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RE:Join my charter!

2019-02-17 23:05:55
I moved your post to the correct area.
Maybe expand on your post a bit like the other ones in this area?


2019-02-15 22:34:44
Here is a link to your ape apps account to check.

Messages not deleting

2019-02-13 05:43:52
currently having an issue where some messages don't delete.

Windows 10
updated ape launcher and my colony


2019-02-11 05:15:14
Im definitely not just posting something to test a web-hook on a discord server.

RE:EP7: Bug fix patch, Antiquitas, and User Suggestions

2019-02-10 07:30:58
i wouldn't mind hearing how you originally came up with the my colony idea to begin with and what made you decide to stop doing a 9-5 job. But keep these going, as of this post it almost has hit 1000 plays!


2019-02-08 07:43:52
oh ok, usually you need more of what ever they are complaining about to even things out.

we all had to start somewhere you will get the hang of the game eventually :)

if you have discord you should think about joining one of the federations over in there are alot of people on both that have been playing the game for a while now


2019-02-08 07:10:06
I moved your question to the proper area.

Now how far away is the entertainment from their homes and jobs? maybe try moving it closer?

RE:My Colony v0.80.0 Released

2019-02-07 16:53:53
@bastecklein i noticed you cannot export maps in regions on creative mode :(

RE:Where did my premium and all my games go?

2019-02-05 05:30:05
how did you originally get the premium and did you make sure you are logged in?

Commonwealth and Federation Advertising Guidelines

2019-02-01 07:41:03
This is a quick post to set a few (very few) guidelines for posting commonwealth and federation advertisements.

Commonwealth advertising should be done in the Commonwealth section.

A Commonwealth is an independent colony with dependent colonies.

A Federation is a collection of independent colonies and their dependent colonies working together.
  • Mind your own business. If you don't like what someone is advertising in their commonwealth or federation, and it doesn't break forum rules, keep it to yourself.
  • One advertisement per commonwealth.
  • One advertisement per federation.
  • Have fun!

RE:Research not sticking. Local game region mode

2019-01-31 18:55:14
Are you saving the map then the region and then closing the game?

RE:money loss in regions due to trailing payroll

2019-01-31 04:11:58
ive had this issue a few times i ended up leaving the each map running for an hour so it evened back out

RE:New Colony Wars Section

2019-01-29 02:02:47
Oh I'm excited for this!

RE:what will this become?

2019-01-23 03:26:04
could it be a flooding option? like if an earthquake happened or tidal waters? could use the walls to dam it off too lol

RE:Aluminium producer?

2019-01-22 03:35:13
Relic studies and the new converter should be generating plenty?

RE:add a build timer

2019-01-21 13:47:44
It shows a progress bar when the rovers are building the structure already tho

RE:building markers

2019-01-20 20:50:22
Mine seems to be the bottom of the map and the left

building markers

2019-01-20 07:22:22
I'm using the ape launcher and i'm on the latest update. Also sporting windows 10

Seems like the red squares that show where you are building things are not showing up for every building. You can see an example in the attached picture.

RE:Having multiple problems

2019-01-19 02:34:46
Need some more information.
What are you playing on? Launcher, webrowser, standalone, android, ios, what phone/windows if using ?

Have you tried saving all the way back to the home screen and then closing and reloading?

RE:My Colony waste management

2019-01-13 20:02:30
Have you gone back to the map that has a micro incinerators after collecting more trash and waited a while?

RE:Playing on multiple devices

2019-01-08 06:33:58

i never heard back for you but here is where the cloud option is

RE:File seem to be corrupted in a region map.

2019-01-08 06:31:15
unfortunately sometimes it happens. i usually make a backup of all of the saves every other day or so just in case this happens

RE:Does premium carry across your account?

2019-01-08 05:39:27
it works when you upload the license file using this link

RE:Playing on multiple devices

2019-01-04 07:39:34
nilesandstuff said:[quote=cry8wolf9]yeah the cloud sync should allow you to play on multiple devices

There's no cloud sync option on the windows desktop version[/quote]
are you talking about the windows app store, the standalone or the ape app launcher one?

RE:Playing on multiple devices

2019-01-03 08:02:39
yeah the cloud sync should allow you to play on multiple devices

RE:Playing on multiple devices

2019-01-02 21:39:23
did you try the cloud sync?

resource not generating

2019-01-02 03:10:19
im on the ape app launcher
Windows 10
.78 update

This started with the .77 update (possibly sooner) I am not generating Antanium anymore i've left my game running for a couple days and I haven't gotten anything in that resource even though I have plenty to support the production of it.

RE:Players with Building Issues from 0.77.0

2019-01-02 03:05:11
bastecklein said:Glad its working for everyone!

Yeah with the importing regions issue, I think I am going to have to add a special feature for exporting regions, that zips all of the files up into an archive. The only complication will be getting it to work on the Web version, given the memory constraints imposed by the browser.

is there a way to maybe change the way the regions generates the save file? the string of numbers make it difficult to tell what map is associated with what

RE:v0.78.0 Info

2018-12-31 16:05:19
bastecklein said:@cry8wolf9 Is this about .77 or .78 on the web? Also can you tell if they are actually not generating, or if the stats screen is just messed up?

I haven't tried it on web yet since I've seen reports of maps not opening on the web version. But I have tried it on the ape launcher, the standalone and my phone.
I left it running all night and a good portion of my resources didn't increase

RE:v0.78.0 Info

2018-12-31 09:02:33
since the new .77 update it seems that some of my resources have stopped generating?