Dear Bast,

1. The human's Helium Nanomine building can produce 9 resource types, which are all crucial resources for a human colony. I would like to suggest to add the following 2 resource types towards resources that Helium Nanomine can produce :
- Crystalline
- Wood

The reason is twofold :
- Flavor-wise, all of the 9 resources currently produced by Nanomine are resources that can be "harvested". Crystal and wood are other resource types that can be harvested.
- Nanomines can produce Diamond among others, but not Crystal. An endgame human colony roughly consumes somewhat equivalent amount of diamonds and crystals. Without Nanomines being able to produce crystal, all the excess diamond it produces are just excess waste without being able to be used.

2. A LIS colony established on Asteroid, Abandoned World, and Water World has no way to produce and grow Synthetic Crystal Deposit, because they can not build any of the bots required to do it. They can do the research but lack the bot required.

Literally every other faction such as UE, zolarg, and draco can do it in all of their worlds. The only hope for a LIS player in these worlds to get crystal is through GBT. Please give LIS in Asteroid/Abandoned/Water planets any of the bots that can be used to grow Synthetic Crystal Deposit once they completed Crystalline Synthesis research.

Thank you Bast.