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Well I'll take it if you're dead set on giving it away, but I'd suggest you keep it in case things change again.
6y ago
Alright, so yes, I'll agree, it is annoying that this happened so suddenly, but put yourself in the place of the creator. A few people that you might not directly know who are abusing the game and you need a quick solution. It's hard to run a game like this with so many people playing. Especially when it's not some huge corporation running it. Yes, there may have been better solutions, but people aren't perfect, and I'm sure most people wouldn't have done a better job. This is a fun game, and when a problem comes up, just work your colony around it. It could be harder, but the whole point of playing games is for challenges. It's good the creator is putting work into security measures.

Also, online play isn't needed to make it through. I've made it through plenty of offline games without running out of aluminum, uranium or anything else. It just takes a little extra patience. This game is still "in active development" so if you don't like the way it's going, play the older versions in offline mode.

If that's not good enough for you, I have resources to go around, and I'd bet plenty of Federations are helping people out too. If you want some help, just ask, Discord:
6y ago
The 38th Kingdom has the highest possible GDP in the game. If you need any resources just ask, and I'll send over just about anything... Except for plastic. You'll need to get your own plastic.

Anyway everyone is welcome to join the Commonwealth. Charter Code: f1yuAVTb

I'll accept any embassy and send mine back!

If I see anyone who has starvation, droughts, or riots, I will send aid. Otherwise, just let me know if you need anything.

Colonial Website:
Charter Code: f1yuAVTb
6y ago
bastecklein said:Just made a change to the server. Try again and let me know.

It worked! Thank you so much.
6y ago
bastecklein said:It should work now. There is a new protection in place now where if you submit multiple trades in a short succession, your ability to access the server will be limited until a review can be done of your account. This is to combat recent GBT hacking and spamming.

Nothing's really changed, I did make multiple trades yesterday morning, which is when this started. I still cannot send messages or put my own contracts on the GBT. I don't know if this helps, but my colony's website is
6y ago
I've been playing My Colony for a while, and my main colony has always been online. I just got *a lot* of money on the Galactic Board of Trade yesterday morning, and now my game is kind of glitched out. I am still an online game and have a good connection. I receive messages from other colonies immediately, but whenever I send one, it says "message sent" but no one ever gets it. Same with gifts. I lose the resource, it says sent, but no one gets it. On the board of trade, I can use already existing contracts. I can buy and sell things that others have put up there, but when I attempt to request for something or put something up for sale, it again takes the resources, says contract submitted, but they do not go on the board. Can anyone help me?
6y ago
So I was wondering... If I make an embassy with someone, I send 50 diplomats (for the sunrise). Where do they come from? Do the diplomats I send live in my colony? Or are they just not included, or what?
6y ago


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