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RE:To present support to My Colony I have sketched this artwork!

2019-08-17 01:19:13
I like it. Can the next one be them protesting?

RE:Rum Fountain

2019-08-11 17:51:16
It should actually use the resource too.
That way I can finally find a use for all the rum I make

RE:About to start v0.90.0

2019-07-31 21:01:01
Don't forget those federation options 🤣

RE:My colony running minised? Accutly seams to have happened!

2019-07-30 14:25:54
It could be settings that you have enabled on your Chrome book allowing it

RE:Purchased Premium and didn't get Premium

2019-07-30 03:29:32
@bastecklein can you look at his premium?

RE:Cannot restore a game file

2019-07-30 03:28:04
Have you tried loading it on a computer?

RE:Multiplayer region and Commonwealth

2019-07-29 13:19:02

RE:A new robotic civilization?

2019-07-28 03:54:29
Looks promising
Have you thought about making some of the image files? You can get information on how to do it here

RE:I lost my premium

2019-07-28 03:49:44
Moved this to a more appropriate area
@Tazeran and

RE:comment on se connecte a my colony avec un compte ape apps

2019-07-24 22:46:33

RE:Tick Rate Display

2019-07-24 16:16:56
I would actually like to see this but maybe in a more expanded version. It could be like developer options where it displays framerate, a tick counter memory usage and other data the engine uses

RE:verson 89 chrome ONLINE errors

2019-07-23 23:06:59
I moved this over to bugs for you.
Also can you post a bit more info like what browser you're using, operating system, if you have all the windows updates.

RE:More Types of Stargates?

2019-07-20 13:51:03
What kind of star gates or new techs? Is there something you have in mind?


2019-07-13 17:25:39
He hasn't really added any buildings lately. Except ones that help ballence things out

RE:Lumber Yard bug

2019-07-13 17:23:59
Do you have a picture of the problem?

Resource generation in regions

2019-07-08 03:43:43
Since the last update I have noticed that regions maps are generating around half of what they should when you are not inside the map. It does mess up the ballence that some regions have with the amount of maps they have.


RE:Rover Pathfinding is decently "fucked"

2019-07-08 03:41:18

Ive been hearing alot about this bug lately. I've also noticed it myself when building alot of buildings at once

RE:My Colony v0.89.0 Released

2019-07-06 04:21:30
i noticed that you still cant export templates on creative region maps are you going to enable that @bastecklein

RE:Can't log in into ape apps account

2019-06-26 07:44:23
How doesn't it work?
Are you getting an error message?

RE:Contact Ambassador Button

2019-06-24 04:52:20
What contact ambassador are you referring to?

RE:I wanna go online

2019-06-22 04:30:37
Absolutely the easiest way to get around it is to hop on one of the federations and ask for a bit of a boost. You might not get everything back but you can get a good boost doing this


2019-06-20 22:12:03
There actually already is already faster roads that you can build. Once you unlock more technologies and builders more roads will open up to you.

RE:Health facilities, fatigue, plastic and workers not working

2019-06-20 14:24:55
am finding the advanced medical research centre not having any medical services at all. Health is becoming an issue on mine. Its the same with each medical facility and even the arcology is missing this.

How far away from the jobs and housing is the hospitals? Usually you want to keep things within 21 squares from housing and jobs

I am finding fatigue is always a problem, despite using the fire drill protocol on them. Could you add subway stations or a mini stargate they can use to transport around?

Again how far do they have to walk? If it's more than 21 squares they get tired of then mad and then do nothing but strike.

Speaking of the stargate, I've noticed that you can't sell plastic here. Is this a mistake or on purpose?

Yes that is by design if you have unlocked the galactic trade you can get it there tho.

Sometimes when I load the game, all the resources are in free fall. As an example, an ultra deep excavation site with 60 people employed will have none actually working.
Viewing the workers, all 60 will have 100% energy. Pressing on the view workers button again puts them all back to work.

This depends on what you mean.
If you are talking about actual resources dropping it could be because of the employees being to tired to work or them being on strike. It could also be because of the resources syncing with the server and adjusting you to the last know amounts the server recorded.
But if it's just the workers it's a known visual bug.

I'm not sure if anyone else has this specific problem

There have been some reports of similar issues, bast is chipping away at figuring out what the problem is.

RE:Issue with premium

2019-06-19 03:13:49
Bast is a magician im sure he will be able to solve it when he gets on.

RE:Saves disappear

2019-06-19 01:42:27
Are you saving the game from the menu, Before leaving the game?

RE:Issue with premium

2019-06-18 23:34:35
You should have it on the pc already unless you have an iPhone I believe. It should be an easy fix for @bastecklein though

RE:Everything's Gone

2019-06-18 04:55:02
Unfortunately after a few months of not playing the save file gets restricted from the server.
Plus alot changed since you've last played, starting over might be good!
There's also the option of joining a federation to help give you a boost

RE:Online features are RIP

2019-06-11 23:55:34
have you tried completely closing out of the game and program? then reloaded the game?

RE:Multiple issues

2019-06-11 13:11:41
@bastecklein does he have any banns on his account or in the game I might be missing?

Also your premium should move to all devices expect steam automatically

RE:Citizens walking in circles around the city center.

2019-06-11 13:10:35
I've been seeing this in a few different places it looks like it's a bug that some are having are you on regions?