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Some Suggestions To Have More Content

#1 2019-08-16 01:16:47
In my previous post, I mentioned how it'd be nice to have wider content instead of deeper content. So here are some ideas for that content (still only human ideas except where otherwise noted):

Black Hole Synthesis: Requires Alien Quantum Physics.

Bluebot: Premium only. A faster version of Adv builder bot.

Large Recycling Center: An upgrade to Medium Recycling Center. Produces plastic. Also produces one of pottery, aluminum, and toy. Requires Tall Construction, Advanced Chemical Synthesis.

Alga-Oil, Inc.: Produces Oil from trash in small-ish quantities. Requires Advanced Chemical Synthesis.

Food Disposal Center: "Just in case you ran out of trash". Turns food into large amounts of trash.

Charcoal Scrubber: Consumes Atmosphere and turns into charcoal (removes CO2). Weaker than Atmosphere scrubber.

Triantantium Mine: "When you really, really, need Triantanium, that's when you start making black holes". 5x5 top secret building which has a black hole in the center. Converts Steel and Uranium into Triantanium by dropping it into a black hole and catching what comes back out. Consumes Ether to stabilize the black hole. Much better than the other refineries. Requires Black Hole Synthesis.

Center for Black Hole Studies: Consumes ether and turns it into research. Worse than Center for Artificial Learning

Five-Star Restaurant. Premium only. Gold plated version of Restaurant. Consumes more food and produces much more money.

Mega Resort: 7x7 Building housing tons of tourists. Makes an actually large amount of money. Consumes pottery, toys, cloth, food, water, rum, and robots.

Large Space Port: Consumes Starships, brings in 100s of tourists at a time.

Bureau of Regulations: Upgrade to Bureau of bureaucracy, has 1000 jobs and produces 5x the civics.

Customs House (Human): Charge $100 from tourists who enter. A way to start actually making money from tourists. Just surround space ports with these so they have to go in.

News Station: Consumes software. Provides entertainment and civics.

Reeds, Giant Sequoia: Fir tree reskins.
Banana Tree, Apple Tree, Orange Tree, Grape Vines: Palm Tree reskins.

Complaints Processing: Early Game building which produces a few civics and has basic policy such as Fire Drill and Lottery. Requires that you don't have independence.

Solar Furnace: 5x5 building which is one of these: Fills the gap between Solar Towers and Nuclear Reactors.

That's all I can think of for now. Maybe I'll make a Vol 2. What do you think?
#2 2019-08-16 01:30:55
Awesome blackhole technology!

I was thinking blackhole trash management facility and blackhole compression warehouse that gives ∞ storage cap.
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