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Building is such a grind. I've covered half my region map with cities of similar grid structure by hand and I'm getting burnt out. Been dreaming of just placing grid roads. There really needs to be an auto build template by default. The only thing that sets me apart from other big players is that they are fine with spending many hours JUST placing buildings. Scaling really hits a hard limit on how fast you can place buildings.
11mo ago
This was my first time playing.

I beat the free version of the game in 2 hours. Im guessing premium version can be beaten even faster.

If the above picture can be shown, you will see that i'm in the 1st year 5th month when I officially stopped my clock.

The current issue is that all buildings can be made to have constant time production. Furthermore, the cost of stacking is constant. When a building is intentionally made to have a long production time and you "max" it out by making it constant production time, it's output becomes like x1000 (over exaggerating). Perhaps that scaling needs to be nerfed and that stacking costs increase the more you stack.

At some point in stacking around x30, the building will pay for its own stack price. Meaning all you need left is nothing but clicking the stack button 1000x (literally) or even infinitely and its output will even rival maxed starship.

I stopped the clock when I made the starship maxed. In other words made starship constant time. This happens at starship x55.

If I played again I could maybe beat this in 1 hour due to this exploit.
3y ago
deleting the city entirely seems to have solved the problem. I tried all of them but with nothing different. I will just rebuild research city.
4y ago
Real fast, i don;t think this is repeatable and I don't know how I got to this.

I play a single player online mars region. I just got done finishing my first research map of Center for artificial learning buildings as well as a map of adv robot inc buildings. However, no matter what I do in terms of robot production, it is matched with an equal amount of consumption yet it still drains my storage like no other as it shows on both regional and both city resource statistics.

I tried deactivating the research buildings, and went as far as deleting all of them off the map. However it still drains and on regional stats page it still says my research map is still consuming it all even when there are no buildings. I wonder if it is a save file bug or something. its been going on for a couple days now with no correction.

I must also say that the file had some issues with not saving properly and had often times went corrupt leading me to revert to past saves. I'm not sure what to do but I cant progress without buying billions of money worth of robots every time i need to build more of something.

tldr: game thinks there are research buildings that consumes robots, but there are none. results in constant over consumption.

Win10 not browser. version 1.3.0

4y ago
If we are having subways underground, why not like cities skyline or any city building game, add a different map view such as how we see buildings in 50% opacity. This would be the subway view where all other buildings would disappear but buildings meant to be underground would then appear. the subway would show underground and also show on the upperground as a way to move from surface to below surface. then you would just make the proper connections for your rail system. Only downside is, this is meant to not be very visual as you would not see the trains moving by in the normal city view. you would have to go in the underground view.
4y ago
if you guys have played factorio and messed with the factorissimo mod you'll know what i mean.
because of the extreme usefulness I wonder if it should be premium if ever implemented.

I feel like if verticality wont necessarily work out, perhaps recursion instead of increasing map size to the point where it starts to lag.

could have some high tech building for near end game where we would need more space to provide faster production of certain resources. This would be the solution. But then again if implemented, this in a way acts like regions but all in one map. the space inside would be significantly smaller than the map size itself and contains no resources unless idk specifically specified in config.

It would i think help with players who have single map as it would be perhaps unused in regions.
4y ago


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