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nonobosss said:what nerf are you talking about? It is 720/min now how much was it before?
The Investment Bank was about 8 times better then that before. It's $7 ticks came more frequently (About x2 faster) and were $32 and not $7.
6y ago
So, with V50.00 I think we all have things we like and things we absolutely hate. After all, this was a big update even if there wasn't a lot of new content per say. This update was needed and completely necessary, but was it overkill? I'll put my thought on each individual part I can think off on it's own.

Windfall Tax: I'm not exactly sure what this was supposed to accomplish. I forgot if bast ever gave a reason for this. I guess bast thought people had too much money and that was why he did it. This did though, ruin a lot of large colonies who are now unable to pay their workers and/or repair their infrastructure.

Investment Banks: These got a large nerf to them in the form of them being only a fraction of the profit they once were. This was completely unnecessary and only hurt everyone who already took the hit from the Winfall Tax. The Investment Banks are useless now. For their build times, and the sheer quantity of resources they take to build they are by no means even worth building anymore. There's only 2 ways to fix this: Either restoring the Investment Bank's stats to per-nerf stats or the build cost needs lowered by about 75%.(Or a combo of the 2.)

Resource Limits: I personally agree with this one. There needed to be a little more of a bottleneck to those resources since you can get them from other players so easily. Now those players won't have all those resources and you can't get them quite so easily, nor would you want as much. I do believe storage facilities need a capacity increase though, as not to make the new bottleneck too narrow. 20%-50% increase would be decent.

New Decay Rates: This I have mixed feelings over. I see why they're in place but I don't particularly like it. I don't have much to say about this one, though the rate might need lowered in the future.

New GBT: This is the big one, this is why this update exists. Fixing the GBT. I'm happy with some of the new limits and that the exploit is fixed. I hope though that once the size limits are lifted that the GBT has almost no regulations. The only rule I would say would be a loose cap on the max you can ask for things. No lower limits or anything else. The market should be mostly free to manipulate and trade.

I think bast did more then what was needed for this update and I feel a rollback on some of the things will help curb the disdain of this update. This update has hurt smaller and larger players greatly. More then it helped them.
6y ago
You'll have to build aluminum bots and go mine aluminum from the deposits around. If those are gone consider asking your commonwealth leader.
6y ago
With the new updates he can no longer support it due to the nerfs in production of investment banks and the loss of money from the windfall tax.
6y ago
This very clearly is overkill. When I first read what you were going to do I already knew plenty of the larger colonies would be destroyed because they are based of the older system. Bast asked above what we do with our millions of resources lying around? The answer is simple: We use them to help out our allies, colonies, and fellow Federation members. They're not always used in the GBT to farm money. This is going to hurt the smaller colonies more then the older players. We will be extremely limited into what kind of support we can send and they will be limited as to how much they can hold. many smaller colonies will also fail.

The GBT needed fixed, but the "Windfall Tax" was the wrong way to go. I agree with the new storages but not the new decay rates. I think all warehouses need a stat buff with how much they can store. The Investment Banks need restored. Those were THE prime way to get money and it's been nerfed beyond being worthwhile anymore. With the nerf payrolls for many medium and large colonies are now impossible. You need to either restore the investment banks or lower their build costs drastically because for their build expenses and build times their reward is no longer anywhere even remotely close to being worth building. Again, overkill.

All in all I see the good intentions behind this update but it's overshadowed by the complete and utter overreaction to the issue. The amount of action that was taken was hundreds of times more severe then what was needed and it hurt the game for everybody. More so it would have gone better to take greater action later on if needed instead of dropping the bombs all at once on everyone.
6y ago
So since my last list got more attention then I anticipated, I'll make another.

1. Protesting: Protesting is broken in a way. Many times colonists protest for reasons outside of our control or for reasons the colonists caused themselves. (Sometimes there is no reason) A fix would be having colonists trying to fix their own problems before resorting to protesting.

Such as:

If Health is low they seek medical attention first instead of protesting themselves to death.
If Commute Length is too long they'll quit their jobs to find a better one instead of protesting.
If Happiness is low they'll seek entertainment instead of protesting.

2. Crime, Militia/Police:

A few crimes would be added in that can happen.

1. Mugging: A single colonist loses their money.
2. Break-In: A portion of the colonists in a building lose their money.
3. Robbery: A commercial building is robbed, causes problems for that building.
4. Murder: A colonist is killed.
5. Riots: Protesting groups turn violent and damage buildings around them.

Illegal Immigrants, colonists in poverty, or homeless colonists are more likely to commit crimes then others.

New Buildings:

Police Station-Those working there are cops.
Small Prison-Holds 500 prisoners.
Large Prison-Holds 5,000 prisoners.

Prisoners are removed from the total population and after a while the prisoners will decrease in numbers as long as there isn't as many going in as out.

Ability of Cops:

Patrol: Cops will patrol for crimes being committed.
Suppression: Cops will attempt to suppress and disband protests and riots. Failure will result in the riot becoming worse or a riot starting. Riots result in damaged buildings and possibly dead colonists.

That's all I have for now.
6y ago
Do you know when will Native Client on Windows be getting 0.48.0?
6y ago
I'm perplexed as to why anyone is upset about this. It's not like these people affect gameplay in any large capacity.
6y ago
Does the Bureaucratic Mansion make any resources? I thought it would make civics or something.
6y ago
Charter Code: AnaBG1Hq

Feel free to request embassy with me if you're a Commonwealth or join as a colony.
6y ago
I think buildings with windows should produce some light a night. It gets dark and the towers and houses don't light up and stay dark.
6y ago
Protoceratops said:What some people here seem to be missing, is that war is actually a terrible thing. I can't understand why anyone would actually WANT it. Even in a game, violence is not a thing you should be wishing for. I really love the city building aspect of my colony, and I can understand that you would want more challenge in late-game, but does it really need to be military? Call me pathetic if you wish, or naive, but I would not like any form of war related stuff added to this game.

People look for war in this game because we're building a colony, then a nation. As a government's power increases war is a common theme among rising powers. It's seen throughout history where great empires rose and fell from violence and war. When building a political entity from scratch having military, violence, and war adds another layer of depth and realism to the task.
6y ago
Ottoich said:This discussion is totally senseless. The Dev said he doesn't wants this to be a war game. And what you think about that, doesn't cares. accept it.

It wouldn't be a "war game". Just because a game has war included in it does not make it a "war game". Or if a war game has some platforming features is it all of a sudden a platformer? See? It makes no sense.

I don't care what the developer said in the past. People change their minds. A lot. If I had a dollar for every time I saw a previously "Outruled" thing added to the game in the future I could buy the entire MyColony community premium membership. I want to game to use it's full potential and not just not use huge sections of it for no apparent reason.
6y ago
misteddawn said:Actually Wardog, the developer has said that he does not want any war/military in the game. This is intended to only be a game for building a civilization along the lines of simcity and the like with the added idea of various factions working together in some ways.

This isn't SimCity, when we have a LIS fighting to be free from UE which seems to be a tyrant, and just a complex political system as it is, the fact that there isn't any military aspect is just baffling. For most players the "war" part would be of little significance and can be ignored 9/10 of the times. My opinion is the developer is making a mistake in not doing anything with military. With a game as complex as it is, not having an integral part of the government in the game would only be failing to utilize a huge amount of the game's potential.

I'll repeat it for effect: Since the majority of players are colonies, military would be optional and of little significance to them. They could simply ignore the entire thing for the most part if they felt like it. And that's only 1 possible system, there could easily be another system that lacks PVP capabilities and could be completely optional.
6y ago
dominusprime said:I love the idea of a military aspect in this game but... I think your ideas on it will convert it into a war game.
I've given it a lot of thought (obviously so have you.) and think it would be cool to build military units and have the option to attack alien planets in order to expand your empire or to defend from alien. Attacks but in order to prevent this from turning into a war game pvp should not be part of that aspect.

My ideas wouldn't really convert it into a war game. Since the majority of players are colonies, military would be of little importance to them.
6y ago
colbya said:You want a war game there are tons of them wile building games are rare .
God i hope he does not give into it .
NO MORE NUKS peace ( love not war )
lol almost a flower child of the 1960s
even had a flower child nick name lol

This isn't a war game, for the majority of players the entire "war" aspect would have little-to-no impact on them. Most players are not capitals or independent states and are just colonies. For colony owners war and military are optional, actually utilizing them can actually help your colony with unemployment and allow for a larger population without huge unemployment.
6y ago
I can honestly see that you read the word "Military" then went and posted the comment. I'm sure you must be ok with never using a huge part of this game's potential, because not adding any kind of military would be wasting it.
6y ago
I'm using Native Client on Windows with Build v0.46.0.

There's no real steps to replicate this as it just happens.

Bug 1:
Many times I click on a building's worker list and find less people working there then listed.

Example: A building listed as 40/40 workers when clicked will only show 3/40 workers and the listed number is updated.

This is quite annoying and hurts production. I can't find a real fix as I have enough unemployed people to fill in all the jobs. Sometimes the employee list will have some people listed as "Unemployed" even though they're on an employee list.

Bug 2:
At random almost all of the production buildings stopped working properly even though they had workers and 100% condition. The buildings produce much slower then they're supposed to or not producing at all. Clicking on the employee list will fix it temporarily, but they can still glitch again. This only fixes individual buildings and this a massive issue for larger colonies who have a lot of these buildings.

This bug can also be combined with Bug 1 above, meaning a building not working could have you click on the worker list and find the building not having the amount of workers as listed.

Edit: Apparently this has been happening to at least a few people. I would like to point out that this can be considered game breaking as these can top production of vital colony resources(Food and water) and can lead to a colony failing.
6y ago
I have a few ideas after playing for a while. I think some of these are pretty good, some not that good. Feel free to give your own ideas or feedback. All ideas are meant to be standalone ideas and not all ideas will work with others as suggested.

1. Fixing Protesting: Too often I see colonists protesting for no reason, or because they won't fix the issue themselves. (Such as the colonist protesting about their low health while there's a medical facility with empty patient spots 5 tiles away.) I'd like to see colonists seeking out a way to fix their problems and only protesting as a last resort.

2. Quitting Jobs: Colonists should be able to quit jobs if they feel a new job will give them a better time. This can be for better pay or commute length. This goes with suggestion 1.

3. Personal Transports+Parking Lots: Colonists would be able to buy personal transports and drive them to work. They would drive from their house to a parking lot then walk to work, this walking distance becomes their commute length. This means a colonist who lives 120 tiles from his workplace can drive to a nearby lot and walk 5 tiles to work.

4. Commodity Resource
Commodity Workshop
Commodity Sweatshop
Commodity Shop

Commodities would be made at the production facilities and then used by tourist trap buildings, and commodity shops. This adds another way to make money from colonists and tourists buying commodities.

5. Military

Now this is the hard one since it's been said this isn't a war game. Unfortunately I think in this simulation game with different factions, nations, and empires, not having a war mechanic of any form would be missing out on a huge amount of potential for the game. Especially with these "Federations" that are rising. Having war would add a new level of depth to the game because it wouldn't be solely a war game. So, here goes.

New Buildings:

Arms Factory-Makes Weapon Parts
Ship Factory-Makes Vehicle Parts
Barracks-Produces Militia+Soldiers
War Factory-Produces APC+Light and Heavy Tanks
Shipyard-Produces all the ships.
Transport Pad-Sends ground troops to Transport Ships and vice-versa.

New Resources:

Weapon Parts-Used for Infantry
Vehicle Parts-Used for ground and space vehicles.


Light Tank
Heavy Tank
Patrol Ship
Transport Ship

Now, I'll explain how this works.

If you are a colony:

You can build all the buildings and access all the resources, but you may only build Militia, Soldiers, APC, and Patrol Ships. You have to have unemployed colonists to recruit them. You can't attack anyone at all. Your capitol is able to request units from you, you can only send Soldiers and APC's. Militia and Patrol Ships remain at the colony. Military is not a big focus if you aren't independent. This adds a military aspect without making it a "war game" as most of the players are colonies and not independent nations. Heavy war focus is reserved for a smaller number of players.

If you are independent:

You have access to all units unlike colonies. You can attack other players and the NPC factions. You can have alliances(Federations possibly too) with other commonwealths. You can also have a state of war where you're allowed to attack. Warfare and military is a larger focus here. You can request units from your colonies, they don't have to send them. You have to send Transport Ships to pick up or sent any units to/from your colonies. You can send Militia and Patrol Ships to you colonies and send them back. Units sent from your colonies can be sent to attack.
Your ships are meant for difference purposes.

Some units have special abilities.

Militia: They can be ordered by the local government to police protesters. This can help break up protests and get rid of protesters but can result in people being killed and damage being done.

Frigates: These have an advantage over Patrol Ships when attacking them.

Dreadnaughts: These can bombard the surface during the ground assault.

Stages of Battle:

Space Battle-The defending fleet fights against attacking fleet. If the attackers win we move onto ground assault.

Ground Assault-Defending ground forces fight against the attacking ground forces and any aerial bombardment. If the attackers win the planet is annexed. If the defenders win the attackers can break off or from a blockade.

Blockade-The blockaded planet can not import or export anything. They can not make or accept trade offers. They cannot send units, have units requested from, or be sent units until the blockade is broken or lifted. The blockaded planet can try to break the blockade or if only a colony, a capitol can also try to break the blockade.

NPC Factions:

United Earth, League of Independent States, and Zolarg Empire will always be at war. They will control territory with shifting fronts. Once the front moves past a commonwealth the faction may ask you for an alliance, declare war, or nothing at all. They won't attack players very often, even if you're part of an enemy NPC faction. They're more likely to if you are. They're also more likely to if your commonwealth is at war with them or you're allied to one of the other factions.

Being Annexed:

So let's say you get attacked and you lose, then what?

Colony: You lose population from bombardment and soldiers being killed. Buildings are damaged and you've been forcefully annexed to anther power. The attackers can demand up to a max of 5% of your total money as tribute. (only one time) The attackers can't impose any other tributes on you for 7 days and you can't request annexation by another commonwealth for 2 days.

Capitol: It's the same thing but before you're fully annexed you can also choose a new colony to be the capitol of the commonwealth or choose for the entire commonwealth to be annexed. Penalties and limitations are the same but colonies annexed along with a capitol can't be charged the 5% tribute.

In the grand scheme of things, I think military would add a new layer of depth to the game and not trying to would be refusing to utilize a massive amount of potential to make a good game even better. But, it would only help those who choose to participate in it. I know I don't have everything about it sorted out and there's holes in my idea but this is simply a skeleton of 1 possible system.

I think these ideas are all good in 1 way or another, feel free to leave a comment,

6y ago
Well, there could be a few issues. You may have to high level atmosphere. If it's 25 mil or more then you need to lower it. You could also have rationing turned on, check "Policies" in your Consulate and make sure it's disabled.
6y ago


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