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Hi All,

Whenever there's a new update and I launch the client it will start downloading it it (green bar at the top) once it's finished downloading the bar will be all green and the text will change to something like "Click here to Install" and I click.... but nothing happens :P

Could anyone offer any suggestions?

(I've deleted and downloaded the new launcher a couple of times already)
4y ago
You trade because you are better at making something than someone else and so they exchange you the goods they are better at making. That's called comparative advantage (

Trading goods for other goods is called bartering ( but that's not really practical since it'll be really hard to create a GBT where you request 1000 Plastic in exchange for 1000 Al or 1000 uranium etc, it'll be too messy.

Since bartering is so messy we have this great thing called currency that we use to exchange goods. You sell your excess resources to generate income so that you can in turn use that income to reinvest into resources you're lacking or to finance building something that requires cash outright or pay for stuff (tax, kickback to CW etc).

That is why you trade ( The reason the GBT was fucked was because there was a flaw in the game and someone exploited it not because I want to trade for profit.

4y ago
nunez499 said:I think its a good and necessary update, many don't agree and will quit because of it.
Looking forwards to the next update!

It's good and necessary because people will quit? That doesn't make sense :P

Anw on topic, glad to see the GBT getting fixed and resources getting more challenging to make and acquire. The 10b credits hurts though
4y ago
"The purpose of the GBT is to facilitate trades between colonies and nothing more."

Doesn't say anything about helping. The GBT is to facilitate trade. It's an open ended statement
4y ago
nunez499 said:Like its been said. The GBT is to trade, not to get rich in the process. The idea is you help someone else and in return you get a compensation.

Why do you get to decide that though? Why can't the GBT be for trading? This is after all a resource game, there is no other PVP? Why can't you get rich if design your colony's economy with commodity production in mind so that you can then sell it, it's not cheating or abusing the system and competition will drive the prices down. Trade cartels such as federations, now those can potentialy inflate market prices if they decide to set the price.

I don't see a point in playing if the only thing you can do is stockpile resources and build crap, you don't need online mode for that.
4y ago
Why shouldn't the GBT be for trading for profit? When was it decided what the GBT will be used for?

Why said anything about inflating the prices?
4y ago
Money is a resource that can be traded, I derive pleasure by building a trading empire on this game since there's not much else to do.

Edit: it's still 50k dude, where does it say it went back to normal?
4y ago
Dude there was no spam, you banned my account by mistake along with someone else, at least fess up. Can I please have the block removed on my old account so I can re-register.

4y ago
They'll drive people to quit, people are tired of having to redo their colonies one damn square at a time
4y ago

50k limit sucks

10b is peanuts :/

resources keep being built and decayed and thus wasting your resources, if you get maxed out resource production should stop and the required materials should stop being consumed

give us a better definition of how you want the GBT to be used
4y ago
I don't think that's a good idea, however you can go the other way and have a Favourites tab where you most used buildings are for a quick build, maybe?
4y ago
Well do you have someone who reported me for spamming or did you delete my account alongside the actual spammer because I replied on one of his threads?

When can I expect my account back?
4y ago
Any chance you could email me the posts considered spammy?
4y ago
My previous account was banned for spamming apparently under the name Mercurial. Kinda hard to spam when I only had about 6 posts in the My Colony part of the forum.

I tried to get in touch on Twitter, that didn't work and I sent a couple of emails to the support address but no reply (+2 weeks).

1) Can I please have my old account back since I didn't spam and you banned me from mistake

2) Can you please hire a couple of volunteer community managers to help you run the community since you're clearly busy with making the games

4y ago


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