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Hi Bast,

Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately I tried both solutions :
- Using the new Clear App Cache
- Stopping Service Worker via Debugging Tool (as I use Firefox), and then do Ctrl+F5
both still result in login credentials problem.

Should I clear all cache and cookies for ape and ape/mycolony via the Firefox Privacy menu?
As long as I backup the colony, I should be safe, right?

Under Firefox site data menu, there is :
- Site : www.apewebapps.com
- Storage : 281MB (Persistent)
Should I maybe clear this, or should I stay away from it?
3y ago
For me, I have 3 different colonies :
Colony 1= Play in browser , colony doesn't have cloud save on = login credentials issue
Colony 2 = Play in browser , colony has cloud save on = login credentials issue
Colony 3 = Play in Steam , colony has cloud save on = open normally

All in version 1.9.0.
3y ago
Hi Bast,

I wanted to log in to my online colonies that is about to expire in a couple days, but got the following message instead :
"The server has rejected your login credentials. Please make sure you are using a valid licensed copy of the game"

Would you kindly inform me what to do in this situation, as the colony is going to expire in a few days?
Thank you beforehand.
3y ago
The same way Labor Camp, which lore-wise is also an underground operation, produces Wood currently.
My priority on the suggested idea is more emphasized on the Crystal part tho.
3y ago
Dear Bast,

1. The human's Helium Nanomine building can produce 9 resource types, which are all crucial resources for a human colony. I would like to suggest to add the following 2 resource types towards resources that Helium Nanomine can produce :
- Crystalline
- Wood

The reason is twofold :
- Flavor-wise, all of the 9 resources currently produced by Nanomine are resources that can be "harvested". Crystal and wood are other resource types that can be harvested.
- Nanomines can produce Diamond among others, but not Crystal. An endgame human colony roughly consumes somewhat equivalent amount of diamonds and crystals. Without Nanomines being able to produce crystal, all the excess diamond it produces are just excess waste without being able to be used.

2. A LIS colony established on Asteroid, Abandoned World, and Water World has no way to produce and grow Synthetic Crystal Deposit, because they can not build any of the bots required to do it. They can do the research but lack the bot required.

Literally every other faction such as UE, zolarg, and draco can do it in all of their worlds. The only hope for a LIS player in these worlds to get crystal is through GBT. Please give LIS in Asteroid/Abandoned/Water planets any of the bots that can be used to grow Synthetic Crystal Deposit once they completed Crystalline Synthesis research.

Thank you Bast.
3y ago
Yes Colbya, this is why I would like to see from Bast if there is any underlying variable or calculation that most of must might miss, as simply fulfilling the 3 services needs as described in my post above, as well as ensuring short work distance, does not always guarantee a thoroughly-filled workplaces.
4y ago
Gewisse, try going to each of the deactivated buildings and manually activate them, it should make them work again.
4y ago
Dear Bast,

Can you describe in more details, what are all the variables and interactions that contribute to the calculation of the "Workforce Rating" of a building?

The reason is that the following issue keeps happening to my colony, since 1.0.0 until now. Other endgame players also confirmed the occurrence of such issue in their colonies :

Basically a select few of the production and service buildings (i.e. anything other than housing units) in my colony will always experience either no worker (Red color when viewed through Production Capacity heatmap), or partial workers (Orange/Yellow/Light Green colors when viewed through Production Capacity heatmap, depending on how partially full they are).

- The number of buildings affected is not huge, maybe under 100 buildings in any given time, in my single map of a few thousand buildings of various types. But there will always be affected ones.
- It affects a variety of building types : res converters, investment banks, IT studios, food sweatshops, even universities.
- Which buildings are affected vary every few seconds, moving around different parts of the map.

- Distance to housing does not seem to be a factor, as buildings very close to housing units can be affected, while buildings furthest away from nearest housing are not always affected.
- Medical coverage heatmap shows all green coverage, Average Health stat is at 100%, all housings' "Medical Access" bars are always full.
- Education coverage heatmap shows all green coverage, Average IQ at 200, all housings' "Education Access" bars are always full.
- Entertainment coverage heatmap shows all green coverage, all housings' "Entertainment Access" bars are always full.
- Approval rating is at 95% (nothing I do can nudge it to 100%, even adding an excess of the 3 services), and approval pie chart shows NaN%.
- This has been happening since 1.0.0 until now.

As such, I conclude that neither workplace distance nor lack of the 3 services cause some of the Workforce Rating in buildings to not be a full green one (and thus full 100% staffed). I would like to understand this interaction before we add another variable (Crime) later on.

Thank you beforehand.

4y ago
Jazzknight, first remove all education buildings lower than University and Trans Academy. The game (as of now at least) only calculates the max IQ provided by a building, not the starting IQ. As such, you need not to provide the lower education buildings (Elementary, High School, etc), and in fact building them can be detrimental as they take colonists off from the higher education buildings, lowering their IQ below Converter requirement.

Secondly, when this happened, have you updated the game to 1.3.0? Before 1.3.0, University could not provide enough IQ for Research Converter, and as such the colonists will not staff the Converters even with highest priority slider as they are considered too dumb. They will just stay as unemployed.
4y ago
As Ansom said, a screenshot would be very helpful, gewisse.

Did you build them next to each other without tile space?
4y ago
1. How much is your wage payments, as well as your tax payments? The outflow in Statistics should say what the Money outflow is for. The outflow is most likely for wages and taxes.

2. By local, do you mean you are playing an offline game? Because you do have a few online games as shown in Coloniae. You may have autotrader feature on in the GBT, and this will use up civics quickly. Turn it off by going to each resource and make sure autotrade is off for each resource type.

3. What do you mean by "it stacks every few minutes"? Atmosphere scrubbers reduce atmosphere, so if you turn them off, atmosphere will increase.

4a. Do you have uranium in stock? Enrichment facility takes uranium to create more uranium, so if your uranium stock is constantly 0, the enrichment facilities will not work.

4b. 20 uranium/min consumption is actually about correct for 4 alien gold synthesis.
4y ago
This is common display "inaccuracy" for buildings which have very long cycle times like dig sites. The reason is that the output in display mode is pro-rated in 1 minute interval, while the building takes much longer to produce its output, thus affecting the displayed rate depending on how in the current cycle you view the info window.
4y ago
Before 1.0.0 : there was no "hard cap" on the distance between housing and workplace, however placing workplace too far from housing would yield various issues that were not immediately visible : fatigue approval hit, some colonists protesting due to low approval, buildings being only partially staffed as most workers were off duty or sleeping, colonists actually die en route between housing and workplace. All of this resulted in production output fluctuations.

After 1.0.0 : there is now a hard cap of 50 tiles range from housing to workplace, but in return this eliminates all the issues mentioned above, and now you may notice that your factories are producing more output as a result, when properly placed.

4y ago
1. & 2. = Yes both are intended behaviors. Both construction and immigration are intended to run only when you are actively playing that particular map.

In fact, I would suggest to never leave a map when a construction project is running. There is an existing bug that occasionally happens on region maps (never on single map colony), where a construction resource usage will be recorded as permanent outflow to your resource usage. The game will keep draining that resource even though the construction has long finished. As such, try to stay on the map for another 5 or so minutes after any construction finishes before moving to another map, just to make sure the game properly records the construction outflow to be finished.

3. Are you playing on a single-map region, or on a multiplayer region?

4. There is currently no way to move a city in a region map. You can only delete and rebuild the city.
4y ago
Dear Bast,

1. Thank you for the new planned entertainment building. Right now, amongst the 3 services, we need to dedicate the most tiles for entertainment service due to being limited to Big Playhouse or Medium Stadium (or ironically, Hall of Congress, which provides the most entertainment slot per tile).

2. In addition, would you consider setting the building range of each of the 3 services to be the equal to each other? Right now, as per your post, entertainment/medical/education buildings each have 3 separate ranges.

3. Also, would we eventually have a larger upgrade to Transcendent Academy? The University might be the most efficient education building especially with its buff in 1.2.0 beta, but I found out that Research Converter workers will still require Transcendent Academy spam instead, as Converter requires 155 IQ while University provides a max of 140 IQ. Trying to provide Universities for Converter workers will yield very low worker ratings in all Converters. Is this intended as a way to curb the power of Converters?
4y ago
Dear Bast,

I can also confirm that the saving issue seems to have been fixed in the latest stable version of 1.1.0.
Thank you for the prompt action.
4y ago
Dear Bast,

I have an issue with my colony seemingly saving successfully, yet the state of the colony always reverts to an earlier save point, no matter what changes I made in the colony.

I play in PC browser (Firefox), single map colony, cloud save never enabled, online game.

Chronologically the issue happens as follows :
- Last successful login : Thursday 2 January (right before the major downtime issue).
- On Friday 3 January, was able log in into my Ape account via browser, but whenever I tried to load the save the following message appears :
"Unable to connect to the My Colony Server. Games in online mode require an Internet connection to play. There was an error parsing server login response. Please try again." After a few tries, I did not pursue it further for fear of corruption.
- On Monday 6 January, was able to finally load the game. Played a few hours, made some changes, saved, and exited. A few hours came back to load the game, save reverted back to the Thursday 2 January save, and all colony changes made earlier today was as if they never happened. OK, tried making smaller changes, let the game idle for an hour or so, saved successfully, and exited. Loaded the game back, all changes wiped.
- Tried in total of 5 trials to load the game and make changes, with the same end result even after idling the game for some time and saving. In essence, the game would not save any further changes and always reverted to the 2 January save.

Is there a way to solve this issue and save my colony? Thank you beforehand.
4y ago
Carolan said:
They are NOT "death waves" and all of you should not attach inaccurate labels to things. It confuses the issue and prevents solutions.

No people are dying. No people are emigrating. They just disappear.


We are not attaching inaccurate labels to things. If you checked the news ticker under GBT, it does say "xxxx ppl has died in colony yyyy," it is just that the death count in Statistics page did not keep a correct record.
4y ago
You will never be able to see the individual colonists again like before 1.0.0.

The update 1.0.0 very significantly reduced map lag, which was caused by the game trying to simulate individual colonists before 1.0.0. Now that all colonists were changed to be pure simulation, you can notice that lag is reduced greatly. For region players, they used to have problems opening bugged maps with >1m pop, and now they can open it again.

As a result, you won't see individual colonists again even if the setting is turned on.
4y ago

I meant the enabling housing unit one by one only, instead of having all housing enabled at start. Have only 1 or 2 housing enabled, and check if your pop can be stabilized that way. Make sure there are sufficient medical slots nearby the activated ones.
4y ago


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