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New to Regions - Help & Observations

In light of the recent changes to regions, I thought I would finally try one out. I have done forum searches for the answers to some of the following, but couldn't find specific results. So...

1. It appears if you start construction in a region city and switch to another city before it finishes, it will not finish construction until you return. Is that normal/expected?

2. Colonist population appears not to grow if you are not present in the specific city. This includes from landing pads and/or cloning facilities. I'm finding myself having to sit in specific cities waiting for population to grow. Is that normal/expected?

3. Trash removal seems to be a city-specific concern, versus a regional concern. Having trash removal buildings in one city does not have an impact on another.

4. Is there a way to move a city in a region. I realized now I built my city layout in a less that optimal way. I see there is a way to delete a city, but do not see a move function. Is it simply not available or am I missing it?

Thanks in advance for any responses.
1. & 2. = Yes both are intended behaviors. Both construction and immigration are intended to run only when you are actively playing that particular map.

In fact, I would suggest to never leave a map when a construction project is running. There is an existing bug that occasionally happens on region maps (never on single map colony), where a construction resource usage will be recorded as permanent outflow to your resource usage. The game will keep draining that resource even though the construction has long finished. As such, try to stay on the map for another 5 or so minutes after any construction finishes before moving to another map, just to make sure the game properly records the construction outflow to be finished.

3. Are you playing on a single-map region, or on a multiplayer region?

4. There is currently no way to move a city in a region map. You can only delete and rebuild the city.
Thanks for the answers and advice. I am playing on a single player region.

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