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Wow. That's good information @MizarAlcor. I didn't realize the issue with starting IQ. The strange part is, if I have Universities, the Transcendent Academies will not have any students. I haven't tried since the 1.3 update, so I will give it another shot.

I think I figured out my problem. I was a little short on education requirements (the Education bar on my housing unit was at about 90%). I added one more Transcendent Academy, and suddenly everything staffed to 100/100/100. Strange that the difference is that significant.
4y ago
Every time I think I figure something out, something else breaks. Love this game, but it can be frustrating at times. here's the latest:

I'm playing in a single-player regional map. I created a new small city just for research converters. I built the "residential area" consisting of residences, medical, education, and entertainment facilities needed to keep the residents happy. To cover the education needs for my converters, I only built Elementary Schools and Transcendent Academies. They cover the entire IQ range between them. If I build Universities, the Transcendent Academies go vacant.

My converters are within 25 spaces of my residential area (in fact, right next to it). But the converters will only staff with 6-10 employees, even if I adjust their priority to the fullest. What am I doing wrong?????
4y ago
@Ansom, I am having the exact same problem with Research Converters. Did you find a solution?

Everything seems to be in the right place, none of my other buildings have a low workforce rating, except the converters. I can only get 8-10 people to work in them no matter what I try.
4y ago
I was under the impression all resources get shared between cities in regions, hence the ability to specialize certain cities for particular resources. I am running in to a problem with Food and Water. I am producing plenty to support my needs and stores fill up rapidly to max capacity (8 mil food and 10 mil water) when I am in the city where I have my food and water production.

However, if I switch to my city that has my banks and research facilities, which also happens to be my city with the highest population (30,000 at this point), food and water stores take a dive--eventually to zero if I don't leave the city. If I leave that city and move to another city it balances, but only grows rapidly again if I move to the city where the food and water is being produced.

Is this normal? Is there a bug?
4y ago
Thanks for the answers and advice. I am playing on a single player region.
4y ago
In light of the recent changes to regions, I thought I would finally try one out. I have done forum searches for the answers to some of the following, but couldn't find specific results. So...

1. It appears if you start construction in a region city and switch to another city before it finishes, it will not finish construction until you return. Is that normal/expected?

2. Colonist population appears not to grow if you are not present in the specific city. This includes from landing pads and/or cloning facilities. I'm finding myself having to sit in specific cities waiting for population to grow. Is that normal/expected?

3. Trash removal seems to be a city-specific concern, versus a regional concern. Having trash removal buildings in one city does not have an impact on another.

4. Is there a way to move a city in a region. I realized now I built my city layout in a less that optimal way. I see there is a way to delete a city, but do not see a move function. Is it simply not available or am I missing it?

Thanks in advance for any responses.
4y ago
More a curiosity, but maybe a bug...

Clicking on individual Archeological Dig Sites shows me a different output level for Alien Artifacts for each one. And these are all sites that a full with workers who are working (75/75/75). Clicking on 5 different sites and I see 0.98 AA/min all the way up to 24.68 AA/min. Is this normal? Is it actually impacting production or just a visual glitch?

4y ago
@LizardKing, I am experiencing the same problem. It just happened out of the blue. I had issues with my workers who stopped work because they made too much (LOL). So, I had to do the tax them to death then give them stimulus to get them back to a "normal" savings level. After that, Lag City. I have the same issues you describe. If I click on a gift, the pop-up opens 20 seconds later. If I zoom in, it happens 15 seconds after I zoomed. Did you ever get a solution?
4y ago
And now I suddenly have lag to a degree that makes the game unplayable. Never had any issue until this recent problem with my workers. Related? Coincidence. I have all my vehicles grouped (which was a big help when it was implemented) and all the settings set to maximize performance. This is very frustrating.
4y ago
Finally!! Thanks Ansom! Everything back to normal for now. Guess I need to pay closer attention to that, now that I know none of my workers has a desire to retire! LOL!
4y ago
I will give it a try. Logically it makes no sense, but if it works in-game, so be it. If the retirement line is $24K, why would they stop working at only $1200 in savings?
4y ago
Poverty Line = $123
Avg. Savings = $1,223
Median Savings = $967
Retirement = $24,676
4y ago
I've offered multiple stimulus packages. Still nothing. I am at a loss. My approval is now back to 99% and they refuse to come back to work. If I look at the workers in a particular building, many of them are listed at 100% rested but they still won't come to work. I don't get it.

Maybe related (or not), but right now I have 295K colonists, 297K jobs, and a capacity for 305K. My advanced cloning facilities aren't working because they have no workers. But, I have a couple of landing pads and for some reason they aren't producing colonists, even though they don't require workers.

This is very frustrating.
4y ago
Approval rating at 91%.

Top Concern is Fatigue at 72% (which is always their #1 concern and always around 70-80%)
Next Concern is Homelessness at 22%, which again has always been there at around that number.

4y ago
Call me crazy, but my Colony has all but collapsed since the latest update. Playing Humans on a moon and Windows 10.

I logged on yesterday and everything was fine...most resources at +10000 or more, per usual. BUT, I noticed my research, which sits at roughly a constant 1.0 B, and generates at a usual rate of +700000-900000, was suddenly crashing, and had dropped to a -100000, for no reason. I left it run for an hour and it didn't change.

So, I look at my research facilities and see that there were several that were only at 1/2 to 3/4 worker capacity. Strange, I thought. I figured it was probably time for a Fire Drill to rebalance things--something I have done many times without incident.

Since that fire drill, I can not get my workers to come back to work. Almost every building shows full worker capacity, but no one is working. Again, I let it run for 2 hours and nothing has changed, except my food production has crashed and I keep needing to buy it to supplement. All of my other production is in the + double digits, or slightly negative. Most of my buildings worker bars read like 0/100/100.

My colony will be doomed unless someone can help me figure this out.

Some things to know:
1) - I have tried to adjust my work schedule both ways from Normal (where I usually keep it) to easy and then to intense. Nothing has changed.
2) I have increased pay across the board. No change.
3) I have plenty of workers (5,000 more than I currently have jobs for - population at 300,000).
4) I have plenty of schools of all types including the new Academies.
5) Plenty of entertainment options.

Help. Anyone? I put so much time in to this colony, I would hate to lose it. Thanks.

4y ago
After starting a new game, the first time I click on or mouse over the Star Port, the game freezes for anywhere from 20 seconds to a minute or longer. Once the freeze ends, there are no problems after that. If I close and restart the game, it happens again. It doesn't happen with any other structures and only happens the first time after the game has been opened. It happens every time, no exceptions.

It's not a big deal as everything goes back to normal after. But it can be a bit of a nuisance.

I am on Windows 10 playing Version 0.97.0.
4y ago
I am having the exact same problem. Whatever city I am in produces just fine. But if I move to another city in the region, production from the other regions stops until I return to that city.
4y ago
NM. Figured it out. Needed the regolith furnace, which I never built because I had better forms of power.
4y ago
Windows Surface Pro 3; WIndows 10 app.
4y ago
I have the room (425K) and only 173 crystal. Where do they deposit? Am I missing that building somehow?
4y ago


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