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Not everyone has an Nvidia GPU, not everyone has an RTX-enabled Nvidia GPU, and adding support for ray-tracing is still nowhere near as easy as looking it up and implementing it. I know this, because I am a programmer.

The reality is, the basis of the game is just not performant enough for really advanced 3d like this. Honestly, I'm impressed that Bast even got voxels to run reasonably well in JS. But adding lighting on top of that will probably push it too far. Real Time Ray-tracing in JS is a pipe dream.
3y ago
The resources tab gets really cluttered by the endgame, since there's so many resources. Some way to clean that up would be nice, since abbreviating the numbers doesn't do enough and setting it to the rolling version makes it hard to check how much of a resource I have.
A 'new' tab on the buildings tab would to have, when you're building a new city and want to know what each type of rover gives you and what you get when you unlock a tech or resource. It improves the sense of progression.
Assuming UI means user interface, selecting all rovers of a type (if you decide to keep that aspect like MC1) should be easier. Currently, you have to get a rover alone somehow and then double click it.
3y ago
I'd prefer if you kept rovers, as they add a lot of flavor to My Colony, but make them more or less aesthetic. As in, you still build rovers, and the more you build, the faster building goes, but you don't have to actually wait for them to get anywhere. Waiting for your rovers to get over from the other side of the colony is pretty annoying, even on my medium maps with aluminum roads. It would make a nice gameplay improvement to not need them to show up, and possibly even a performance improvement if you just teleport them to the build site instead of doing pathfinding.
Also, fixing how rovers actually build would be a nice improvement, since currently, they seem to consume all materials at the same rate, so a building which requires 1000 of 10 resources finishes 10x quicker than a building which requires 10000 of one, even though they have the same total resource count. I'm very obvious in how the construction bar slows as it progresses instead of moving at the same rate.
3y ago
So while this isn't an idea, per se, it is feedback that isn't necessarily about bugs, so it could go here. I'll list some of the issues I have with the game here:

1. The government UI seems to be useless. In a city, it'll quickly go to just saying NaN for everything. I suppose this could just be a way of saying everything is fine, but it is pretty annoying. The greater issue is that it seems to be completely useless on the Region view, also displaying anything from NaN to 0 for everything. It could just be because I haven't visited some of my cities in the region for a long time or not long enough for the game to collect data, but I feel like there could be some way of running the city's simulation in the background for a short time to collect data or just excluding it from the government statistics UI.

2. Better Bulldozer. It would be nice to make it so that you can enlarge the bulldozer into a big square so that I can quickly layout an old city again. Some of my Region's cities still use old techs, and upgrades aren't always possible or desirable. I would love to reuse the map into using transcendence, alien tech, and new buildings.

3. Megatrees. Megatrees are describes as very fast growing. In my experience this is about as true as saying that the Nuclear Reactor is a good, long-term solution. Could you tweak the numbers internally so that they grow much faster? Maybe not as fast a Synthetic Crystalline, but closer.

4. Starships: They seem to be near useless in a Human Colony right now. You can sell them for more on the GBT's export than what you get from a star port. Star ports give you $200,000 for each star ship, while the GBT sells them for about $1,000,000 each. They'll probably be more useful in the future, but it is an issue right now.

5. GBT Economics: How does this even work? If more stuff gets sold into the global resource pool, that means that the price to sell into it decreases and the price to buy from it decreases. If more stuff gets bought from it, then the price to sell and price to buy should increase. Currently, GBT prices make no sense. Going back to Star Ships, they sell for $298,000,000 per 100 but cost $14,000,000,000 to buy. How would this come about.

These are just my issues with the game right now. None is really serious except maybe for the first, but it would still be great to fix.
4y ago
In my previous post, I mentioned how it'd be nice to have wider content instead of deeper content. So here are some ideas for that content (still only human ideas except where otherwise noted):

Black Hole Synthesis: Requires Alien Quantum Physics.

Bluebot: Premium only. A faster version of Adv builder bot.

Large Recycling Center: An upgrade to Medium Recycling Center. Produces plastic. Also produces one of pottery, aluminum, and toy. Requires Tall Construction, Advanced Chemical Synthesis.

Alga-Oil, Inc.: Produces Oil from trash in small-ish quantities. Requires Advanced Chemical Synthesis.

Food Disposal Center: "Just in case you ran out of trash". Turns food into large amounts of trash.

Charcoal Scrubber: Consumes Atmosphere and turns into charcoal (removes CO2). Weaker than Atmosphere scrubber.

Triantantium Mine: "When you really, really, need Triantanium, that's when you start making black holes". 5x5 top secret building which has a black hole in the center. Converts Steel and Uranium into Triantanium by dropping it into a black hole and catching what comes back out. Consumes Ether to stabilize the black hole. Much better than the other refineries. Requires Black Hole Synthesis.

Center for Black Hole Studies: Consumes ether and turns it into research. Worse than Center for Artificial Learning

Five-Star Restaurant. Premium only. Gold plated version of Restaurant. Consumes more food and produces much more money.

Mega Resort: 7x7 Building housing tons of tourists. Makes an actually large amount of money. Consumes pottery, toys, cloth, food, water, rum, and robots.

Large Space Port: Consumes Starships, brings in 100s of tourists at a time.

Bureau of Regulations: Upgrade to Bureau of bureaucracy, has 1000 jobs and produces 5x the civics.

Customs House (Human): Charge $100 from tourists who enter. A way to start actually making money from tourists. Just surround space ports with these so they have to go in.

News Station: Consumes software. Provides entertainment and civics.

Reeds, Giant Sequoia: Fir tree reskins.
Banana Tree, Apple Tree, Orange Tree, Grape Vines: Palm Tree reskins.

Complaints Processing: Early Game building which produces a few civics and has basic policy such as Fire Drill and Lottery. Requires that you don't have independence.

Solar Furnace: 5x5 building which is one of these: Fills the gap between Solar Towers and Nuclear Reactors.

That's all I can think of for now. Maybe I'll make a Vol 2. What do you think?
4y ago
@GeneralWadaling That's some really, really nice art. Thanks!

@Ansom By endgame I mean you've unlocked every tech and there isn't really much else to do except grow your colony. Right now, this is pretty hard. Yes, research converter helps, but you can't just build a ton of research converters and supply your whole colony with that. And it'd be nice if there was a specific building to produce each resource. Having maps of converters is sort of ... inelegant.
4y ago
Note: This is all for human colonies.

So I've currently got a region colony which currently has quite a few problems regarding resources. I've got 2 maps full of just tree farms, a map where 1/4 is full of wool, my clay production is sad, and my bricks, pottery, and toys have nothing to do. Additionally, the endgame right now is pretty fast to get to, and as buildings and techs are easier to add to the game than new features, I think it'd be nice to have quite a bit more content. So, to fix these problems and a few more, here are some idea for buildings and some other general improvements I have:

Make megatrees grow A LOT faster. They are so slow, you can barely sustain a middling zolarg colony with them. Sugar canes covered the entire map before I even got 5 new megatrees.

Disable auto-trading on the GBT. It's really cluttered now.

Widen the game. Currently, the tech tree is growing upwards, with new techs and building being added for later in the game than current ones. Instead, focus on adding more buildings and techs to current techs and mid-game play.


Advanced Biology: Requires Low Gravity Husbandry. Unlocks: Underground Tree Farm.

Bioengineering: Requires Advanced Biology, Human Cloning. Unlocks: Megatree, Megatree Farm, Human Repair Lab.

Synthetic Biology: Requires Bioengineering, Transcendence. Unlocks: Bioprinter.

Commercial Shipping: Requires Faster Than Light Travel, Galactic Finance Theory. Unlocks: Small Shipyard, Planetary Freight, Ship Showroom, Refueling Station, Mega-Elevator.

Asteroid Mining: Requires Commercial Shipping. Unlocks: Asteroid Tether.

Underground Tree Farm: An upgrade to the tree farm which goes 5 stories underground for 5x faster production. About the same cost as a dig site. Requires: Advanced Biology

Megatree Farm: An upgrade to the underground tree farm for 2x production. Requires: Bioengineering.

Human Repair Lab: Heal humans by giving them robotic parts. Consumes civics and robots. Requires: Bioengineering.

Bioprinter: A 3x3 building which prints any organic material and consumes food, water, and robots. Produces 5 units of one of wood, charcoal, sugar, or wool every 5 ticks. Needs no workers. Requires Synthetic Biology.

Clay Mixer: Produces clay by consuming ore and water. Requires Clay Production.

Advanced Clay Mixer: Produces clay by consuming ore and ant paste. Requires Ant Paste Synthesis and Clay Production.

Toy Store: Just sells toys in exchange for money.

Build-N-Bricks: Sells toys for even more money than the toy store (they're Lego knock-offs). Has a lot of entertainment capacity, too.

Ansible Array: Produces 10000 Bandwidth. Consumes ether, software, and a lot of power.

Ape-Apps-plex: An endgame software producing building, churning out software by the thousands while consuming robots. As an idea, make it require a technology called "Singularity".

Small Shipyard: 5x5 building. Produces Miniships much faster than the shipyard produces starships. Consumes less resources too. Still very expensive. Requires: Commercial Shipping.

Planetary Freight: 2x7 building like interstellar freight. It is not an upgrade. Enables a new feature for auto-trading with commonwealth members. Requires: Commercial Shipping.

Ship Showroom: 9x9 building. Consumes both Starships and Miniships very slowly. Sells them for an unholy amount of money to the richest of your colony. Requires: Commercial Shipping.

Refueling Station: 5x5 building, is just a pipeline leading to the sky like the space elevator. Refuels Starships, produces an unholy amount of money while consuming oil, crystalline, and ether. Requires: Commercial Shipping.

Mega-Elevator: 2x7 upgrade to Space-Elevator. Is much wider. Even bigger trading capacity and immigration. Requires: Commercial Shipping.

Asteroid Tether: a 7x7 building which is unbelievably expensive (like really expensive, 10x hall of congress maybe?) and costs many Miniships to make (you have to pull the asteroid over), but produces immense amounts of ore, regolith, aluminum, gold, diamond, uranium, and alien artifacts. Maybe 10000 ore, 10000 regolith, 50000 gold, 10000 aluminum, 10000 uranium, 5000 diamond, and 100 alien artifacts every 150 ticks? Requires: Asteroid Mining
4y ago
This isn't a bug, per se. It is more of what seems like an oversight. In the online reference, it states that this building smelts regolith, charcoal, and ROBOTS into oil and consumes food as a utility. This is reinforced in game, where it shows robot, charcoal, and regolith consumption at even levels while food is at its own. All the other buildings which use robots during production, like the plastic or triantanium producers, consume robots as a utility. Since this makes the advanced oil lab have a high robot consumption, it is almost unusable earlier on. I feel like this building is an inconsistency.
5y ago
I built them Hipster lifts and I get paintings of me now. Ok, Now what. Are they a resource for future use (if so, did bast say anything about them), are they just decoration, or what?
5y ago


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