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Build: 0.43.0
Platform: Windows 10

I started playing the game 5 days ago.
After trading quite some times I found a steel trade for 1mil steel for like
So I noticed something was off, but I was happy to be super rich, at first.
Then I sold 1000 water for well, a lot more.

Now I've grown to 50k+ population and noticed that my jobs were empty. Appears that once I ran taxes people had quite a lot of money. How? I have no clue, I didn't give it to them.
So I drew a lottery to see how much people had. Started at 10000, went to 10mil. Noticed that once I drew 10mil I could draw 100mil. Once I drew 100mil I could go up to 1000mil.
By now I can draw a lottery with the same amount of buyers each time (something like 2607?).
And draw amounts of 1*10^25

I've just tried again, and suddenly I can't anymore.

Whatever this is. I got a bit too much money on my hands now: 3.3*10^28...

4y ago
I have a question and after searching to see if it has already been asked, for about an hour and a half, I guess I'll start a new question. Gods I hope this is in the right area. Ok, so I'm playing offline (I never play my colony online) and I'm playing the humans (the United earth ) and I'm on an earth like planet, and it gives me the new option to spend research points and 100 crystalline to learn to grow synthetic crystalline. I don't think there is any way to get crystalline , except as a reward for watching a video , so if I do got some, and I spend the research and crystalline, what do I need to build synthetic crystalline? I really want to, but as of last year, only certain planets had the ability to grow crystalline. So, will it even be possible to grow synthetic crystalline on an earth like planet, and if so......what do I need to do to grow it if I ever get some real stuff to spend on the Research? I've been playing this game for over a full year, I even have an older version still on my pc with the lottery ticket glitch in it that allows you to charge anything for lottery tickets and still sell a ton....I play that when I'm not in the mood for a challenge , and just want to enjoy the game for the sake of playing. Any help at all would be most appreciated.
4y ago
XxKubxX said:Whats a my colony lottery

Please check Discord. The lottery is running on Discord now.
3y ago
Today I have released the 0.44.0 update to My Colony to all platforms. This update is another mixture of bug fixes and content updates, including the all new concept of waste management. Here are the details, with commentary to follow.

My Colony v0.44.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Resource: Trash
  • New Structures: Microincinerator, Incinerator, Small Trash Pit, Landfill, Small Recycling Center, Medium Recycling Center, Conference Hall, Advanced Medical Research Center, Unholy Brew Pit
  • New Premium Content: Blue Residential Tower
  • Warehouses (of all sizes) now store Crystalline.
  • Canceling building construction mid-way now returns all resources back to the player.
  • New Galactic Emperor one-time windfall profits tax for online colonies.
I will discuss some of the additions and changes in a bit, but first I wanted to briefly mention some of the bug fixes that have been introduced. So I think that everybody knows the rover path-finding has been an issue for the last few updates, and it may well still be an issue now, but I think I have finally gotten it reduced to a manageable level. Please still issue bug reports on it though, because this one is a real pain.

I saw in the logs that most of the path finding errors were related to the path finding worker thread running out of memory. Several changes were made to address this. First, the engine's collision map is now only updated when new structures are either added or removed, whereas before it was being updated on a regular interval.

In addition, now when a rover (or colonist) decides to move from tile A to tile B, instead of going through the normal path finding routine, it will first check if both the starting and ending points are currently visible to the player. If the answer is no, then instead of going through full path finding, the game will just quickly check if there are any obstacles blocking the units path. If the path seems clear, the unit will become invisible for a simulated amount of time based on the distance between the two points, and then reappear at the destination. If its not obvious that the path is clear, the regular path finding will be used. Commonly used paths are now also saved and reused by rovers instead of going back to the path finder. For instance, if you are harvesting Clay, the game remembers the path from the clay mine to the warehouse and will keep reusing it until an obstacle appears in the way.

These changes greatly reduce the number of times the engine has to call up the path finder thread, providing both performance improvements and memory usage reductions.

I have also added a cap on how much immigration and colony statistics data that your game file will retain. Before it was unlimited, which could lead to large save files with colonies that have been operating for a long time. This change should reduce file sizes a bit, along with compression and save times.

There were also bug fixes added that related to lottery, taxation, and the amount of money the game assigned to new colonists. A glitch had arisen where there would be colonists walking around with trillions of dollars in their wallets. A change has been made to where this will no longer happen for new colonists, but if you have existing ultra-rich colonists, they will still be ultra rich.

Now on to the addition of Trash. Human residential structures now generate Trash, and it is up to the user to manage it. Right now there are no negative side effects, so colonies have a change to get on top of the situation. This will be changing soon though. Trash buildup will soon impact the health of the colonists, based on a ratio of trash per colonist. The threshold will be fairly low on trash too, although don't ask me what it is yet, as I will figure out the balancing at the time of implementation.

In a similar way, excess atmosphere will start causing colonist health issues. Once atmosphere surpasses the 15 million mark, colonists will begin getting sick. Unlike trash, the effect is much more subtle, so if you are worried about balancing trash vs atmosphere, I would advise that trash is the larger concern by far. Again, the exact numbers are unknown still, but I will figure out the balancing during implementation.

There were other changes and fixes in there which I don't remember off of the top of my head.

Moving on, I want to talk about what is coming next for My Colony. I already mentioned the changes related to Trash and Atmosphere. I planned on adding a lot more Zolarg this time, but I didn't get around to it. Next time I plan to implement most of the suggestions for Zolarg as found in this thread by @IIIStrife:

Also, for Premium players, I will be adding a new Creative Mode (offline only). It will basically just be a sandbox mode where everything is free and unlocked, and you can just build whatever you want.

So anyway, that's all I've got for now. Enjoy the update, report the bugs, and have fun!
4y ago
Win 10 Native App 0.46.0
Since last update I'm struggling with food production that inexplicably fell down despite a lot of cuntermeasures I put on for about 10 play hours, such as increasing food production buildings, fire drills, changes of salary policies, donations, lottery and so on. I also noticed that workers in the list is different with the number shown by clicking on the building, sometimes just 1 or 2 are listed instead of 30 or 100. This happens to every kind of building though: production of almost every resource is no more effective.
Moreover, many days ago I started a process of reducing atmosphere production, first by using Alien Condensers, then by introducing the new Atmosphere Scrubber. Starting from 190M level I've reached the 15M goal today, therefore I deactivated all those buildings to see what would happen in order to balance the level under 15M but Atmosphere level keeps decreasing and water production keeps going on, like the buildings were still active.
Unemployment level doesn't go under 34% despite there are a lot of free workplaces.
4y ago
Yep that's the idea. Use the consulate or capitol to manage your colony. Firedril, salaries, allowance, taxes, lottery
4y ago
Eversince the update where you need to be connected to the internet to play online colonies the game returns to the title screen when I load my save file. A message appears saying it was "unable to connect to the My Colony server". This mesaage appears shortly after another message thats says my colony is being taxed by something to the power of 22 (I made this amount of money through the in-game lottery months ago). Has anyone gone through the same?
4y ago
it could either be a new building that is on the main regions page or even better done in the Hall of Congress

Implement a list of all of the maps and the ability to do the Immigration, Labor, infrastructure repair, setting living wage, Fire drill, work policy, stimulus packages, tax collecting, rationing, regional lottery, deportations.

some of these options would work much better if you could do them as a whole instead of one at a time.
3y ago
Lottery results out this week. Check Discord for details. All ticket holders, pay your dues!
3y ago
In my previous post, I mentioned how it'd be nice to have wider content instead of deeper content. So here are some ideas for that content (still only human ideas except where otherwise noted):

Black Hole Synthesis: Requires Alien Quantum Physics.

Bluebot: Premium only. A faster version of Adv builder bot.

Large Recycling Center: An upgrade to Medium Recycling Center. Produces plastic. Also produces one of pottery, aluminum, and toy. Requires Tall Construction, Advanced Chemical Synthesis.

Alga-Oil, Inc.: Produces Oil from trash in small-ish quantities. Requires Advanced Chemical Synthesis.

Food Disposal Center: "Just in case you ran out of trash". Turns food into large amounts of trash.

Charcoal Scrubber: Consumes Atmosphere and turns into charcoal (removes CO2). Weaker than Atmosphere scrubber.

Triantantium Mine: "When you really, really, need Triantanium, that's when you start making black holes". 5x5 top secret building which has a black hole in the center. Converts Steel and Uranium into Triantanium by dropping it into a black hole and catching what comes back out. Consumes Ether to stabilize the black hole. Much better than the other refineries. Requires Black Hole Synthesis.

Center for Black Hole Studies: Consumes ether and turns it into research. Worse than Center for Artificial Learning

Five-Star Restaurant. Premium only. Gold plated version of Restaurant. Consumes more food and produces much more money.

Mega Resort: 7x7 Building housing tons of tourists. Makes an actually large amount of money. Consumes pottery, toys, cloth, food, water, rum, and robots.

Large Space Port: Consumes Starships, brings in 100s of tourists at a time.

Bureau of Regulations: Upgrade to Bureau of bureaucracy, has 1000 jobs and produces 5x the civics.

Customs House (Human): Charge $100 from tourists who enter. A way to start actually making money from tourists. Just surround space ports with these so they have to go in.

News Station: Consumes software. Provides entertainment and civics.

Reeds, Giant Sequoia: Fir tree reskins.
Banana Tree, Apple Tree, Orange Tree, Grape Vines: Palm Tree reskins.

Complaints Processing: Early Game building which produces a few civics and has basic policy such as Fire Drill and Lottery. Requires that you don't have independence.

Solar Furnace: 5x5 building which is one of these: Fills the gap between Solar Towers and Nuclear Reactors.

That's all I can think of for now. Maybe I'll make a Vol 2. What do you think?
2y ago
H3110 Bast!

I’ve just tried out the brand new RPG Hell & Back. It is easy and cool! I have made to floor 10 (and slaughtered 2 merchants).

This is a little idea for the game...
If there are some special magic furnances on the way... What would happen?

Furnance of Blacksmiths - Put some money in, and see what will the furnance give? A weapon? Awesome multitool? Everything is possible!
Furnance of Fusion - A rare furnance. Put two weapons in to make a better weapon for making you stronger!
Furnance of Dismantlement - Burn a gear and the furnance will return you with some money, and usually yields better than selling it to a merchant.
Furnance of Seperation - A rare furnance. It can remove all equipped chips on the gear selected, returning into your inventory.
Furnance of Blood - A rare furnance. Sacrifice 5 Maximum HP limit and it will return you with super-cool weapons!
Furnance of Luck - Put lots of money in... what it’ll pop out? Rare good stuff or a swarm of enemies?
Furnance of Reforge - A weapon in exchange for another random weapon.
Furnance of Gold - It’s lottery time. Let’s see will the furnance return you with triple cash or have everything eaten?

All magic furnances you have found can be used only once for the entire game, so make sure whether it’s worth to use them, especially those rare!
Lemurian Galactic Authority
New Colonies Office
Join us! We have a very friendly community. Breaking News: Lemurian Galactic Authority Declares Independence from UNOB!
Lemurian Galactic Authority: The best Commonwealth you’ll ever join

<====>-<====> .............. <====>-<====>
Trains delivering resources to LGA’s newbie colonies

Welcome to the Lemurian Galactic Authority. Led by a player with almost three years of experience, the LGA is the best choice for a new commonwealth to mentor and assist your colony, for a very small tax of 1%.

Free resources are given out, whenever our players need them! Our commonwealth is so awesome you’ll never need to declare independence! But if you do... you’re always welcome to have an embassy with us, and you will be treated like one of our own.

Now, with all these advantages in mind.... it’s maybe a good idea you join us. When you are convinced by the endless adventure and opportunity awaiting you at the Lemurian Galactic Authority, and you want to lead your own colony, start a brand new online game and input the charter code dHZqXxGW.

Update: I’m setting up a Discord server pretty soon! Expect it to be online in two months, still writing rules.... and making things look AWESOME!!! And we are also now a Mage in the NOZ discord community, hence the [NOZ] tag we have. Now, colonies under the LGA can access the immense wealth of many of NOZ’s richest players, including Grace Howard, who provided me a screenshot of her resources... and... it’s 20 trillioj of everything.

A comparison about what 20 trillion really means.
When starting a new colony on the Earthlike map you begin with 7,500 ore.


And... Grace Howard has 20 trillion. So its a comparison here:


How tremendous that is. But hey... you’ll get your slice of the 20 trillion resources cake too. Just set up a colony, install Discord and get that NOZ Discord invite for maximum headstart satisfaction. This is getting too long, out.




2y ago
My policy on capital 6 hasn't changed, like i can't even do a lottery or fire drill or anything. there not options in my policy for my capital. does anyone know how to fix that or whats happening.
2y ago
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