So while this isn't an idea, per se, it is feedback that isn't necessarily about bugs, so it could go here. I'll list some of the issues I have with the game here:

1. The government UI seems to be useless. In a city, it'll quickly go to just saying NaN for everything. I suppose this could just be a way of saying everything is fine, but it is pretty annoying. The greater issue is that it seems to be completely useless on the Region view, also displaying anything from NaN to 0 for everything. It could just be because I haven't visited some of my cities in the region for a long time or not long enough for the game to collect data, but I feel like there could be some way of running the city's simulation in the background for a short time to collect data or just excluding it from the government statistics UI.

2. Better Bulldozer. It would be nice to make it so that you can enlarge the bulldozer into a big square so that I can quickly layout an old city again. Some of my Region's cities still use old techs, and upgrades aren't always possible or desirable. I would love to reuse the map into using transcendence, alien tech, and new buildings.

3. Megatrees. Megatrees are describes as very fast growing. In my experience this is about as true as saying that the Nuclear Reactor is a good, long-term solution. Could you tweak the numbers internally so that they grow much faster? Maybe not as fast a Synthetic Crystalline, but closer.

4. Starships: They seem to be near useless in a Human Colony right now. You can sell them for more on the GBT's export than what you get from a star port. Star ports give you $200,000 for each star ship, while the GBT sells them for about $1,000,000 each. They'll probably be more useful in the future, but it is an issue right now.

5. GBT Economics: How does this even work? If more stuff gets sold into the global resource pool, that means that the price to sell into it decreases and the price to buy from it decreases. If more stuff gets bought from it, then the price to sell and price to buy should increase. Currently, GBT prices make no sense. Going back to Star Ships, they sell for $298,000,000 per 100 but cost $14,000,000,000 to buy. How would this come about.

These are just my issues with the game right now. None is really serious except maybe for the first, but it would still be great to fix.