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So I had a couple of ideas for government policies, and while I think several people have already posted some ideas that I like a lot already, I just wanted to post some of my own. I've been slowly adding my ideas for the game to the forums, but this one was just a few simple ideas that could be implemented at any time. I'm also going to try not to include ideas that have already been proposed recently since I don't want to steal anyone's thunder, although I do want many of those policies available.
One idea is to add a Federal Holiday option, which greatly increases government approval rating for a short time, and where you make a certain amount of money proportional to population, as everyone is spending their holiday at pubs, buying decorations, and the like. On Federal Holiday, everyone who is a politician, teacher, or diplomat is not working, and maybe half of all other workers are off? I'm trying to think of a good way a holiday would work, and that seems like the most reasonable. Obviously they would only stop working for a short period, like maybe one unmodified round based on the highest level government building you have?
New Deport Options:
Deport Uneducated- works like the deport poor just with education...if you have less than half the average IQ, you get deported. It may not be super useful, but it was an idea.
Deport Unemployed- This one could be tricky, as the students and retired people might technically be considered unemployed in the code, but essentially anyone who isn't employed, retired, or a student would be deported.
Deport Race- Select one of the three races after selecting this and all members of that race will automatically be deported. (this one *could* be a bit touchy for obvious reasons, but I thought I would include the if you wanted to roleplay the draconians not letting free insectoids live in their cities, you could do so). This one also may only be applicable to online games, and if so, then it probably wouldn't be worthwhile to implement.
Autodeport- Don't want to manually deport people? Set autodeport on and select which deport policy you desire to automatically apply after a certain amount of time (maybe you can adjust the time between deportations, maybe it will do it at a certain frequency). This should obviously come with several warning messages, including one about lag, one about breaking the game if you set it to deport the wrong thing automatically, and of course warning that deporting homeless and unemployed automatically will ruin the game if you use fire drill.

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