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Insectoid Economy Improvement

I've been re-running an entire insectoid colony and just got nanites. Because I'm running an offline economy while at work, I'm unable to sell alien relics, artifacts, and instructions to other players and must do so offline. However the best building for selling offline is the Customs Processing. It only sells at a rate of 1,000 units per sale, so even though I have loads of instructions, artifacts, and relics, I have to spam-sell them until their price per unit drops below other resources, like food. I propose either a building to store and sell starships, since the insectoids will only ever really use 2 in their entire run for their Deluxe Command building, or some other structure that can increase the amount of resources that can be sold. A good compromise is a building that uses starships to transport goods similar to what humans have, so that building the Scheepswerf actually serves a purpose outside of one building's requirements. This building can generate a lot of income or transport resources from other planets (like steel or wool, in case anyone wants to submit buildings to allow insectoids to make use of the Advanced Simulation Theory research, which insectoids can apparently learn for some reason). However its main purpose would be to export/import resources with a cap of...say 1m or 10m. I can imagine the name would be something like...the Unholy Center of Universal Trade. Feel free to reply with other ideas to build onto this concept.
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