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Luker124 said:What's your colony name? I can send you billions of obsidian for your troubles lol.

I appreciate it but my colony is an offline one because our company firewall prevents me from using online features successfully. I'm surprised I can even access the forums. Regardless, it's "SR-388", a reference to Metroid Fusion.
1mo ago
Luker124 said:Yea this happens quite a bit. The simple fix is to clear the path of the bugs to the ore, or to tell them to move to an area and then telling them to harvest. This will reset where they want to go, but nevertheless, this is indeed a bug that needs to be fixed.

Yeah, I keep moving them to the area in question then hitting "harvest" but the obsidian deposits (which should be harvested quickly at 8/8) stay there no matter what. It's really annoying and I'd rather not destroy all my obsidian deposits.
1mo ago
I'm playing Alpha Draconis on an offline game (because the firewalls at work block online use) and found an interesting issue where obsidian bugs try to harvest obsidian in areas where they cannot physically access yet, while completely ignoring the obsidian around a powered materials silo. For the record, the silo is powered on, and my current obsidian is only 5.4k/185k, so I'm not storage capped.

Attached screenshot of the navigation issue. The diamond extractor in the image is working just fine, currently has a deposit mined out 2380/3500 and going, despite a second deposit being close and inaccessible. I tried closing the game and relaunching my world, but the issue persisted. Any tips?
1mo ago
Same here. My colony's health is at 9%, despite health being a 0% issue and hospitals being built literally everywhere (and a lot of them are empty). I have over 106K colonists, and I'd rather not deport all of them to try to fix the bug, since rebuilding the population from that point would take forever.
1y ago
So not really an issue for my resource building (though it probably could be), but I set the work day to "light", gave my colonists a fairly reasonable living wage and salary, so all is good. They're mostly happy with things. However, the top concern is fatigue (just over 50%, no surprise since I have two Fantasy Arcologies on opposite sides of the colony) and my colonists are circling the capitol like it's a parade or something. Is this normal? 95% of the citizens circling the building are not protesting. They get off work, then at 15% energy they circle the building for a long time, then they probably sleep or go back to work. Not sure. I just think this is odd.

4y ago


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