So I know that people have said that it is unlikely for us to be able to collect ether as LIS, so I had an idea. Because you have recently proven that it's possible due to the fishery and salt water collectors on water worlds, what if it is impossible for LIS worlds to directly collect ether, but instead they get a really powerful uranium generator, like a version of the ether processor that can only be placed on ether itself. This way you accomplish a few things: humans have a better way of generating uranium, the fact that half your map is covered in ether doesn't make it useless for human worlds, and it means that they still can't collect ether, which is something that a lot of people enjoy now.
I just think that it shouldn't be a disadvantage for humans who decide to use the LIS Abandoned World.
So the ideas:
New Tech: Ethereal Construction- Needed to build the Ether buildings. Not sure how much it should cost, but I agree that you should need a tech for construction on ether. Tech requires: Advanced Chemical Synthesis, Abandoned World Base
Ether Refinery: Produces 30 uranium per round, can only be built on ether
Ether Distiller: Produces 20 water per round, can only be built on ether
Ether Crystallizer: Produces 5 crystalline per round, can only be built on ether. Uses helium.

Any feedback or other ideas are most welcome!