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I would like to second the portion about possible birth control.

I know that a steady birthrate is a vital part of a stable and self-sustaining civilization, let alone a colony in a colony sim, but when around a third of your population is 5 years old or younger and incapable of working until the age of 16, that makes advancing in any manner extremely taxing.

This is from my colony of 7 days (15 hours or so of actual gameplay) that is currently sitting at 5005 colonists.
5005 colonists, 3652 jobs, 3158 of them are filled. That leaves almost 1800 babies, and the remainder are either not smart enough for their jobs (Recently added more colleges and research buildings), or just lazy bastards that don't want to work.

I find it less than pleasant to see a population of that size only to find that only a little over half of it is actually useful for maintaining the colony and helping advance it. If I am in desperate need for workers I have to open up immigration or power up the cloning facilities which only partially helps due to the ever increasing needs of having 1800 useless 'colonists'

I am not saying that we should get rid of the babymaking, but either allow us to stop it for a time to have a controlled workforce, or at least slow it down a bit so large populations aren't overrun by their own offspring.
3y ago
Bast-Senpai noticed us! B-Baka!
4y ago
I have had the very same thing happen to me with a Local region game, and it just happened today. I had a new region set up yesterday, got myself set up on a Forest World next to a river. I had everything going on up past the Advanced Small Scale Construction research, I saved meticulously when I finished up for the day yesterday, and now that I come back today, I have no research done, all of my resources have been set to 0, yet I still have all of my tech that was built. Aka, no Advanced Ore Processing, yet I have several of the Adv. Ore Refinery buildings.

I'm running build v.0.84.0 on a Windows 10 laptop through Steam. No windows updates have come in since yesterday, and no Steam updates.

And I am sure on the resources because the most benevolent Galactic Emperor gifted me around 3,00 artifacts yesterday which I was most grateful for. They are now gone and I am sad.

Update: 4/18/2019, Gave regions another try, and it happened again. Playing as United Earth on an Online game. Saved and then exited the game because I had to step away and did not want anything to be messed up. Came back, opened up the save, and all of the tech that I had researched is now no longer researched again.
4y ago
I have noticed a big improvement in how the game runs for me. I agree in the sentiment of Big Daddy Bas going back and fine tuning old features and taking a break from new ones. Indeed, in order for the game to grow new features need to be added, but at the same time old features need to be optimized or fixed if they do not work properly. He's found a good balance for this, and I can only imagine that the game regains its momentum and pushes forward again.

Also, has anyone else noticed a stupidly awesome increase to research production for human worlds? I have 12 research labs and I have access to Nuclear power before I am even at 300 population. (And no, I have not been letting the game idle to gather resources)
4y ago
With the latest update and the launch of the option to play with Regions, I jumped right in and started up some new colonies to try it out in a local game for myself so I can learn how it all works.

I created a medium and then a small colony yesterday and everything seemed to be running pretty awesome. Except, when I saved the Medium colony and moved to create the Small one, I noticed that several of the larger(early) researches like microchips and civics, had reverted to as if I had never researched them. Which I did, on the medium colony before I created the small one. It was not a big setback though, so I just moved on.

I progressed and got up to mining aluminum and uranium, let them run for a while, and then saved and closed out for the day. I turned it on today and logged in to find that I had absolutely no aluminum and no uranium. Well over half of my aluminum nodes were gone (Harvested yesterday, I watched it happen), and all of my uranium nodes are gone (Also harvested yesterday)

I am running the desktop version
Google Chrome browser
Windows 10 OS
MyColony Version 0.71.0

Edit- Research is still resetting after the .72 update. New Zolarg Regions, I get one colony set up and up to crystalline production. I make a second colony because the first ate up its gold resources very quickly, build it up a bit without issue, tech is all researched. I open it up the next day to keep going, and tech is all reset as if I never researched it.
5y ago
cry8wolf9 said:i feel like a building that mixes ore and water would work well lol

That would make the most sense, and it wouldn't need to worry about being specific to certain planet types since you would just need ore and water.
5y ago
Equinox0 said:Well, there are the Ultra Deep Dig sites. But we need fatser generation of clay.

I actually have never gotten to the point of having one of those yet. Did not know they produced clay.

But, if they are not that fast, it is probably not cost effective to make enough to keep up with brick factories and pottery works. Granted, you probably want a lot for the other resources they make, but a dedicated clay production would be ideal.
5y ago
This game is pretty amazing, there is no doubt about that. You start off with just a little lander and a rover or two (Or a mound and some workers), and you build up from next to nothing to harvesting alient artifacts and harnessing the powers that they grant you.

You can build skyscrapers and Arks and now even spacecraft! All of these wonderful things, robots that run their own factories to produce more robots!

But...In the end...All of this fanciful technology...

And we still have to manually build clay mines and dig up the clay to make our pots and bricks.

Will we ever unlock the mysterious technology of automating clay? The world may never know...
5y ago
To re-iterate what others have been saying, your best bet is to look at the pie chart and grind against the biggest slice first.

I have found that fatigue is just about impossible to get completely rid of because colonists are lazy bums. I use a Light workload (It doesn't really effect production), and when I build new structures I make the jobs first and then do a little math on housing before building all of the housing needed for said jobs right next to them.

Poverty will be constant if you're always expanding because new colonists will be poor while older ones will have all the moolah. A good living wage and regular wages will deal with that in time if you hold up on expansion for a while.

Health, make lots of hospitals and just disperse them through your colony so everyone can reach it within a reasonable distance. I keep them close to the houses.

Unemployment & Housing, self explanatory. Make sure you got enough houses for colonists and enough jobs for them as well. If you make buildings that require a certain IQ (Research labs/schools/Medical Research Centers), give it time. They need to get their IQ up before taking jobs there.

Depression, lots of entertainment. Green domes, parks, pubs, and so on. Disperse them around near houses.

Let me know if i missed anything. I think I got it all. But, always remember when looking at the chart, that it says that the values there do not represent your colony as a whole. If you're at 99% approval and it shows fatigue is 75% of their complaints, that only means that 75% of that 1% are angry about fatigue.
5y ago
Mostly posting this so I can talk about the one hardship i currently experience with my human colonies on any world.


Since education became important, I have noticed a steady increase of protesters in colonies that previously had none. After some digging, I found out why.

In every case, i had just recently built up a bunch of research labs or one of the various stages of school buildings, and even after leaving the population be for several hours, those buildings (all of which require certain IQ levels) are still missing most if not all of their employees. Without realizing this at first I had waited until the population matched the jobs available and then expanded further so I can control who lives where and reduce commute times and fatigue.

Well, since the colonists were either too lazy to get their IQ up, or it seems to take an ungodly amount of time for it to get up, I have a pile of unemployed colonists who leap into working at that new microchip factory I just built 35 blocks away from their home instead of the lab/school that is literally 1 block away. Since this discovery I have just been more careful to let people get learned (Or die off and be replaced because they protest and refuse to see the many available doctors to heal and live) before I build anything after adding new IQ required buildings.
5y ago
I have been having an issue quite consistently where all of my rovers (Or the builders/gatherers for bugs) will do nothing when they have tasks assigned to them.

A detailed description of your issue.
I have had it happen for UE, for LIS, and for Zolarg maps, one of the Zolarg maps including a Volcanic world. What will happen is I start off the game easily, no issues at all with my bots doing as I tell them to, but then slowly their performance begins to degrade until they take several minutes to even move, build, or gather. For the gathering I know if storage is full they won't move, but this happens to ones that only build for me AND ones that are nowhere near full on their resource storage. When I click on them it will show that they are doing the task that I gave (Moving, Parking, Building, or Harvesting), but they are sitting there like a turd in a bowl doing nothing.

I know this has happened before when you get A LOT of bots running around and working, but these are fresh start worlds. I maybe have 20-30 bugs running around gathering and building on the Zolarg map and this happens.

Steps to replicate the issue you are having.
Start a new world and just play. So far I have not found any one thing in particular that causes it other than time.

The platform for your game
Windows 10, Dell laptop, Google Chrome browser

Version of My Colony
5y ago
deltlead said:

Good Idea! I've been fighting the spread of sugarcane n my LIS colony for days now, I'll keep that in mind

It can get tedious at first, but it is totally worth it. In the early game, most of the time you either can't dedicate the resources to mass gathering the Crystal/Sugercane or you just don't have the storage to get all of it. And then mid-to-late game, when you spend a lot of time waiting on resources to stockpile, if you aren't actively devouring those particular resources, and they aren't contained by walls/paths, you are gonna drown in them.

At that point deleting them by hand is the only option and dear sweet baby J that is time consuming.
5y ago
colbya said:What happen with the plans to incress modding ability's ?
Humans world frankly is full any thing you add now is just eye candy .
LIS is close
Adding bugs to be able to use resources they can harvest was is needed true enough .
But your talking about expanding modding could be the add in that keeps popalatiry higher ( my spelling sucks )
You add enough modding in and you get the group of people I hang with .
1000s of us btw Modders . I just dont do 2 d well lol .
And most of them are passionat about modding .
They will do half the work for you lol .
anyway still nice you added stuff But I believe your key to long term downloading if the game will revolve around the ability to mod .
Simcity 4 is over 12 years old now and still strong the main reason is Modders keep adding new stuff at this point probably a total of ten gigs worth .

PS adding modding makes it possible for modders to expand the game for you one or two buildings ?
More like redoing ( as you your self say ) the entire faction .
Ill link a site to your message box as adding a link here well not sure the mod would aprove lol

I think he likes mods and wants more mods for his mods.

Yo Dawg, I heard you like mods. So I got you some mods to mod onto your mods so you can mod your mods. Oh, he also wants more mods.
5y ago
Surround the sugarcane and crystalline with paths. Stops the growth.

I usually make a large square, size depends on resource demands and space available, and as long as you have enough of the square filled, both cane and crystal will grow faster than you can harvest it. That, or once your stores are filled then your rovers/bugs will just sit and chill while the resources fill up the square but not your entire map
5y ago
@ JaxxSilva

Did you get a bunch of new colonists? The average would certainly go down if you got a bulk of new colonists to drag down the numbers.
5y ago
@ JaxxSilva

I believe eventually, the goal is to have an IQ requirement to work in certain(If not all) buildings save for early game ones. So technically, if someone does not have the IQ for the only job available, they would go off to get themselves learned until they can take that job. It would work out I think, but I'm sure it is gonna be glitchy for a while, and colonists will stand around complaining when they can't get work because they don't go to the readily available school next door.
5y ago
I have not done the logging in and out, mostly because if I leave it unattended for long periods it means I am away from the computer, so have not tried that. I know that colonists won't jump into jobs asap, but the issue at that time was that I had just as many jobs as I had housing for colonists, and my colonists were full. Their housing was also literally right next to the empty jobs for them to take.

I am nowhere near getting the stargate or space elevator that say that they can potentially let in more people, so that is not the issue.

And I have done a fire drill and let it go for an hour (I had more than enough supplies to go longer), but even after an hour, maybe a quarter of my buildings were even functioning, and barely at that. The empty jobs isn't a serious issue for me, I habitually overproduce everything, so a few glitchy job positions is really nothing crippling. It is just annoying because colonists start complaining about walking 30 squares to a job when they have a job available literally 1 square away from home.
5y ago
I also have tried changing pay for workers in the past. I've noticed the same thing before where workers seem to refuse to fill up certain buildings (Microchip factories and digsites most notably for me), despite every job being paid the same amount. I even set some higher than others, and those jobs still don't get filled out.
5y ago
I honestly NEVER use the fire drill. It never helps anything and without fail breaks my colonies.

Sidenote, I found that they are all leaving my Adv. Microchip factories. Built some more housing near the factories to see if I could just fill up the rest of the jobs there. NOPE! Turns out I actually lost more people from the factories and they all went into the new LYs I made that caused this.
5y ago
I got one for ya.

I currently have a colony sitting pretty at 1977/1977 colonists/housing

I also had 1977/1977 jobs available/filled

I built 8 Lumber Yards a good bit away from the rest of the colony (Aesthetic choice, they're by my tree farms), and I have not built any housing for them yet, as I like to do the math and match up jobs to houses so I keep people employed and happy in homes.

Almost the instant the Lumber Yards are done, three of them are fully staffed and three more have 1-2 workers each. Okay, I figured some people decided to be manly and work at the LY instead of something else, and after a quick look several buildings are now short workers.


When I went to look at my Economy tab and available jobs, it showed that I had 1984/2041 jobs filled. I still have 1977/1977 colonists/housing....And of course mid typing this, the numbers revert back to 1977/2041...Is there a way to keep colonists happy and stay in the jobs that they pick up that are like 5 blocks away from their homes instead of going to one 20+ blocks away?

This is on the PC in a Chrome window.
5y ago


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