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More detailed explanation on "Workforce Rating" needed

Dear Bast,

Can you describe in more details, what are all the variables and interactions that contribute to the calculation of the "Workforce Rating" of a building?

The reason is that the following issue keeps happening to my colony, since 1.0.0 until now. Other endgame players also confirmed the occurrence of such issue in their colonies :

Basically a select few of the production and service buildings (i.e. anything other than housing units) in my colony will always experience either no worker (Red color when viewed through Production Capacity heatmap), or partial workers (Orange/Yellow/Light Green colors when viewed through Production Capacity heatmap, depending on how partially full they are).

- The number of buildings affected is not huge, maybe under 100 buildings in any given time, in my single map of a few thousand buildings of various types. But there will always be affected ones.
- It affects a variety of building types : res converters, investment banks, IT studios, food sweatshops, even universities.
- Which buildings are affected vary every few seconds, moving around different parts of the map.

- Distance to housing does not seem to be a factor, as buildings very close to housing units can be affected, while buildings furthest away from nearest housing are not always affected.
- Medical coverage heatmap shows all green coverage, Average Health stat is at 100%, all housings' "Medical Access" bars are always full.
- Education coverage heatmap shows all green coverage, Average IQ at 200, all housings' "Education Access" bars are always full.
- Entertainment coverage heatmap shows all green coverage, all housings' "Entertainment Access" bars are always full.
- Approval rating is at 95% (nothing I do can nudge it to 100%, even adding an excess of the 3 services), and approval pie chart shows NaN%.
- This has been happening since 1.0.0 until now.

As such, I conclude that neither workplace distance nor lack of the 3 services cause some of the Workforce Rating in buildings to not be a full green one (and thus full 100% staffed). I would like to understand this interaction before we add another variable (Crime) later on.

Thank you beforehand.

Not much to say I noticed this as well .
here is one thing that effects it is your population = jobs you will always get part filled buildings as many colonists are ether off work or in a health center .
lets say you have 2000 colonists you will have alest 200 or so that wont take a job .
thing is the colonists can switch jobs any time they like and education factors in more then High IQ means they take the better jobs .
the only real solution IS one getting education - health - entertainment all 100 % which means over building then adding 10 % MORE colonists then your jobs show you need .
2000 jobs 100 % home ratings means 2200 colonists then EVERY job will stay filled .
O and IF all of one type building then the far ones will fill last .
say a row of UP graded ore to steel plants a row of 20 the ones far away will stay empty sometimes even if you have the extra colonists you need .
The colonists are lazy now and hate walking more then around 15 tiles lol .
Yes Colbya, this is why I would like to see from Bast if there is any underlying variable or calculation that most of must might miss, as simply fulfilling the 3 services needs as described in my post above, as well as ensuring short work distance, does not always guarantee a thoroughly-filled workplaces.
I have noticed:
  • Distance isn't a issue, if the building is cover from at least 2 houses. The system will check everything every 30s (+-), we can have empty building because all worker are already used in other building, in particular when an house will fill jobs in other house "area".. in this case we will have house area 1 with empty building, and house area 2 with people without jobs..
  • colonists won't use the better education available.
  • colonists don't use the closest utility first.. like the jobs example, House A with plenty of utility, will use utility build for House B, and House B won't have utility with free slots in range.
  • The workforce Rating to me seems to show only the % worker inside. Won't change the workers used (low rating=no worker), but will change if the number of workers change.

UMM Ansom is this a Building game or a lesson in Quantum physics . LOL
Distance is totaly a issue for the very first time .
But dont take my word build a new city then place say 100 Advanced steel plants which will = 600 jobs
in rows from the middle of a medium map down to the edge .
then place 25 - 26 colonists housing units = 650 colonists and let them fill and once filled check the farthests steel plants and they will be empty .
all this can be done in less then a hour so its not about any of the housing stats .
The only factor is distance . even OVER FILLING say to 900 colonists will still show some buildings ramine half full .
They just refuse to walk that far .
mae the excat same lay out EXCEPT place housing along the steel plat rows so they are close every job gets filled at 600 colonists .
Honestly I wsh bast had ADDED transport BEFOR finely making distance matter it really defeats the point of the 16,000 colonists home as its difficultly to keep all jobs within 15 tiles
Because the farthest build aren't in the 50 range. You can't put an house in the medium city center, and pretend to cover all map. For cover the medium map you need to split the map in more section.

+- the house is center placed, you can see how the 50 range work.
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