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Research Converters will not Stay Staffed

Every time I think I figure something out, something else breaks. Love this game, but it can be frustrating at times. here's the latest:

I'm playing in a single-player regional map. I created a new small city just for research converters. I built the "residential area" consisting of residences, medical, education, and entertainment facilities needed to keep the residents happy. To cover the education needs for my converters, I only built Elementary Schools and Transcendent Academies. They cover the entire IQ range between them. If I build Universities, the Transcendent Academies go vacant.

My converters are within 25 spaces of my residential area (in fact, right next to it). But the converters will only staff with 6-10 employees, even if I adjust their priority to the fullest. What am I doing wrong?????
Jazzknight, first remove all education buildings lower than University and Trans Academy. The game (as of now at least) only calculates the max IQ provided by a building, not the starting IQ. As such, you need not to provide the lower education buildings (Elementary, High School, etc), and in fact building them can be detrimental as they take colonists off from the higher education buildings, lowering their IQ below Converter requirement.

Secondly, when this happened, have you updated the game to 1.3.0? Before 1.3.0, University could not provide enough IQ for Research Converter, and as such the colonists will not staff the Converters even with highest priority slider as they are considered too dumb. They will just stay as unemployed.
Convert need min 155 IQ:

The only building with this output are (for human):
  • Transcendent Academy: 2x2, 500 edu slots, 300 IQ
  • University: 5x5, 6500 edu slots, 155 IQ
  • Nanite Infusion Clinic: 1x1, 4000 edu slots, 200 IQ
Wow. That's good information @MizarAlcor. I didn't realize the issue with starting IQ. The strange part is, if I have Universities, the Transcendent Academies will not have any students. I haven't tried since the 1.3 update, so I will give it another shot.

I think I figured out my problem. I was a little short on education requirements (the Education bar on my housing unit was at about 90%). I added one more Transcendent Academy, and suddenly everything staffed to 100/100/100. Strange that the difference is that significant.
The system behind isn't 100% clear. From the 1.0.0 update we don't have anymore individual colonists, but a new (far better) houses simulation system. Each house now have some stats based on the building surrounded (edu, ent, healt, each with different working distance).

So.. if a house with 1000 colonists, you will need 200 edu slots. with one Transcendent academy you will have 1000 colonist with +- 300IQ, but... if you have a lower IQ school, you can have some colonists using it, and will be a mess.

So.. the best is to use only the best IQ school available, or at least, don't make school with low IQ, if you need elevate IQ worker.
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