H3110 Bast!

I’ve just tried out the brand new RPG Hell & Back. It is easy and cool! I have made to floor 10 (and slaughtered 2 merchants).

This is a little idea for the game...
If there are some special magic furnances on the way... What would happen?

Furnance of Blacksmiths - Put some money in, and see what will the furnance give? A weapon? Awesome multitool? Everything is possible!
Furnance of Fusion - A rare furnance. Put two weapons in to make a better weapon for making you stronger!
Furnance of Dismantlement - Burn a gear and the furnance will return you with some money, and usually yields better than selling it to a merchant.
Furnance of Seperation - A rare furnance. It can remove all equipped chips on the gear selected, returning into your inventory.
Furnance of Blood - A rare furnance. Sacrifice 5 Maximum HP limit and it will return you with super-cool weapons!
Furnance of Luck - Put lots of money in... what it’ll pop out? Rare good stuff or a swarm of enemies?
Furnance of Reforge - A weapon in exchange for another random weapon.
Furnance of Gold - It’s lottery time. Let’s see will the furnance return you with triple cash or have everything eaten?

All magic furnances you have found can be used only once for the entire game, so make sure whether it’s worth to use them, especially those rare!