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How to Update Versions?

#1 2017-10-10 01:46:46
Many times versions automatically download but not for sometimes days after release. Is there a way I can manually update my build versions. Also do all platforms get updated at once or do certain platforms get updated before others? I have a bug I'm experiencing where many of my buildings aren't producing the materials they're supposed to even though they're full on workers who are currently working there. I want to make an official bug report but my version is still build .45 and I'd like to get the most updated version to make sure it's still there before I make an actual bug report.

So if there a way to manually update the game without deleting any save data? (I don't know how to back up my game saves.)
#2 2017-10-10 08:35:38
I go to the Google play store and just download the new update from there. Never had an issue with losing saved progress from it and I have to do that seperate for my android phone and my tablet. Not sure if you use the same platform or not but I assume it works the same way for each platform
#3 2017-10-10 08:37:43
the web version is the live test version, it's get the updates instantly. When a version is finished, it will be released on Android, iOS, and Windows phone.
There exists a downloadable version of the life test version.
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#4 2017-10-10 11:04:32
Like Ottoich said, after a version it’s finished it goes to every platform. If you’re using the windows client you will get a message saying there’s an update next time you open the game. On android and iOS you can set to automatically update all apps but it will depend on your internet connection. iOS devices requires apple approval for every update, usually takes up to 48h after is sent for release. At this moment every platform is on v0.46.x.

You shouldn’t lose your save when updating the game, and if you didn’t turned it off the game does backups by default, and on some devices on the cloud as well.
To perform a manual backup you can open the game and on the main menu click “more options”, on the side bar go to “game data” and then the first option on the next popup it will be backup. On this menu you can also delete saved games and restore backups.
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