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Conco2 said:Hey, I was thinking about the mass transit system and I have some ideas. Oil could be changed into gasoline in an oil processing facility. With this gasoline, you could make a starter level of mass transit like buses and taxies. Then there could be a new resource such as Neodymium or Rare Earth Metals that are only found on a certain type of maps such as Cobalt and Ether. This resource could then be processed into magnets in a magnetic processing facility or something of the sort. These magnets could be used to make a monorail a med game type of transport. In the late game, there could be a tech you have to research to start making Super Conductors which could be used to make flying cars or something of that sort. Thanks for this newest update it is great!! I hope you stay healthy in these trying times. -Conco2

@Conco2 I mean, cobalt is a real magnetic material, so why not just use that? Cobalt already is only useful for the draconians, I think it should be more usable for other civs too, and what you said would be a good, and realistic use for it.
Hey is the update pushed out for the launcher yet? I'm just wondering if there's a bug going on that it's not updating for me, or if it's just that it isn't ready yet
An idea of mine got added to the game! I can die now :D
In fairness, the labor camp is obtainable long before the quantum sugar cloner, so having it make a decent amount of sugar makes sense, but I can understand your qualms with that. I think more ore and gold production for it would be better, maybe 1:2:2:2:1 in the order you listed? it's not actually producing any more or less resources, just different ones.
Agree with the import/export on both points. The last one I can understand, but now that they have much better power producers, it's not as necessary.
Iirc, bast said that that was a mistake on his part and that he is planning on fixing that in .99 along with the ehterbugs being unavailable. My understanding was that he had intended to add it to the storage mounds and pits, but just forgot along the way.
There are two potential problems with this. One issue that I hear on the colony chat is that trash doesn't actually hurt colonists. While I feel like it probably does do *something* what I take it to mean is that people want bast to make trash worse. If he added this in and increased how toxic trash is, then that would be interesting. The only problem I see is that for people just starting out on an online colony, if they ask for a specific resource, even if they give a specific amount they want (like 1k), they end up with like, half a million of it, and that means that trying to get help from other colonies for resources will become hard and potentially hazardous for people who are just starting a new colony and who can't dispose of industrial quantities of trash. This would also mean that bast needs to add a way for insectoids to dispose of trash since they have none.
I think the idea is interesting, but if he wants to implement it, there are some ramifications that would need to be considered, especially if trash was made to be more of a threat.
This would be a good time to produce a building that specifically brings in one type of race, like maybe an upgrade to the slave gate that allows immigration from the Zolarg Empire. Then there could be jobs that could be specific to one race...arbiters and brewmasters could be draconian only, or jobs could be set to only allow certain races as workers, that way it makes more sense for insectoid housing to exist, and for insectoid specific jobs to exist. It's just an idea, something I've thought should be in place for a while.
Regardless of if bast does that or not, what about:
Insect Fattener- It turns out if you overfeed your insects, they will start to vomit up sugar and ant paste as they get sick from overeating. Collect both these resources from the poor bugs! Consumes Food to keep those insects fed, and water to clean up the gross insectoid germs!
Slave Labor Camp- Using state-of-the-art insectoid technology, create your own Labor Camps for those insects to work! Creates many valuable resources for your colony! (This is the draconian version of the labor camp like they have their own version of the mining pit too). Requires a couple of Reptillian supervisors to make sure those insects don't slack off!
Drunken Market- It's a well-known fact that tourists and citizens alike act much dumber when they're drunk. Here you can get people drunk and sell them terrible knockoffs for high prices while their inhibitions aren't in the way! Transforms 2 rum, 1 pottery, 1 painting into $3000, and creates unhappy people! Can entertain 30 tourists (I'm not sure how many it should entertain, 30 seemed reasonable).
Plastic Polymerizer- I'm sorry, I couldn't come up with something clever for this one. Uses bandwidth, power, 1 oil and 1 water to make 80 plastic.
Hacker's Den- Tired of how all that coding work nets you so little software? How about having that code be used to steal other people's programs instead! That coder will bring in much more software now! Uses much more bandwidth and a bit more power to net you much more software.
Triantanium Impactor- Using antanium, uranium, and helium, you can create a decent amount of triantanium to use to usher in the newest age of technology. Uses 1 u, 1 an, 1 he to make 40 triantanium. Requires bandwidth, power, and software as utilities.
Robomaker's Den- Provides housing and job(s). Uses aluminum, software, microchips, and crystalline to make robots.
Cell Phone Factory- Tired of hearing your younger citizens complain about the slow postal system? Want to make the elderly colonists feel stuck in the past? Well, start making and selling cheap cell phones that will stop working as soon as the warranty ends! (Warning: small chance phones may explode!) Produces civics as a byproduct of people feeling the illusion of being able to contact customer service (even if they are always on hold). Transforms 1 microchip, 1 plastic, 1 software into $200. Uses power, robots, and bandwidth as well.

New Tech- Next-Gen Technology: Costs 30 million research, 3 million civics, $8 million, 5k plastic, robots, and triantanium. (Can modify costs, just what I thought of based on other draconian techs) Needed for everything after this point:
Next-Gen Chip Transporter- Tired of how slow the normal transporter is? Using plastic and other state-of-the-art materials you can upgrade those last-gen transporters into the future! Now requires bandwidth, but produces 30 microchips per round in return. (or alternatively, produces chips at the same conversion ratio, but at a drastically increases speed).
Ultra-High Frequency Node- Are your people complaining about not having enough internet access? Does it feel too slow for you? Well never fear! Using next-gen fiber optic technology, you can make superior nodes to provide all your people with bandwidth!
Deep Space Hacker- Using next-gen data-stealing technologies, upgrade your deep space interceptors to hack even the most secure transactions and communications! (not sure how much of an upgrade it should be, but should definitely give you more money and research, but should now also get you civics from hacking into secure government databases halfway across the universe).
Next-Gen Triantanium Impactor- Using next-gen technology you can create massive amounts of triantanium! Creates 140 triantanium from 1 an, 1 u, 1 he. Utilities: robots, bandwidth, and power
Next-Gen Polymerizer- you know the words by now, using next-gen technology, blah blah blah :P. Produces 160 plastic per round using same components as original polymerizer.
Next-Gen Microreactor (upgrade from hybrid microreactor, because I thought of this idea but don't want to step on wadaling's toes)- Using the power of next-gen technology, create absurd amounts of electricity! Uses bandwidth, triantanium, and helium to make power. Also requires water to stop from overheating.
Next-Gen Materials Extractor- Uses crystalline and helium to make 50 of each of the raw materials instead of 15.
Actual Reality Gaming Station- Using next-gen "virtual reality", make video games so realistic they are actually happening! You can drop blocks on insectoids in Antetris, crush them with candy in Sugar Crush, stomp Sectoombas like your favorite video game characters Drario and Druigi, and best of all, play first-person shooters like Crush of Insects: Drac Ops as yourself! Requires sugar to keep those "virtual" insects fed, as well as software and robots to add that extra realism to the game! Produces money that draconians have mooched from their parents, as well as civics for helping the draconian military crush any insectoid rebels. Provides entertainment for citizens and tourists.

I'll add more ideas if I think of them, just had a couple of immediate ones and I wanted to post them.

Well...that wouldn't help because the synthetic crystal deposits require crystalline too...and I think the crystalbots might need them as well. And Mizar's point that at least there is a point on offline UE when you can get renewable crystalline (outside of research converter, but without the diamond crystal reactor it's hard to reach that point anyway), is better than what offline LIS gets. To me, there's no reason why he couldn't fix both, and allow crystalline to be purchased at the space elevator and the online black market.
I'm not sure that there are civics producing buildings that are better though, at least not for LIS. I mean, outside of the very endgame civ producers, but those are also extremely expensive. I was not that far into the game when the Emperor Tax happened, but they've always seemed very powerful to me, especially once they have max workers. Do you have clear statistics from before?
*I'm so excited!* And we're almost to 1.0! That's so huge!
Also the fact that several of those buildings were from the suggestions just makes me so happy, it really feels like it's a community effort to add and improve the game!
True, Draconian Trade cap pre-independence is 3,000, but at least they can eventually get a huge cap. And most colonies don't have huge caps pre-independence. But I think his point in that post was that Zolargs need the uppage more desperately, as one million is so small in the grand scheme of things.
Warning- Long Post Ahead! (the first and last paragraphs are the most important if you don't want to read it all!)
I do understand wanting to change rum into alcohol since it does make more sense, but with my experience in coding, I understand what bast is saying. Assuming that nothing else had to be changed, simply having to go through the code and find every single instance of rum in the code, and change it to say alcohol, in a game as large as my colony, could take hours. And even if he used the current variable name and kept that the same, I'm not positive, but I imagine that it would still mean having to rename every instance where the word "rum" is displayed in-game individually...and for something so tiny, it's just not really worthwhile. What I use as my head-canon is that rum just means "alcohol" as technically, for humans at least, they aren't even making rum...rum is made from molasses, and molasses is a byproduct of turning sugarcane into sugar...the human rum buildings don't use sugar in any of them, meaning that they can't actually be making rum...nor can the draconians be making rum...I know it's nitpicky to use all that logic here, but I'm just saying that you can explain away the improper name, and knowing how hard it is to go through an entire source code and change the name of one resource...for almost no reward, when you instead could be making new features that will take just as much time, but will look more impressive when you put them in the changelog, that makes sense to me. Same thing with charcoal honestly. Now, if a world comes where he plans to add natural coal deposits in, then we can reasonably discuss changing the name of that, since it wouldn't *technically* be charcoal...but again, I would point back to my rum example for that.
I would agree with adding in more uses for wool, because as you said, only humans use it currently and it's only used to make cloth, so it would be nice for wool to have more uses...I'm struggling to think of one where cloth couldn't be used instead...but I'm sure someone could think of something. I mean, besides like a wool burner. I thought maybe a winter clothes sweatshop, that uses cloth and wool to make bulkier and warmer clothes...but then that's kinda lame to only add in that as a use.
Also while I see your point about pottery and bricks both being ceramics...I feel like it wouldn't make as much sense to combine them...for a number of reasons: 1. bricks are meant for building, rather than pottery which if you tried to build something out of...woud just crush the pottery. 2. Things like, the pottery used by the museum wouldn't be as poetic if you just called it "ceramics" and certain buildings that use pottery and bricks in their construction wouldn't feel as right. Since bricks are for the structure, pottery is used to give everyone in the building cups and plates. :) Plus, ceramics are a very broad category, and you can put all materials under three categories (as I'm learning in school) ceramics, metals, and polymers. Now I know what you mean and what you're trying to say, but the problem is; diamonds, obsidian and crystal are also ceramic materials. And it comes back to what I said before, ceramics, polymers, and metals each can all have very different properties. Think about aluminum, steel, gold, uranium, antanium, triantanium. Even if you only focused on the first four because they actually exist, all four (or six) have very different properties, hence why they are classified differently. Sorry for the tangent, I was just trying to explain why I felt it would be weird to merge those two together, especially under that name.
I do think that if we are going to have all these different resources, they should have more uses, for example, instructions only have one use, and are only useful for the time when you need to get relics from Auntie Belle's Cupcake Factory...as after you get research converters, you don't need them anymore, because you can get relics directly from that. The fact that only humans are even able to store them is telling. And as mentioned, wool only has one use currently. Charcoal is nice for humans, but for insects with mysticism, even though they can make and store it, it's currently useless if you have unholy power spires. And one of the biggest problems- paintings. They are only used to build a couple draconian buildings and are sold at the counterfeit market. Outside of that, they are useless. UE can make them and store them, but currently, have a grand total of 0 use for them.
Makes sense, and I like the idea, I was just pointing out that he should add in more uses for antaura before adding the mythos lands. I do like the idea of and Unholy Wet Mound for mass amounts of water, and potentially on this world, the mysticism tech is built-in, or maybe is made so that it doesn't require independence, that way you can get a head start!
So I know that people have said that it is unlikely for us to be able to collect ether as LIS, so I had an idea. Because you have recently proven that it's possible due to the fishery and salt water collectors on water worlds, what if it is impossible for LIS worlds to directly collect ether, but instead they get a really powerful uranium generator, like a version of the ether processor that can only be placed on ether itself. This way you accomplish a few things: humans have a better way of generating uranium, the fact that half your map is covered in ether doesn't make it useless for human worlds, and it means that they still can't collect ether, which is something that a lot of people enjoy now.
I just think that it shouldn't be a disadvantage for humans who decide to use the LIS Abandoned World.
So the ideas:
New Tech: Ethereal Construction- Needed to build the Ether buildings. Not sure how much it should cost, but I agree that you should need a tech for construction on ether. Tech requires: Advanced Chemical Synthesis, Abandoned World Base
Ether Refinery: Produces 30 uranium per round, can only be built on ether
Ether Distiller: Produces 20 water per round, can only be built on ether
Ether Crystallizer: Produces 5 crystalline per round, can only be built on ether. Uses helium.

Any feedback or other ideas are most welcome!
So I had a couple of ideas for government policies, and while I think several people have already posted some ideas that I like a lot already, I just wanted to post some of my own. I've been slowly adding my ideas for the game to the forums, but this one was just a few simple ideas that could be implemented at any time. I'm also going to try not to include ideas that have already been proposed recently since I don't want to steal anyone's thunder, although I do want many of those policies available.
One idea is to add a Federal Holiday option, which greatly increases government approval rating for a short time, and where you make a certain amount of money proportional to population, as everyone is spending their holiday at pubs, buying decorations, and the like. On Federal Holiday, everyone who is a politician, teacher, or diplomat is not working, and maybe half of all other workers are off? I'm trying to think of a good way a holiday would work, and that seems like the most reasonable. Obviously they would only stop working for a short period, like maybe one unmodified round based on the highest level government building you have?
New Deport Options:
Deport Uneducated- works like the deport poor just with education...if you have less than half the average IQ, you get deported. It may not be super useful, but it was an idea.
Deport Unemployed- This one could be tricky, as the students and retired people might technically be considered unemployed in the code, but essentially anyone who isn't employed, retired, or a student would be deported.
Deport Race- Select one of the three races after selecting this and all members of that race will automatically be deported. (this one *could* be a bit touchy for obvious reasons, but I thought I would include the idea...plus if you wanted to roleplay the draconians not letting free insectoids live in their cities, you could do so). This one also may only be applicable to online games, and if so, then it probably wouldn't be worthwhile to implement.
Autodeport- Don't want to manually deport people? Set autodeport on and select which deport policy you desire to automatically apply after a certain amount of time (maybe you can adjust the time between deportations, maybe it will do it at a certain frequency). This should obviously come with several warning messages, including one about lag, one about breaking the game if you set it to deport the wrong thing automatically, and of course warning that deporting homeless and unemployed automatically will ruin the game if you use fire drill.
I think another cool addition would be a triantanium forge: it would use antanium, uranium, and robots to make triantanium. Triantanium could then be used in the construction of some late game buildings for them, as well as some other ideas, such as: trireactor spire (uses a reaction between triantanium and antaura to create massive amounts of power), tri-uranium generator (insectoids found out that using triantanium, aluminum, and crystalline, they can synthesize huge amounts of uranium!), and potentially other things. I also like Stardocks, I really think that every race should actually be able to use starships for something other than just selling them.

Also, I love the images! Like, they look so well made and some of them (an immediate one being the glazed mound) look like they could've come right out of the game! Even if he doesn't implement the individul buildings' functions, I would *love* to see all of those textures make it into the game!
So does this mean v.98 is coming soon? :P
I'm just kidding, please take your time, but this does at least have the upside of that
This...this hurts my heart...I've been playing my colony since it was in the initial versions...it was already scary when you had an issue similar to this before due to the crashing issues causing google to get upset...but with drone stacking and everything...there should be next to no crashing anymore...and this isn't the first time that a google subcompany has done something like this either...the issues with the minecraft youtuber Mumbo Jumbo and his copyright strike issues come to mind too...I really hope google gets it's act together, because I love the game and I don't want to see it die...none of us do. We all support you bast, and if there's anything you need from us, just tell us. Hell, if revenue loss is an issue, just make a 10 hour video of advertisements or something, I'm willing to play it in the background if that's what you need :P. But in all seriousness, I wish you the best and I hope that if we rally hard enough, we can get My Colony back up and ready for version 1.0...heck, maybe getting it back up would be a sign that it's time for full release ;P
Sorry...I like to use humor to diffuse tension...maybe it isn't helping, but I tried. And I am serious, whatever you need us to do, we are here for you.
One quick thing, and this doens't necessarily make this idea bad but...the only thing is, as of right now, antaura is useless for colonies that aren't independent as far as I'm aware...so unless he does something like on other worlds where you have different base techs, and essentially mysticism, or parts of it, are implemented by default, then, until some more uses for antaura without requiring the mysticism tech are introduced, the world isn't that valuable?
Instead of consuming food and water, when I've had ideas for robot civilizations, I thought they could "eat" microchips as food (since they have chip in the name :P) and drink oil instead of water. Obviously that would require slightly different buildings, but it's just an idea.


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