 6024 per colonist. If you start by setting the payroll to 2500 in the first round you can be stealing millions in minutes.

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